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Episode 44

Unleashing Your Potential through Morning Routines

Exploring the transformative power of morning routines and the profound impact they have on one's mindset and productivity.

Episode 43

Work-Free Holidays: Your Guide to Blissful Getaways

Discover the science-backed benefits of unplugging and learn practical strategies to make your holidays truly rejuvenating

Episode 42

Understanding and Leveraging Your Strengths for Business Success

We dive into a game-changing approach that has the potential to revolutionise your business performance: the Clifton Strengths Assessment

Episode 41

The Insurance Dilemma: Should Clinics Rely on Insurance Companies or Ditch them?

Katie shares her clinic's journey and explores the age-old question: should clinics heavily depend on insurance work?

Episode 40

Navigating the Sale of Your Healthcare Practice: Expert Insights with Joshua Catlett

Do you someday dream of transitioning out of your private practice? We share invaluable insights on the process of selling private practices.

Episode 39

Why People Pleasing Is Killing Your Growth with Katie Bell

We dive deep into the topic of people-pleasing, its impact on your business's success and how people-pleasing can affect your business growth

Episode 38

Cultivating Visibility in Your Clinic Business: The Key to Sustainable Growth with Michael Schumacher

In this weeks episode we're all about "visibility" for clinic owners. We know how important it is to be seen by potential patients and make that digital presence strong!

Episode 37

Healthcare Professionals Governance – A Must-Know Guide with Sarah Tribe

In this weeks episode we discuss the crucial topic of informed consent, a fundamental yet often misunderstood aspect of healthcare practice

Episode 36

Unraveling Self-Sabotage in Clinic Owners: Unleashing Your Business Potential with Philippa Aldridge

Katie & Philippa are diving into a powerful topic that's relevant to all of us: self-sabotage, they take you on a captivating journey of self-awareness and growth.

Episode 35

Why is my income inconsistent?

Katie dives into the frustrating issue of inconsistent income in business and she's got some awesome tips and tricks to help you tackle it!

Episode 34

Afraid of investing in your business -try this

This week Katie Bell, takes us on a fearless journey into the realm of overcoming fears and embracing business investment.

Episode 33

How To Eliminate Competition For Your Clinic

This week Katie is discussing something that many business owners struggle with- competition and exploring how you can eliminate competition.

Episode 32

Stop trading time for money with Robin Valadares Financially Fulfilled Physio

In this weeks episode we discuss how to stop trading time for money with experienced Physiotherapist Robin Valadares.

Episode 31

How to be more visible online – the free way, with Nichola Curran

Joining Katie this week in the studio is visibility expert Nicola Curran discussing how to be more visible online-the free way.

Episode 30

How To Prevent Clinic Owner Burnout

In this week's episode, Katie shares lots of amazing tips on how to prevent clinic owner and studio owner burnout.

Episode 29

How To Increase Your Revenue The Low Cost Way?

Flying solo this week, Katie shares with us how to increase revenue, profits and turnover into our businesses the low cost way.

Episode 28

Recruitment Struggles with Jo Pereira Founder of Purpleberry Jobs

In this week's episode we discuss all things recruitment with founder and director of Purpleberry Jobs, Jo Pereira.

Episode 27

Client Spotlight Emma Turner Physiotherapist

In this episode, hear how Emma has gone from wanting to throw the towel in on her business, to now thriving and spending golfing holidays in Portugal.

Episode 26

How To Finish What You Start

The topic of this week's podcast is "how can we finish what we start".

Episode 25

3 Ways To Improve Your Customer Retention with Fran Smith

Joining Katie this week in the studio is Customer Experience and Retention expert Fran Smith from 'And So The Journey Begins'.

Episode 24

5 Ways To Master Your Mindset With Philippa Aldridge

In today's episode of the podcast, I am joined by Philippa Aldridge who is one of our mindset coaches here at Thrive.

Episode 23

Client Spotlight with Kelly Hickson and Charlotte Dunlop

In today's episode we shine the light on Kelly Hickson and Charlotte Dunlop as part of our Client Spotlight Series.

Episode 22

Client Spotlight with Nicky Lawford

In today's episode we shine the light on Nicky Lawford as part of our Client Spotlight Series.

Episode 21

The 5 Things I Would Do Differently If I Was Starting From Scratch

In today's podcast episode, I share the five things that I would do differently if I was starting out from scratch.

Episode 20

The Jane App With Special Guest Ben Holeyman

I am joined in today's episode by Ben Holeyman from the team at Jane to discuss the app and software in our industry more generally.

Episode 19

When To Get Software In Your Clinic Or Studio?

Joined by Jessica Armstrong from Team Up, we discuss the use of software in your business to help to automate processes.

Episode 18

Reflections 1 Year After Start-Up with Alistair Beverley

I'm joined today by Alistair Beverley to discuss his experience and reflections from starting up his own business, LD Physio.

Episode 17

The Magic Formula in Marketing

Tune in to this week's episode to find out the magic formula for marketing your clinic or studio.

Episode 16

Blogs, Do You Need Them?

Do you write a blog? Or do you think you should be writing a blog? Perhaps you have you written them in the past? If that's you, then you'll want to give this one a listen.

Episode 15

Knowing Your Next Move In Marketing

Today's episode is going to be all about your marketing, specifically knowing your next move in marketing.

