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About the Programme

This is our next level coaching programme for business owners who are sole traders, or who work independently.

This is for business owners with a turnover over of between £3-10k p/m, who have completed the Flywheel method and have the four foundational pillars in place, who want to increase their income without simply working more hours, and who are ready to delegate parts of their business to allow themselves to spend more time working on bigger things. This is for business owners who want accountability, that want to stay focused and not be allowed to go back to old habits.

With access to a further 8 modules on the members area, accountability calls with the coaches, group coaching and virtual business days, our gold mastermind members gain the skills required to stand out in their industry, get more clients, increase their income, and take their mindset onto the next level.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have completed the Flywheel method or been coached before and have the four foundational pillars in place.
  • You are making £3-£10k per month and want to grow on to the next level.
  • You are ready to delegate parts of your business so you can focus on the bigger things.
  • You need accountability, want to stay focused, and know you are better off with help than without.
  • Ready to bring people into your team and learn how to lead and manage a team to success.

More about the Programme

The Gold Mastermind programme is an ongoing accountability and coaching programme for business owners who may work on their own or have a small team and want to take their business to the next level.

The focus here is growing your income to 6 figures, bringing in team members and delegating parts of the business whilst maintaining the time management skills, confidence and clarity required to achieve the next level goals and aspirations.

You work with our coaches in a 1:1 and group format, have access to our full online curriculum which covers marketing, recruitment, employment, HR, how to work yourself out, consultative selling training for you and your team, and customer journey and marketing funnels.

Programme Outcomes

As a member of the Gold Mastermind Programme you will:

  • Up level your mindset to thrive during the challenges of scaling, growing and delegating within your business.
  • Create impactful effective marketing using offline and online marketing strategies.
  • Become a master in solving problems for your clients and consultative selling.
  • Become a master of time – stop wasting time, work less hours, increase your productivity.
  • Work yourself out of day to day running of the business and hire a VA.
  • Effectively recruit and learn how to lead your team.

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