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Episode 24

5 Ways To Master Your Mindset With Philippa Aldridge

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About this episode

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Treat Your Business podcast. I am really excited this week because I get to spend the next half an hour or so with the fabulous Philippa Aldridge.

Philippa is one of our coaches in Thrive and she is our mindset coach, somebody that comes in and sorts people’s shit out basically, I think is the best way to describe her.

In today’s episode, the key points Katie and Philippa discuss include:

  • You can’t out strategy. You can only outwork yourself.
  • Why you need to read more mindset books.
  • The importance of “new level new devil” mindset.
  • How mindset coaching is about finding out who you are.
  • What are some of the top tips that people can really work on if they’re new to it?
  • Don’t focus on your health and wellness if you want to invest in your health.
  • The importance of taking time out of your business to relax.

Philippa Aldridge Resources:

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Instagram: @holdmyhandcoaching


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  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to the Treat Your Business Podcast
  • 00:06:28 – You can’t out strategy. You can only outwork yourself.
  • 00:10:28 – Why you need to read more mindset books.
  • 00:14:31 – The importance of “new level new devil” mindset.
  • 00:19:20 – How mindset coaching is about finding out who you are.
  • 00:23:42 – What are some of the top tips that people can really work on if they’re new to it?
  • 00:29:40 – Don’t focus on your health and wellness if you want to invest in your health.
  • 00:34:59 -The importance of taking time out of your business to relax.


Katie Bell: 0:02

You’re listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast for health and wellness business owners that want a need to give their business the treatment plan. It needs a treatment plan that will create more time back in your life, more income and more confidence when it comes to running your business. I’m here to share with you bite sized episodes full of tried and tested tips from my own real experience of growing a successful physiotherapy and wellness clinic and from working with many businesses to do the same. The treat your business podcast is sponsored by hm DG. Marketing is always one of the top three issues for clinic owners that I speak to. It’s too expensive and complicated. They’ve had issues in the past or they just don’t know where to find a trusted expert. It’s always said only recommend products or services you’re confident in using yourself. Well, when it comes to marketing, we use HMD G for our own clinic. They’ve proven to be exactly what you’d want from an agency. As a specialist, they understand the industry. They’re responsive and always deliver. We can’t recommend them highly enough. Head to HMD To find out more. Hello, everybody. Welcome to this week’s episode of the treat your business podcast. I am really excited this week because I get to spend the next half an hour with the fabulous Philipa. Now Philipa and me got to know each other Philipa 1010 years ago.

Philippa Aldridge: 1:27

Nine Yeah 910 years crazy.

Katie Bell: 1:30

So we first got introduced to talk a little bit about that argument about our kind of our journey around our business growth and some of the barriers that we’ve had and why we’ve got to know each other. And Phillip is one of our coaches in thrive and Philippi you are our mindset coach aren’t you are somebody that comes in and sorts basically people shit out, I think is the best way to describe it

Philippa Aldridge: 1:54

basically, in a loving and caring manner.

Katie Bell: 1:59

Absolutely. So I’m really excited to welcome Philip brown to this week’s episode, because for the first time, I think Philippa this episode is, I guess, I mean, I’ve touched on mindset stuff. I’ve touched on what has been the biggest barrier in our in our business growth and success. But I this is the first time we’ve had a whole episode dedicated to it. It’s exciting. A huge welcome.

Philippa Aldridge: 2:25

Thank you.

Katie Bell: 2:26

Okay, let’s dive in. Because our listeners love that we are frank, we don’t talk, loads of rubbish and fluff, we just get straight to the point. They often say that when they take their gorgeous reviews, they often say we just love it that they go away with really good action things from our podcasts and feel like they’re motivated and inspired. So philippou We got to know each other 10 years ago because we we were both running businesses in the health and wellness industry. And we decided very early on in our journey as a business owner to invest in a coach didn’t wait. Yes, exactly. And that’s why we got to know each other. Yeah, we went out. I mean, we went on a crazy few years together crazy journey, and we had a lot of fun. And we became very, very good friends, and which is a testament to why we can work together so well. Now, yes, and why you can put up with me. Or you can put up with me. We recognise that we needed we needed somebody to teach us all the strategy. We needed help with our financials, we needed help with our, with our forecasting, and our plan and our business models. And, you know, the way that we were changing our business model to move away from page ago would bring in programmes and all those kinds of things that everybody wants, we needed a marketing strategy. But what we quickly realised in our businesses that we were actually the biggest barriers to how our business was going to perform.