Episode 14

How To Make Money During A Recession

In today's episode we discuss something particularly pertinent at this time – how to make money during a recession.

Episode 13

3 Key Things To Be Doing in Online Marketing Right Now (with Michael Schumacher)

In today's episode, I discuss all things online marketing with founder of marketing agency HMDG, Michael Schumacher.

Episode 12

Working Out Your Hourly Rate

Join me in this next episode to discover how best to work out your hourly rate.

Episode 11

Becoming The Untouchable Expert

Find out how to become the untouchable expert in this next episode from the Treat Your Business podcast.

Episode 10

Bigger Is Not Better

In today's episode, I ask what if, rather than serving your business, your business served you?

Episode 9

Are You Being an Ostrich?

In today's episode I'm going to ask you a big question: Are you being an ostrich when it comes to knowing your numbers in your business?

Episode 8

Invisible to Visible

Today, the theme is all about everything being created twice, first in your mind, and then in reality.

Episode 7

How To Recession Proof Your Business in 7 Key Steps

This bonus episode is about how to recession-proof your business, your clinic, and your studio in 7 key steps.

Episode 6

Start With Why

Today we are going to be discussing why people don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Episode 5

Who Do You Think You Are?

This episode we're going to go all the way back to the first foundational step, the who, and covering it in a lot more detail.

Episode 4


The fourth key foundation discussed in this episode is YOU. This is one of four key principles we go through with all business owners.

Episode 3

The How

The third key foundation discussed in this episode is HOW. This is one of four key principles we go through with all business owners.

Episode 2

The Who

The second key foundation discussed in this episode is the WHO. This is one of four key principles we go through with all business owners.

Episode 1

The Why

The first key foundation discussed in this episode is the WHY. This is one of four key principles we go through with all business owners.

Episode 0


Welcome to this short introductory trailer on the release of the new podcast for Health & Wellness Business Owners.

Episode Bonus Episode

Turning Recruitment Challenges into Opportunities: Treat Your Business Bonus Episode

Katie discusses the challenges health & wellness business owners face in recruiting talent and how to attract and retain the right employees.

About the Host

Founder & Thrive CEO, Katie has helped over 10,000 people move better, feel better & live better

After establishing her first Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic at the age of 28, Katie Bell went on to grow her clinic to multiple 7 figures and a team of 30+ experts, and now works clinically only 4 hours per week because she chooses to.

Katie continues to practice as a Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor, but now dedicates her passion, knowledge and experience to helping other health professionals and practice owners to realise their own goals and aspirations.

Thrive Founder, Katie Bell

"The one word I would use to sum it all up is transformative! I’m a completely different person, business owner and physio now compared to what I was 6 months ago."

Nidd Valley Physio

From significant increase in block booking since implementation which means more commitment, to freeing up my time to enable me to build up and inspire my team. Thoroughly recommend it.

Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic

Feeling stuck and lost with where to take the business, to implementing new physio packages, better marketing and systems! ‘I can now focus on helping people and not worrying about money’ with the addition of 2 Pilates class ‘I have total confidence I can do it, total confidence!

Monkstown Movement Clinic

Overwhelmed, lost and not making enough money! Debs joined our Flywheel programme, smashed her business goals and progressed on to the Gold Mastermind programme where she has not only sustained a great business model but has expanded both her team and premises!

Bump to Beyond

From having little structure in the business, to then following the programme, putting new systems in place and ultimately leading to income increasing by 80%!

Simon Parker Fitness

Having no time, knowing nothing about numbers, being on a patient treadmill and close to burnout! They now love to know their numbers, they have a clear vision, they have more time than ever before, and are now super productive. The best investment they have EVER made!

Kathy & Mary Angela
Mid Ulster Pilates & Physiotherapy

A Children’s Specialist Physio who was stuck on the hamster wheel! Taken on a clinic space and wasn’t using it, as she was too busy to work from the clinic, no time to think about the business, working late, weekends, and constantly chasing her tail. Didn’t know ‘how’ to change things, so just kept doing the same thing! Sian has now created a business not a job, has been able to step away and know it still runs, has recruited successfully & is excited for huge growth.

Therapy Stars

I now have processes. I have quadrupled my membership base, I have people coming to me now, I have corporations coming to me and asking me to train within their business. It's just a completely different business now...

KW Fitness

Covid-19 meant all her team left, she couldn’t see clients and was making no money. Fast forward 6 months..Chloe has increased her pricing, introduced packages rather than ad-hoc payments, she has systems, processes and knows exactly how to get more clients!

Chloe Hart Bodyworks

I needed a quick university schooling on how to run a business, and that’s what Thrive gave me.... In 12 months my revenue has increased - that happened almost within the first month just from looking at my pricing... I’ve got increased revenue, more staff, better staff and a clear vision...

Massey Physiotherapy

Felt stuck and frustrated with her business, constantly trying different ways to help the business grow. Then joined Thrive and streamlined processes, overcame big marketing challenges and ultimately obtained new clients more efficiently.

Finesse Movement

From covid impacts and being stuck in a dark place to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, creating a sustainable business model and being excited to see it grow.

Body Fit Solutions

Increased her prices, packaged her services up, increased confidence. Partner has even seen the difference! She now has marketing and business strategy!


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