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We're here to help you realise your true potential

Who we are

We're the go-to experts for businesses in the health & wellness industry

Thrive is the go-to team of experts for business owners in the health & wellness industry who want to build a business that serves them, reclaim their lives back, gain more freedom and flexibility, increase their income rapidly and regain their confidence as a business owner.

We work exclusively with business owners who are customer focused, care deeply about the results and transformations they provide for their clients, and who are dynamic, have a no-limit attitude and are prepared to trust in a process to achieve their desired results.

We are passionate about delivering coaching from experience and reflecting this all of our coaches have run multi 6 figures businesses in this industry.

What we do

We take the guesswork out of it!

Whether you are about to embark on running your own business, or you are a growing practice or multi practice owner, then we can show you how to grow faster with clarity, confidence and certainty.

We allow business owners to focus their time and energy on the things that work, making rapid business growth accessible to every business owner.

We know our advice works because everything has been tried and tested and used within our own businesses in the health industry.

Mix of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors & Pilates Instructors at a Thrive event
Mix of Holistic Therapists, Podiatrists & Massage Therapists talking at a Thrive event

Why we do it

We're fully invested in your personal and business transformation

We do it because we believe that every business owner should have the guidance, support and coaching they need to make the biggest impact on the health & wellness of the nation.

We do it because we believe that our clients are the best at what they do transforming lives but often have not had the education, the know-how, or the marketing understanding to get themselves out there and realise their true potential.

We are fully invested in supporting our clients in their personal and business transformation and we are grateful for the opportunity this brings us in achieving our mission of impacting health globally.

I needed a quick university schooling on how to run a business, and that’s what Thrive gave me.... In 12 months my revenue has increased - that happened almost within the first month just from looking at my pricing... I’ve got increased revenue, more staff, better staff and a clear vision...

Massey Physiotherapy

Having no time, knowing nothing about numbers, being on a patient treadmill and close to burnout! They now love to know their numbers, they have a clear vision, they have more time than ever before, and are now super productive. The best investment they have EVER made!

Kathy & Mary Angela
Mid Ulster Pilates & Physiotherapy

From significant increase in block booking since implementation which means more commitment, to freeing up my time to enable me to build up and inspire my team. Thoroughly recommend it.

Bristol Physiotherapy Clinic

"The one word I would use to sum it all up is transformative! I’m a completely different person, business owner and physio now compared to what I was 6 months ago."

Nidd Valley Physio

I now have processes. I have quadrupled my membership base, I have people coming to me now, I have corporations coming to me and asking me to train within their business. It's just a completely different business now...

KW Fitness

Increased her prices, packaged her services up, increased confidence. Partner has even seen the difference! She now has marketing and business strategy!


Katie's story

Founder & Thrive CEO, Katie has helped over 10,000 people move better, feel better & live better

After establishing her first Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic at the age of 28, Katie Bell went on to grow her clinic to multiple 7 figures and a team of 30+ experts, and now works clinically only 4 hours per week because she chooses to.

Katie continues to practice as a Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor, but now dedicates her passion, knowledge and experience to helping other health professionals and practice owners to realise their own goals and aspirations.

Meet the team

Our team members

Alongside Katie, Thrive is a growing team of coaches and client care administrators all with vast amounts of experience establishing hugely successful businesses in the health and wellness industry.

Nichola Curran

Strategic Business Growth Coach

Nichola is a Business Growth Coach who believes everyone deserves to have the right support to help them manage and grow their business. Having worked in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 30 years, Nichola draws on her experience (both the wins and the mistakes) of managing and growing 6 & 7-figure businesses to help you achieve the results you want in your business.

Philippa Aldridge

Success & Mindset Coach

Philippa is passionate about helping business owners to understand the power of their mindset. Business owners spend so much time worrying about the “HOW”/ strategy but forget you can have the best strategy in the world but if your mind isn’t in the right place you will never achieve long term success.