Philippa Aldridge: 4:00

Yeah. And I think it was amazing, wasn’t it because that course that we were on had that element of mindset to it, that I don’t think either of us had ever, ever factored into the equation. I’d, I’d been I’d be all at that point. I’d already been self employed for six years. But I had a franchise so I had sort of strategy support somewhere else. And when that disappeared, I recognised I needed more of that. But then I was suddenly this whole nother world opened up in the form of mindset work and a new member this story, but my business grew exponentially as a result of the mindset work that I did. So it was just crackers.

Katie Bell: 4:41

And I, I mean, you always laugh at me feel when we can love each other because we know each other so well. But I was this person 10 years ago, nine years ago when I was when we went into this coaching and I was like, I don’t need all this bullshit. I just talk about my mindset. That is great. I’m fine. I just need you to teach me how to do My marketing, and I’m just gonna go and do it. And it took me a little while to kind of, I guess, be vulnerable with it and allow myself to kind of recognise that, you know, I was the biggest barrier, because there was things that were coming up impostor syndrome, self confidence, self belief, all based on our past experiences and things that we’ve heard growing up. But recognising that, for me to get to where I wanted to be, I had to change what was going on in my head and all my beliefs.

Philippa Aldridge: 5:32

Yes. And I think it’s also it’s also as well, what is a really good point for anyone listening to this right now is the one thing that you think you don’t need? Yeah, more often than not, is actually the thing that is going to give you the freedom and the success that you desire. Because our ego is clever. And it will block us from doing those things. And then you know, that once you started doing that mindset work, bloody hell, you know, things changed.

Katie Bell: 6:02

Transformational, like, yes, quickly, you know, yes. And so then it became a point where I was like, you know, and I fought it, I fought it hard for a while. And as I do the mindset stuff, and I’ve got to do all these things that I need to do and work on my, you know, my confidence and my self belief, and, and I fought it. And then when I just allowed myself to go, Okay, I’m just gonna throw myself into this, and I’m gonna see what happens. And then the business started really taking off. That was the moment when I realised you can’t out strategy. Well, I would say a faulty mindset. Yeah, it’s not bad. It’s not poor. It’s not right. It’s not wrong. It’s just what I believed at the time what my narrative was. And when I realised that I couldn’t just keep forcing my way through to couldn’t work any harder. I couldn’t, I couldn’t force my way to success. I had to embrace all of this kind of mindset stuff that you now do daily with our clients and with your clients in your own business.

Philippa Aldridge: 7:05

Yeah, and I think I think the thing is, for you, Katie, I think because no one is ever going to be able to outwork your work ethic. Yeah. Right. And yeah, don’t even try. It’s like that Will Smith quote, isn’t it? You know, if you get on the treadmill next to me, I’m either I’m either winning, or you’re getting off first, or I’m getting off debt sort of thing, you know, so yeah, however it goes. But you recognise didn’t you that actually, I’m doing all this work, I’m getting all this strategy. Right. And I still can’t break through to that next level. And a part of you just then when? Okay, all right, I surrender. Let me be vulnerable as it were, let me look at this. Yeah, you know, and that is where all of the good stuff is, is when we truly get to know ourselves because we are our biggest barrier. Yeah. And that is it.

Katie Bell: 7:59

And a lot of our listeners are the high achievers, the high performers. They’ve got an incredible work ethic. They’re what I call the worker bees, they just graphed. They just worked really, really hard. And it’s what I had to my biggest barrier to get over this was people thinking that I was lazy, if I took more time out of the business, if I stopped seeing clients, when people judge me for that, and would, would my parents think because they gave me this work ethic, this incredible work ethic, which has got me, you know, I’m massively grateful for it. But a part of me needs to recognise that that work ethic is not going to get me to the next level, because basically, I’ll just burn out.

