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Episode 81

The Power of 7: Why Your Clinic Needs 7 Forms of Visibility to Thrive

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About this episode

Katie here, welcoming you back to another episode of the Treat Your Business podcast. Today we delve into the importance of visibility for your clinic or studio. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey to ensure you’re seen not just seven times, but twenty or even thirty times by your potential clients.

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, we explore the critical topic of visibility and why being seen consistently is crucial for the success of your clinic. Drawing from personal experiences and real-world examples, I discuss how frequent visibility impacts client recognition and business growth. We also examine various strategies to enhance your presence, ensuring a constant flow of leads into your business.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Rule of Seven: Traditionally, it’s believed that a person needs to see your brand seven times before they take action. However, due to the increasing volume of information, this number has risen significantly.
  2. Consistency is Key: Sporadic efforts do not yield results. Whether it’s social media posts, Google Ads, or collaborations, maintaining a consistent presence is essential.
  3. Multi-Layered Marketing: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your marketing strategies to include both online and offline efforts.
  4. Know Your Audience: Understanding where your ideal clients spend their time helps in targeting your marketing efforts effectively.
  5. Track and Adapt: Always track your marketing efforts to identify what works and what doesn’t. Adjust your strategies based on this data.
  6. Real-World Examples: Hear about the diverse strategies we’ve implemented at our clinic, from sponsoring local events to collaborating with golf clubs and running online ads.
  7. Impactful Messaging: Your marketing message should resonate with the needs and desires of your clients. Avoid jargon and focus on the benefits they seek.
  8. Learn from Failures: Don’t be afraid to fail. Each failure is a learning opportunity that brings you closer to success.

Remember, being visible in your community and online is not just about putting up a flyer or posting on social media sporadically. It’s about showing up consistently, understanding your audience, and adapting your strategies to stay ahead. Thank you for joining me today, and I look forward to our next episode where we’ll dive deeper into offline marketing strategies.


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  • 0:00-Introduction
  • 2:30-Welcome to the Treat Your Business Podcast
  • 3:16-How Visible Are You?
  • 4:56-Consistency in Marketing
  • 8:02-Personal Anecdote: Website Downtime
  • 11:34-Identifying Your Ideal Clients
  • 14:52-The Importance of Effective Messaging
  • 18:44-Adapting to Market Changes
  • 20:23-Real-World Marketing Strategies
  • 22:16-Visibility as Currency
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Treat Your Business EP

[00:00:00] Katie Bell: Number seven is your new lucky number. It was my gramps lucky number too, and I have to say he was an incredibly fabulous person. Depending on what school of thought you come from depending on what books you read, Some say that you need to be visible seven times before someone will finally make that brain connection that they have been meaning to call you, or book in with you, or maybe that realization that perhaps you are the person that can help solve their problem.

[00:00:30] Katie Bell: But in fact, because of the volume and because of the noise out there now, I think it’s more like 20 or 30 times that you need to. be seen for people to know that you are there. We have had this so many times in our clinic where people have come in and we will say, where have you heard about us from?

[00:00:52] Katie Bell: Or, how did you get to know about us? And they say, do you know what, Katie, I’ve been driving past your studio every day for, to work for like literally the last seven years. And it was only when I saw you in my son’s scout. I was sponsoring something for the Scouts that I suddenly went, Oh my gosh, that’s that studio that I’ve been driving past that I’ve been meaning to go into.

[00:01:15] Katie Bell: And it blows my mind because I think we’re really visible and I think we’re everywhere. But it can take somebody so long to make that connection. So in today’s episode, we’re going to dive into this in more detail and find out how you can be visible 7x, 7 times over, or even 20x to ensure that you are getting a constant flow of leads into your business.

[00:01:40] Katie Bell: So let’s do this.

[00:01:44] Katie Bell: Welcome to the Treat Your Business podcast with Katie Bell. I am Katie, and this is the place to learn the strategies, tactics, tools, and mindset needed. To build your clinic or studio into a business that gives you the time, money, energy and fulfillment you want and deserve. My team and I work every day with overwhelmed and exhausted clinic owners like you to shift them from a business that is a huge time and energy drain and is not giving them the income they want to confident clinic owners that are making money, saving money and getting time back in their lives.

[00:02:17] Katie Bell: So if this sounds like something you want, let’s dive in. This podcast is sponsored by HMDG, the leading digital marketing agency for the Clinicare is in the U. K.

[00:02:30] Katie Bell: So my first question is how visible really are you? Really. If you tell me you put some flyers into a random coffee shop a few months ago, that does not count, guys. Or maybe you once ran a session for the WI, you gave no call to action, you just gave loads of value, and you’ve never been back. This also does not count.

[00:02:53] Katie Bell: Being visible is about being consistent. And you will have heard me talk about consistency before in business. When people say to me, how have you grown such a successful clinic? And how are you running another successful business alongside of that? There isn’t a magic pill. Sorry to say that, guys.