Client Care Administrator

Charlotte is one of our Client Care Administrators, helping with the management and organisation of the day to day running here at Thrive. She has over 7 years’ experience working within the NHS and private administration sector and has recently completed her GP assistant qualification. She prides herself in offering high standard client support collaboratively with our other Client Care Administrator.

Kelly Thrive Team


Client Care Administrator

Kelly is one of our Client Care Administrators and she helps support the smooth running of our programmes whilst providing efficient support to our clients. She has a Diploma in both Management and Business administration and has 14 years’ experience working within the NHS and Private Health Industry. Kelly has provided admin management support for many clients within the health and wellness industry and applies her knowledge and experience to support clients who work with Thrive.


Here are some questions we often get asked

How quickly will I make my money back?

This is entirely up to how quickly you do the work. Our Flywheel programme is delivered across 12-16 weeks, and we start making changes to your business model and strategy from Week 1. Often clients will start seeing changes to their revenue within this first week!

How much 1-2-1 attention will I get on your program?

Quite simply, you’ll get as much attention as you need – whether it’s through the small group Q&A’s that take place each week where we answer all of your questions individually with no set quota for each person or time limit, or through the personal checking we do of every single piece of work that you send to us.

You’ll follow the step by step instructions we give you via the video trainings first and then we coach you individually through email, video or whatever is necessary to get you the clarity and breakthrough you need to achieve your goals for business.


How do I know I can trust you and this isn’t a scam?

We understand where this question comes from, and we understand why you would ask this. There are a lot of not great coaches out there and you should do your due diligence before committing time, energy, effort, and money to anything (especially something online).

Some suggestions from us would be:

  • Watch the testimonials from our current and past clients. They have shared their experience of the Thrive coaching program with you.
  • Have a conversation with us. If you have not already scheduled a call with us, follow this link and book to chat with us.
  • Katie Bell is an established business owner of a company called Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness in Sheffield. Katie Bell trained as a Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor and still works clinically (although now a lot less). She has a large team that works within her company and the system Katie teaches is exactly what she uses and has used to grow her business to a multi 7 figure business within 5 years. You can view her company by visiting:

What are the ongoing costs?

Naturally, this depends on the kind of income level you are trying to achieve. However, as a rough guide, please plan for at least £50-100 a month in ad spend if we choose this method of marketing.

On top of this, we recommend investing in certain pieces of software to automate processes within your business, but this is optional and the software we recommend allows for free trials.

All of this is simply part of normal business expenses that are required to make the income you desire, whether that be £3k, £5k or £10k per month.

Simply put, you must spend a little to make a lot back.

How do you know it will work for me specifically?

This answer is going to be a mixture of logic and ‘mindset’. Firstly, the marketing and sales system we help you implement into your business is exactly what we use ourselves. Secondly, everyone who follows the process enjoys the success and rewards they set out to gain.

Notably, we reject about 40% of the people we speak with simply because we are not 100% sure our system is right for them (either because we’re not a good fit, or we can foresee they’re just not in the right place mentally to make it happen). If we decide you are a good fit for the program that will be because we think you can get the results you want using our system. 

We only offer our coaching services to people we believe can benefit from the system because our reputation depends on it. So we can assure you that if we do accept you into our coaching programme you will get the world class tools, systems, coaching and one-to-one support that you need to achieve your goals.

That said, what we are not in control of is whether you will do the work, if you will take responsibility for what you do and what you don’t do, and how long you will keep working at this to make it work.

So ask yourself this: 

  • Are you the kind of person that will do the work and not give up? 
  • Are you coachable and will you reach out for help when you need it?

How many people have been through the coaching program?

We keep the coaching program very exclusive. This is for several reasons: firstly, we want to ensure we have the time and space to offer the support our clients need; secondly, we have a reputation to uphold and only accept those on to the programme we foresee as being a good fit and in the right place mentally to make it happen.

We limit the numbers each month to allow for both of the above things to happen.

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