Philippa Aldridge: 8:47

Yeah, exactly. And I think that that is, a lot of the work that we do, and I do with my clients and clients in thrive is talking about though how we have been brought up and how certain behaviours and beliefs have served us to a certain point. They’re not going to serve us to get us to evolve to the next level, but actually moving away from them is okay. And we’re not being disloyal to family values and how we can deal with it and how we can speak to our family in a way that still soothes them, but doesn’t disrupt our journey, as it were. Yeah. And I tell the story about how my mom and dad ran their own business. They worked incredibly hard. That is where I got my work ethic from. Yeah. However, if when I speak to my mom on the phone, and she asks, how’s business going? If I don’t answer with the phrase, I’m really busy. Yeah, you can hear her having a virtual panic attack the phone. And one day, I just happened. I’m a big Angela Lansbury fan, right. I happened. It was Wednesday morning. And I happen to be watching Murder She Wrote. Yes. Okay. Yeah, Wednesday morning. I’m watching murder. She wrote brilliant. I told my mum Oh, well this morning. Oh, was murdered. She wrote, oh my God, you’re right. Do you need money? It’s a business. Okay. Okay, I need to remember what my story is, what my mom’s story is and how the language I want to use around her to ensure that I build myself up and keep myself in a great place. Yeah, and that, and that’s what we work on as well. But it’s also not setting yourself up for that fall. Because again, your ego is a trickster sometimes, and it will set yourself up for that as well. So

Katie Bell: 10:29

powerful that, you know. And it was already through all that through the journey. And really, I read, like, I read more mindset books now than, than any other type of book because it is so powerful. And when I’m in a place in the business, where I’m like, Okay, I need to go to the next level or something doesn’t feel right, or I need to change things. What I don’t go and do is read a book on the profit first model or a marketing book, I go and I look at my, you know, like, you’ve got library full of books that you’ve read, you reread. I go back to those and I think, Okay, where do I need to? Where do I need to relook what what do I need to kind of reevaluate and maybe change my narrative around? Or what am I attracting? What stuff am I talking about? That is showing up in my environment? Because you know, what we we are big believers of the law of attraction. Yes, yes. And we know that when we are talking about being busy, you will attract more busyness into your life, we call it being full don’t we’re very full. Exactly day ahead. Yeah, because it just changes the, I guess the feeling of that it busy sounds negative, doesn’t it like you’ve never got any time full Yes, has a more positive meaning towards it.

Philippa Aldridge: 11:49

And then the language, the words that you use are either going to help or hinder you. And they are either they may become a self fulfilling prophecy, you know, I haven’t got the time, you will never find the time because your brain is going, okay, she hasn’t got the time, she hasn’t got the time, I must show her evidence that she doesn’t have the time. Because that’s how it’s going to filter. You know, this, it’s 4 billion pieces of information hit your eyes every second, we only process 2000 of them. It’s all based on our beliefs, the words, the thoughts that are running through our head at that time. If you want to move forwards with something, change the word change the thoughts that you are thinking, and it makes a massive difference. Massive.

Katie Bell: 12:32

Yeah. And that is the I will say that in itself what you’ve just said that is the biggest reason why you have been such a success in your business and why I have been a success is because we have recognised that you can’t keep Is it our is Einstein that says, you know, doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is insanity. It’s it’s

Philippa Aldridge: 12:58

really to me, Wilson, who actually said it, but it’s attributed to Albert Einstein, sorry. No, I think it’s because somebody said that she should he should have said it’s like all these quotes, isn’t it? You know, so but but it is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results, you know, and if you want something different, you’ve got to speak something different. Yeah, you’ve got to be something different. Yeah. Yeah. And, and it starts with you. Not external stuff. It’s internally. And as soon as we start to realise that, that is what’s going to help you but and the thing is, and I all of this mindset stuff, people say to me, Oh, that’s really obvious. That’s the thing. This is obvious. But our ego will block it from us because it doesn’t want change. But other more evolved parts of us do want to change, they do want to thrive, they do want to fulfil our purpose, all of those things, but nothing that any you know, nothing that I talk about or teach or, you know, share is actually rocket science. None of it is yeah, but actually, we need to be reminded of it and this is why I think for both of us when we were exposed to mindset work for the first time it was like wow, but we needed that coach there to be able to sort of hold our hand along the way you know and say this is what it’s like you know to say that we have support because change can be scary for a part of us Absolutely. That’s okay