[00:03:13] Katie Bell: There isn’t a quick route to success. It’s about being consistent. It’s about showing up every day and doing what I need to do. And that’s the same for being visible. Those business owners who are visible one minute and they post on social media for a week because they just they’ve listened to somebody who said that’s what they need to be doing.

[00:03:36] Katie Bell: Then they start doing it and then they just stop. That’s inconsistency. If they decide to do Google Ads for a month and then they go, Oh I’m not getting a return on my investment, so I’m just going to stop doing it, then that’s not consistent. If they put some flyers into this random coffee shop and then don’t track, don’t do anything with them, don’t make sure that the joint venture or the collaboration you’ve got with this coffee shop owner means that they win, you win, and the client wins, then that’s not consistent.

[00:04:10] Katie Bell: It’s not just doing something randomly once, and then never again, or forgetting about it. I speak to so many clinic owners every week, and one of the biggest mistakes I hear clinic owners say to me is this Katie, I don’t really do any marketing. I just rely on word of mouth. Or, I’m just doing Google Ads.

[00:04:28] Katie Bell: Or, what I see is they’re just doing random acts of marketing, which wastes so much time and so much money. And it’s often these clinic owners and business owners that need more clients, they need more money, and they’re wasting so much money and time on these random acts of marketing. So which one are you?

[00:04:53] Katie Bell: Are you not really doing any? Are you just doing your glass? Excuse my French if there’s children listening to this in the car while you’re driving. On your way, I know everybody listens to me on a Wednesday morning in the car. Or, are you randomly pissing in the wind? Because if you are one of those three things, let me tell you.

[00:05:13] Katie Bell: You are going to have inconsistent lead flow. You’re going to be that person that feels like they’re on this roller coaster, where sometimes the income is up and then it drops off, and then sometimes it’s up and then it drops off again. Let me tell you about something that happened a few weeks ago whilst we were on holiday in Greece, in Corfu.

[00:05:30] Katie Bell: Greece, Corfu, hotel, fabulous. Corfu, shithole, never going back. Wow. It was a dive. I think Corfu is still stuck in the do you remember when WE were 18? God, I feel so old. And you used to go was it Kavos? That you everybody used to go to Kavos on holiday. I’m totally digressing here. Anyway, the ICOS on Corfu, the Odyssea.

[00:05:57] Katie Bell: Wow, it was fabulous. Never going back to Corfu. Anyway, I got an email whilst you were away. From our website providers, the guys that host our website, who builds our website, HMDG, you guys know them, they are our headline sponsors and they are fabulous people. And they they emailed me to say, Katie, it’s Monday morning and we are back in at work and we’re looking at your Google Ads and they’re doing the SEO and all the stuff that they do every day.

[00:06:26] Katie Bell: And they said, your website’s gone down. And we don’t know why. Clearly not a fault of HMDG. Now, it was GoDaddy, okay? Long story why he would royally chuffed something up. Now what, how, what actually has happened? Does this happen on the Saturday night? And it was the Monday morning I got alerted to it.

[00:06:48] Katie Bell: It then took all day Monday to sort. Thank God for HMDG who actually dealt with it because GoDaddy were a bag of shit. Anyway, they finally sorted it for me. But there’s a lesson in here. I was. In a rage, all of that Monday. My husband didn’t know what to do with me. I was in a rage all day because I was having to speak to somebody that was very far away and they were not understanding what my problem was.

[00:07:16] Katie Bell: It also, for me, the biggest I could feel this anxiety was that a lot of our bookings come from online bookings. A lot of our bookings come through Google Ads because they work so successfully for our business. Now, had we not worked tirelessly and consistently on our marketing strategy over the last 10 years, this would have left us completely screwed.

[00:07:40] Katie Bell: No online bookings for nearly three days. But in the whole big picture, we are now depending on when you listen to this, we’re now at the beginning of June. And so I get to we obviously look back at our sales and our revenue every middle of the month. So we can see if we’re on track or off track.

[00:07:57] Katie Bell: And then the beginning of the following month, we look back at the previous month for the the month end. We’re basically exactly where we need to be. Those three days, Although at the time I was a noxious Annie, it actually didn’t make a big impact on our business. Why? Because, A, we’re not just relying on Google Ads, B, we have a consistent marketing strategy and I’ve forgotten what C was.

[00:08:25] Katie Bell: But anyway, so the first thing to get really clear is where do your ideal clients hang out? As I was in Corfu having my meltdown, we were, I was actually prepping for our two big live strategy days that we had in Coventry. Very salubrious places we take our clients to. Anyway, we went to the Hilton Coventry.

[00:08:47] Katie Bell: It’s fine. It’s great. For what we need it for. And it was getting everybody into a room and delivering two days. The first day was activate your offline marketing and the second day was elevate your marketing. So that’s for our activate members and our elevate members. So for the activate, I was teaching them how to activate their online marketing.

[00:09:09] Katie Bell: I was getting them really clear on where do your ideal clients hang out? How well do you really know them? How can we get in front of those people? What type of marketing, what’s the wording that we need to use to resonate with the conversation in the client’s head so that we stand out and people then see us, we’re visible.

