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  • You will discover the four steps we teach our clients in the Flywheel method that will transform your business, generate more consistent increased revenue, allow you to work fewer hours and create more time for the things you love to do.
  • You will receive a clear plan to increase your income in 30 days with a break down of numbers and clients required to hit your goal.
  • You will receive feedback on your marketing and what is working right now in our industry and what to focus on to get more clients.
  • You will receive a 30-day plan of action and a plan of no action (basically we will tell you exactly where to focus your time and where not to!)
  • You will receive a kick up the bum with a big virtual hug to help re-motivate and energise you into hitting that 30 day goal we will set together.


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Success Stories

Here are the clients and results that have shared our approach

I needed a quick university schooling on how to run a business, and that’s what Thrive gave me.... In 12 months my revenue has increased - that happened almost within the first month just from looking at my pricing... I’ve got increased revenue, more staff, better staff and a clear vision...

Massey Physiotherapy

Having no time, knowing nothing about numbers, being on a patient treadmill and close to burnout! They now love to know their numbers, they have a clear vision, they have more time than ever before, and are now super productive. The best investment they have EVER made!

Kathy & Mary Angela
Mid Ulster Pilates & Physiotherapy

"The one word I would use to sum it all up is transformative! I’m a completely different person, business owner and physio now compared to what I was 6 months ago."

Nidd Valley Physio

From significant increase in block booking since implementation which means more commitment, to freeing up my time to enable me to build up and inspire my team. Thoroughly recommend it.

Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic

I now have processes. I have quadrupled my membership base, I have people coming to me now, I have corporations coming to me and asking me to train within their business. It's just a completely different business now...

KW Fitness

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