Katie Bell: 14:33

and and the whole principle of new level new devil like people think with mindset don’t and I was this person. I like to be really honest on this podcast and really transparent. I fought fought it because I thought it was for weak people. Yeah. And that was my belief. Of course. It’s not true. That’s a ridiculously however, that’s what I thought. So then I got over it. I got over myself that I started getting into it. And I was like, Okay, this is amazing. I did this mindset shift for a bit. I was like, okay, making money, businesses going great. And then I thought we could just stop, because I was like, I’ve done it, I’ve ticked that box, I’m really confident I know what I’m talking about. I’ve not got that impostor syndrome going on anymore. I am good. And then when my business was needing to go to that next level, other stuff kept coming back, like new things, new beliefs, not new as in like, I’ve never had them before. But, you know, I thought I dealt with all of it. And I thought, you know, me being tickbox. Yeah, life can’t be doing doing anything for too long, or just move on to the next thing. I just thought that I was done with it. And actually, new level new Devil is for you to go to that next level, there is going to be new things that crop up and get in your way, you will always be your biggest barrier. Yeah, if you are

Philippa Aldridge: 15:55

an onion, you’re going to pick or peel one layer, right? It’s going to be great for a bit, but then there’s going to be another layer that needs peeling is always going to be something but also it’s recognising that sometimes you will have processed one story, or one piece of programming to a certain level, which will propel you forward. And then it may come back again. And I think that that’s really important because imposter syndrome can come back at every single level. And you can be taken back to being that person, you know, who was standing on a stage and was thinking I shouldn’t be standing here saying and why am I standing here saying and I’m only standing there singing because, you know, Miss Mrs. level, it felt sorry for me, you know, I’m taking myself back to primary school, you know, all of those sorts of things. But it’s recognising that that story then becomes an amazing sort of barometer for you of all that stories come up. That’s interesting. Oh, that means that means my ego is triggered. This is exciting. I’m on the cusp of something here. Yeah. Nice. So I get excited. And I have to explain this to the Thrive clients Michaelides. You know, all these beautiful people that I work with, while they’re sitting there crying or getting angry with themselves, or just being completely like, I can’t do this anymore. Blah, blah, say, Oh, I’m excited about this. This is good. This is juicy. Tell me why tell me why. Yeah, let’s get into this. Because this means what really goes really getting in your way. And I want to know why. And so give it

Katie Bell: 17:25

the time, and not walk away from it, even though it feels massively uncomfortable. The clients that we’ve we’ve worked with Filipino over the years and thrive, the transformations that we have seen are I mean, we cry all the time, don’t worry, we are highly emotional people. And we’re fine with that.

Unknown: 17:43

But we go with it.

Katie Bell: 17:45

Because we genuinely care. And it isn’t just about coming in or being coached, whether it’s thrive, whether it’s somebody else doesn’t matter. But it’s about when people get out of their own way and deal with some of that shit that’s been going on for years and years and years. It just like they become different people, they become just the most incredible business owners. And it’s not because we’ve suddenly given them this whole revolutionary business strategy that nobody’s ever talked about before. It’s just that they’ve got out of their own way. And they’ve dealt with all that stuff that might have been going on for years, and years and years.

Philippa Aldridge: 18:22

And it’s also the, the part of them that gives another part of them permission to be their truest selves. To actually go, yeah, I really want to do this, or I really want to do that. And that’s okay. And that giving permission of letting go of other people’s expectations, and their perceived expectations, you know, that they should have a business that looks like this, that does this, that does that did that it’s your life, it’s your business, do it your way. And it’s so freeing, it’s just it’s, you see, for me, you see the weight lifted from their shoulders, and you actually see their chest as it were open up, you can see their heart opening, as they suddenly are then like, open to all the possibilities that they can actually be themselves. You know, and their truest selves, not their best, their truest. And I think that’s really important that this is not about a saying you have to have a certain mindset to be a certain way did it did this is about finding out who you are, because the ego doesn’t want you to do that. The ego wants you to conform to be like everybody else because it wants you to survive. But actually, the whole point of this is we want to help people to thrive. And that’s about getting to know yourself and love yourself. All parts of self. Even if you’re a highly sensitive person. Even if you’re a crier, you know, you embrace it. Yeah, that’s who I am.

