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For clinics or studios with a team and a turnover of £10k + p/m

About the Program

This program is specifically designed to help small businesses grow to multiple 6-figures, whilst gaining their life back! 

At this stage of business growth, it’s all about making sure you have…

  • the right growth strategy so you can boost your profits and achieve your financial goals.
  • the right team in place so it’s not all reliant on you the owner, but you still pay yourself a decent salary. 
  • the right systems to ensure the business is operating efficiently and effectively. 
  • the right marketing & sales strategies to ensure you achieve the growth you want. 

Team and systems can be a minefield when you’ve never run a business before.  Get this part right and it really is the difference that makes all the difference. 

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve had your business for 3 years or more and have an established client database?
  • You have some team members, but now need to take the next step and bring more in? 
  • You’re considering employing more team and having less freelancers? 
  • You’re growing out of the space you’re currently in and want to expand?
  • Your turnover is more than £10k per month but you want to take this to the next level AND pay be able to pay yourself more.  
  • You want your business and team to work more efficiently so you can take time off without constantly worrying about what might be falling through the cracks. 

More About the Elevate Program

This 12-month program is all about getting the fundamentals in place when it comes to strategy, marketing, sales, team, and systems.

Your program starts with a 1:1 strategy call to establish a clear growth plan for the next 12 months. Followed by a mindset transformation session to address hidden and known ‘new level, new devil’ mindset blocks.

You will then have access to monthly Pod Masterminds, Weekly Q&A Sessions, as well as quarterly mindset workshops and strategy days.

You’ll be given access to our online portal with bite-sized training videos for foundational knowledge and real-life time-saving examples.

We will add you to our WhatsApp Group where you can connect with like-minded peers for insights and further support.  To help keep you motivated and focused, we encourage you to buddy up with another Activate member for an extra level of accountability and support.

The way we structure this program means you are never more than 6 days away from speaking to one of our coaches and getting the support you need.

Plus, quarterly masterclasses to key you updated on the latest trends and tactics to boost efficiency.

AND as an Elevate Member you’ll be given a FREE place on one of our Therapist Transformation Courses.  We will train one of your team on the non-clinical skills to boost client conversions, retention, and overall sales revenue.

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As a member of the Elevate Program you will:

  • Become a mindset master to confidently scale your business to multi-6-figures.  
  • Develop full financial forecasts and strategies for your business, by using the profit first model. 
  • Upskill your leadership skills and set KP’s for all your team to monitor performance and drive profits.  
  • Develop your team’s non-clinical skills so it’s not just you who is able to boost the sales revenue. 
  • Develop standard operating procedures for your business so everything works more efficiently.
  • Reduce your clinical hours and increase your take home pay. 
  • Gain the freedom and flexibility to enjoy spending time with friends, family, and hobbies. 
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Feeling stuck and lost with where to take the business, to implementing new physio packages, better marketing and systems! ‘I can now focus on helping people and not worrying about money’ with the addition of 2 Pilates class ‘I have total confidence I can do it, total confidence!

Monkstown Movement Clinic

Felt stuck and frustrated with her business, constantly trying different ways to help the business grow. Then joined Thrive and streamlined processes, overcame big marketing challenges and ultimately obtained new clients more efficiently.

Finesse Movement

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