Katie Bell: 19:59

Yeah. You cannot?

Philippa Aldridge: 20:04

No, no and but this is why people get this is why people burnout. This is where people get disillusioned, they fall out of love with their business. And I think for both you and I, we are so passionate about doing this, because we are invested in our clients success, we genuinely want them to succeed, because we are aware of the fact that the clients, they help need them. There are people out there suffering, because clinic owners can’t get out of their own way to show up as their truest selves and say, hey, I can help you that, you know, or hey, don’t worry, you know, there’s things we can do. And they say, Oh, I can’t do that. So what will people think of me, while you’re doing that, and hiding, there are people suffering, the ripple effect, we’re invested in the ripple effect.

Katie Bell: 20:55

And that and that is why, you know, thrive is here, throughout thrive, its mission is to help people on a global scale, improve health and wellness of the world on a global scale. Because we can’t do it just you and me. Know, but if we assist loads of business owners to do it, they then go and make a huge difference to their community of people. And like you say that ripple effect, you put that pebble in the pond, and you watch those reports. And that is the difference that that that we’re making. But that the difference the business owners who who do invest in themselves, even though it’s really scary, and do get out of their own way and deal with some of this really deep embedded stuff. You know, I know loads of my stuff comes from primary school, in Tibet, but it’s only through working with coaches that’s allowed me to bring that to the surface and deal with it. That has enabled me to then step into that next level in business.

Philippa Aldridge: 21:54

And I think for some people listening to this, it might be Oh, crumbs, you know, I don’t want to build bring up what I what happened at school. Geez, Louise, you know, I’ve got rid of that. But also, the beauty of mindset work is you make the choice of how deep you go. That is important. A good mindset coach is not going to get a spade and dig deep, straight away. Yeah, they’re going to let you lead the way. And some of the people that are we have on thrive, obviously, we have really great relationships with them. And now we can say nice things to them, you know, and go straight for it. Because we haven’t got time to waste. But because we’ve taken time to build a relationship. So mindset coaching is, in my opinion, yet the thing that is going to set you free, yeah, that is going to give you the success that you want. But it’s also for most business owners the thing that they avoid, because a part of them knows it’s going to lead to that success. And a part of us does fear success. But it’s also important to know it’s it’s your journey on the mindset journey. It’s it, you don’t have to like go deep straight away. We take your time. And some people say to me, this is this is making me think about something about school, but I don’t want to I don’t want to look at that now. Cool. We won’t look at that. Now you tell me when you’re ready. Yeah, that might take another couple of sessions. And then they go, you know, last time, in a couple of weeks ago, we spoke about that school thing. I’m ready now. I want to go there. And that’s okay. And and that’s very important that it is led by you with some very interesting questions from me, as it were. Yeah. You did love it. I do love it. I do love it. It is my zone of genius. Definitely.

Katie Bell: 23:42

Absolutely. So Phillip of, for our listeners, who they they may be in a position where they like me 10 years ago who thought mindset was a load of whatever. And they weren’t, they’re not going to be allowing themselves to be vulnerable to look at it. Or they might be listening to this thinking. Actually, I’m really resonating with this because I am exhausted and burnt out. I’m a people pleaser. I’ve got massive impostor syndrome, and I don’t truly believe in my own. What I do, I don’t feel like in charge, what I’m worth, I’m giving away free things. All of those things that are are showing up in their business comes from from inside. So what would be because we love to give, we love to give kind of value on this. And we want people to go away and have a real kind of takeaway from it. What would be some of your kind of top tips or things that people can really work on a rat if they’re new to it, or maybe they’ve done it before? And they just, they just kind of got off the waggon and they need to refocus. Yeah,

Philippa Aldridge: 24:47

cool. So first thing is reconnect with why you do what you do. The emotional connection is important. And when I say Why not? You know, I do what I do? Because I’ve got a degree in it. Yeah, I do what I do, because you know, I’ve got a mortgage to pay pay. Why? Why are you doing that? Why are you helping the people that you are helping? And I would advise you to just write at the top of a piece of paper? Why do I do what I do? And then just allow yourself to free flow with the writing. And when you come to a sort of halt, as it were, ask yourself again. But why is all of that important to me? And just keep being curious with why? You know, is it because, you know, you, perhaps you saw a family member in pain, you know, and you you’ve never wanted them to be in pain? Perhaps it was because you’ve suffered injuries, because you did lots of sports school, and you never want a young person to go through what you did. Perhaps it’s because actually, you really enjoy working with people, and it really lights you up. And the thought of having to work in an office sitting at desks makes it makes you feel sick. Why do you do what you do, and really connect with that, and keep digging deeper, and reminding yourself of that, and also know that when you’ve written it, it’s version one. It’s not done, because it will evolve over time. So that would be my first tip. The other tip would be to, I invite you to start using the phrase a part of me, rather than saying, I am busy. If you’re not on board with changing the word busy to full Yeah, I invite you to start using the phrase a part of me it’s busy. Yeah, a part of me feels like I can’t do this, a part of me feels that I’m not good enough. A part of me thinks I don’t have the time. When we say I, we are leading with our ego. And our ego is not going to lead you to change. If you use a phrase a part of me, that allows for another part of you to think something else. Yeah. So that starts the journey really easily. The other thing that I would say is that you need to get it out of your head. If you’ve got stuff washing around like you think you’re not good enough to do it, you’ve got to get it out of your head. You either write it down, yes. Or you can use dictation, yes. So you can use the otter app, big fans, we’re big fans of the otter app here. And just speak out. I am someone who does a lot of speaking out because my brain thinks much faster than my hand writes, or I can type. So I do a lot of Acts, you’ve got to get it out of your head. While it’s in your head. It’s just swirling around, you’ve only got one perspective. Now, obviously, another way of getting that out is to talk to somebody about that. And if anyone’s experienced mindset work, or talking therapies or anything, you will know that just talking it out sometimes, you know, Oh, what am I thinking that actually that’s not true, I can see where I want to go. Now. It’s that simple. Because when you say it, you hear it, you process it through your auditory nerve, you gain a different perspective, if you write it down, you see it, you process it for your optical nerve, you get a different perspective. So get it out of your head. So three tips so far, why? A part of me, get it out of your head. And just two more because you know, I’m an over giver. And I’m okay with that. There’s a lot of me that gifts I like to give. I’m glad they can’t see our faces, I can say is remember to celebrate. If there’s no carrot at the end of the stick a part of you will start to lose the love for what you do and present it. So remember to celebrate whether that be a happy dance, whether that be by yourself a bunch of flowers, whether that be going out for a meal, it doesn’t have to be anything big, but it has to have the intention of celebration. And then the last thing and this is one of the things that Katie and I have spoken about is remember to do the thing that de stresses you remember to do the thing that sort of clears your head as it were, whether that be you might be someone who does jigsaws, you might be somebody who runs, you might be somebody who sings in a choir, you might be somebody I don’t know, I suddenly thought of weaving. I don’t know why. But that came to mind, reef, but whatever it is, because we know don’t make it with our Thrive clients. The first thing that goes normally is the thing that is the is their de stressor is, you know, a couple of guys that I’ve been speaking to what’s changed recently I have, well, I’ve got time to exercise. There you go. That’s why get that exercise back in, things will become clearer. And so that’s fine,

Katie Bell: 29:40

isn’t it that that is the we’d soon even as health and wellness professionals, we still can be the people that don’t focus on our health and wellness at all. Yeah, and you know, part was have to has to we have to Devon’s Straight energetically to our clients the importance of looking after your health and wellness, if you want people to invest in their health and wellness, you can’t be that person that is selling an amazing postnatal rehab programme. If you, yourself are not doing anything about your own postnatal problems, or issues, you have to admit you energetically you have to be saying no, it’s really important in my, my exercise for being, you know, Philipa where if we’ve ever been away together, we went to Spain, didn’t we? For a while? Yes. And the exercise for me is non negotiable. Like I will be that person that gets up and goes to the gym.

Philippa Aldridge: 30:39

I can see you coming out of that gym that didn’t have air conditioning as well. Still hot. Still. Yeah, exactly. But that’s so it’s so important. For me. My non negotiable is my garden. Yeah, right. I have to spend time in my garden every single day. Just pottering. Yeah, but it deadheading. I have to be with nature. It’s massive for me. And if I don’t get that, then things will start to slide. Yeah. And that’s really important. But it’s in this part of my mindset where it mindset work. So we all have to remember. So it’s those five things, why? A part of me? Get it out of your head. Remember to celebrate, and find your thing and do that thing that de stresses you or clears your head? Or is the thing that when you’ve finished doing it, you feel you may feel exhausted, but you also feel like it’s a metaphorical sigh of relief, as it were.

Katie Bell: 31:46

And you find Philip when you’re in your garden, deadheading? Or maybe when you’re weaving?

Philippa Aldridge: 31:54

I don’t know I don’t even weave. Can you imagine what I would do with weaving the knots and everything. It would be awful.

Katie Bell: 32:02

But you’re dead heading in your garden, you’re spending time in nature, when I’m running with a dog when I’m in the gym, whatever that often is, do you find like your your head, your conscious brain is kind of processing loads of stuff. It might be thinking about business, it might not. And that can often be the time when you get that breakthrough. Get out of I’ve just realised what I need to do about this. Clarity is clarity. Do you remember and he won’t mind me mentioning him on this Chris, our fabulous platinum member. He is very much like me, isn’t he in terms of his energy. And we did Yes. Clearing session on our retreat didn’t wait for Chris is got a pan is is he in his ear is scratching, his knee is moving around, the seat is up is down, his eyes are closed, his eyes are open. And for him. Meditation and clearing is is a real challenge as it is for me and I was very open with that. But Chris had this moment because we asked him to stop and be still and do whatever felt natural for him in that moment, you would take him through a guided kind of meditation where he were talking. We finished it and half people are falling asleep. Hilarious. Some people were asleep and awake asleep. That’s That’s okay, that was part of it. So people had just had that moment of being able to stop and get themselves off the hamster wheel. But Chris had had this massive breakthrough about how he was going to pull himself out clinically of his business.

Philippa Aldridge: 33:37

It was just it. And that is it, isn’t it? The magic is found in the pause. Yeah. And as a meditation teacher, I’ve come at it from a scientific point of view. Yes. And I’ve worked with people of all ages. And when I had my fitness business, I did it with my ladies in my fitness business as well. And some of them would say the best part was the pauses between the breaths. That’s where they felt the most at peace. That’s where they found clarity. That’s where and I had a lot of older clients as well. Some of them would actually remember stuff that they had been desperately trying to remember for ages. They found it in the pause. And yet part of us will say that the doing is what’s going to give us that clarity. But actually it’s the pause. And we also had didn’t we we had people who found themselves coming away leaning to one side and they realised that actually their body was trying to subconsciously tell them something and so many different things that can come from that pause.

Katie Bell: 34:46

And that is one of the most the biggest challenges I a part of me still struggles with I reckon I’m up to six minutes.

Unknown: 34:56

Meditation that’s okay. All right.

Katie Bell: 34:59

I listen. into a lot of subliminals. That’s kind of how I, how I process things, how I do stress. You know, I do do meditation, I don’t do it consistently, because I have other ways of managing what I need to manage. But I do have pauses. And I think that in all of the years of me being this, you know, constant, sort of high drive, work ethic, etc. When I’ve been away from the business, I remember going away three years after my physiotherapy wellness clinic opened, and I decided I was going to take a mediaeval time. Because I thought, do you remember I thought, why am I going to wait till I’m like 65? Or what? Probably now about 80 By the time and he was can retire, but whatever. Why am I going to wait till that when I’m cropped to to age up? No, I’m gonna do it now. So I made a commitment to have a month out of the business. And it was massive, because I was clinically very busy. So it was very difficult. Now, it would be super easy for me to do. But it is a big challenge. I was going to not earn any fees for a month, I had to let go of control. To do that I had to take myself across the world. Because I needed to be in a different time zone so that I couldn’t really control anybody on the other side. And for what I know, I’ve got problems. We know that

Philippa Aldridge: 36:16

it’s not a it’s not a problem. It’s a beautiful part of of your maker.

Katie Bell: 36:21

Controlling things. Yes, as you told me, yes. But what happened was quite unbelievable. Because we made more money in that month than we have ever made in the business. And I didn’t see a chuffing client. So it just shows that by stepping away, I have to set myself a big goal. It has to be I’m just going to take a week off or two weeks off, I needed to come away. But that pause, allowed me to restructure reframe, have space, I couldn’t create if you think about how I wanted to move the business forward, because I was just so in it. I was going from Back to Back clients and you know, our listeners will really resonate with that. So it is up to the importance of the pause. And understanding that nothing bad is going to happen if you take a day off

Unknown: 37:11

your business. Definitely. And I think

Philippa Aldridge: 37:15

some people will say, I can’t afford to take a day out of my business. Yep. Actually, you can’t afford not to take a day out of your business. Because while you are still in it, you are going to stay at that level, nothing will change until you become the observer rather than the participant of your business.

Unknown: 37:39

Nothing will change. It’s so huge. It’s your sound good. It’s good. But the whole thing is good. It is my dream team

Katie Bell: 37:49

man. At we ology team. And if you’ve never seen me in Philipa live at an event, it is an absolute joy, isn’t we? We are awesome. We are

Philippa Aldridge: 37:59

we are we We’re very different people. But you know, we love each other dearly. And we complement each other. And I think that that that’s that’s where the magic is. That’s where the magic is. And

Katie Bell: 38:11

that’s, that’s what we do differently, isn’t it? And I am I’m, I love to be bold and proud. And to say that that is what makes us different. We recognise that we can’t just teach you retention schemes and email marketing systems and Facebook ads and all that boring stuff. You know, we have got to focus on you as the business

Unknown: 38:31

owner. Yeah, totally. Because it starts with you.

Katie Bell: 38:35

It starts with you. Absolutely. This has been an utter joy. And we have I know, we’ve gone I was trying to be strict and say it’s between the legs and what what planet did I think we would have to talk for 20 minutes. I mean,

Unknown: 38:48

ridiculous. Might have to do part one, part two.

Katie Bell: 38:51

Do that. Philip, you’ve got to come back. You’ve got to come back on this podcast, because people will go wild for this stuff. And you are

Philippa Aldridge: 38:57

thank you so much for having me. Assume Philippines, if

Katie Bell: 39:01

you have your own coaching business, hold my hand coaching. Yes, and you obviously work within thrive and you are a very integral part of our business. If people want to kind of have a bit more Philipa time, if they want to reach out and be a part of your community. How can they do that?

Philippa Aldridge: 39:16

So I have a free Facebook community. So it is the fitness and wellbeing business mindset hub really nice short name, but it does what it says on the tone. Yeah, so do come and join me in the fitness and wellbeing business mindset hub where it is filled with fitness and well being business owners who are working on their mindset because they know that that is the thing that is going to propel them forward. So basically,

Katie Bell: 39:41

we will pop that link in the show notes or wealth happiness. Thank you. We will make that happen somehow. I don’t know how that happens, but I will make that happen. Philipa thank you for your time.

Unknown: 39:52

Thank you. Thank you for being here and

Katie Bell: 39:54

thanks for listening everybody. Please, if you can, I would love love love if you could just like Yeah, whatever you like to do review, rave put some five stars against us because it really helps other business owners like you get to benefit from this fabulous, fabulous content. Thank you for listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast that tells you what you really need to hear and know when it comes to running a successful business in the health and wellness industry that gives you the time, money and freedom you are wanting for access to our free workshops on how to get more clients in your business, how to make more income in the next 30 days. And to get more time back in your business and life. Head to our free Facebook group today. Treat your business or head over to thrive dash business All of the links are available in the show notes.

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