[00:09:30] Katie Bell: And I thought this is a really timely thing for this to happen to me because I’m not only teaching people on the Thursday and the Friday and this one on the Monday about their offline marketing, but it made me really see the importance of why we can’t just rely on Because a few months ago we got, people got hit by what they call the Google slap, which is where the algorithm changed almost what appeared to be overnight.

[00:09:55] Katie Bell: And so the cost of getting our leads jumped and it was called the Google slap. We had the whole iOS 14 update with Facebook a few years ago that made getting leads on Facebook even harder. And the thing is, with Facebook and Instagram, and TikTok, and LinkedIn, you don’t own that database. That database is not yours.

[00:10:22] Katie Bell: So we have to find other ways of being visible, so we’ve not got all of our eggs in one basket. We have got a multi layered visibility strategy. So, As I said, I want you to get really clear on where do your ideal clients hang out? Like, how well do you really know them? I could tell you specifically where my clients in my clinic shop, what schools their kids are at, what sports clubs they’re involved in etc.

[00:10:48] Katie Bell: If you don’t know this level of detail, then how do you know how to reach them? The first thing we always recommend you do is to survey your clients if you do not know this. Do some market research so you can see what possibilities you have for marketing. What collaborations can you form? What joint ventures can you form?

[00:11:11] Katie Bell: Where could you be a resident expert? Where are you going to stick your flyers? So it’s not just on a wing and a prayer that the person behind the letterbox is your ideal client. That is macro targeting. That is very costly, very expensive, and none of you have got that sort of budget to just chuck at a mass marketing.

[00:11:32] Katie Bell: Flyer option. Where can you give personal invitations out to?

[00:11:38] Katie Bell: Remember the lucky number is seven. grampsys favourite number. This is the aim for your clinic, to be visible in seven different ways. I shared on our recent live strategy days with our clients, all the different layers of visibility we have in our clinic and within Thrive. And why this has allowed us to grow and scale consistently year, on year.

[00:12:05] Katie Bell: And we did some really high level masterminding. Guess what we did? We went speed dating. It’s wild. We speed dated on marketing ideas. I know. Hold your horses. It was so exciting. I thought it was great. The clients thought it was great. We had a lovely time. But this was what we did. We shared with each other.

[00:12:25] Katie Bell: Our very best offline marketing strategy. Or online but not Google Ads. Because that’s nothing new or different. That’s just everybody, really. In our industry right now, the one of the cheapest ways of getting leads is Google Ads, but very much recommend that you speak to HMDG about that. Do not do it by yourself.

[00:12:46] Katie Bell: That would be mental. However, we did some high level masterminding where we we speed dated around the room and we shared our very best marketing ideas. And this is key, because what we were explaining is that you don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel here. It’s about doing what works, and doing more of it.

[00:13:07] Katie Bell: So I want you to think about in your clinic, How many layers of visibility do I have? What is working? And what is not working? Because so many, I had a call with a fabulous lady yesterday, Who is a women’s health physio and she does mummy MOTs and she she works she does home visits as well. And one of the things that she said on the call when I asked her about her marketing strategy was that she’s paying 150 a month to somebody to do her social media posting.

[00:13:43] Katie Bell: And I said, okay, great. How many clients is that bringing you in a month? And she didn’t know. And her words were, yeah, but I think I probably should be visible in that way. And I said, okay I’m not saying that you don’t have to be. Okay. But there are better ways to spend 150 right now than randomly just getting posts on Facebook and Instagram.

[00:14:06] Katie Bell: Because how many followers do you have? What is your visibility there? Because there’ll be a lot of noise in Facebook and Instagram, which means people don’t assume people have seen your post. I had another call yesterday with somebody who told me that they were struggling to recruit and I said, what have you done?

[00:14:24] Katie Bell: I’ve posted it on Facebook and Instagram. I said, how many times? Maybe once or twice. Okay. Nobody’s going to have seen that because there’s so much noise. So whatever you do, you have to do things consistently. But looking at what is working. How do we get clients? If you tell me word of mouth words, great!

[00:14:42] Katie Bell: How do we do more of that? How do we bring in a referral scheme? If you tell me that going to the WI and having talks in front of your ideal client, because the people that go to WI are your ideal clients, and that you’ve given an amazing high value, Talk presentation where you’ve agitated their problems.

[00:15:02] Katie Bell: You’ve given them an indication or a little bit of solution, but you’ve not just given them everything so that they don’t need to work with you. And then you give them a really strong call to action. And from that, you bring them into your programs or your packages, or even just pay as you go, whatever.

[00:15:18] Katie Bell: If you tell me that works, great, how do we do more of that? How do we secure you more WI talks?

[00:15:26] Katie Bell: You’ve got to be tracking. Every lead that comes into your business, you want to know what’s working and what’s not working because I can guarantee there’s going to be loads of you listening to this morning, if you’re listening to it on a Wednesday morning, like I know everybody’s in their car, who are spending a low, either a load of time doing stuff that isn’t working, but you don’t know it’s not working because you’re not tracking it, or you’re not doing anything.

[00:15:54] Katie Bell: You’re just hoping that your business is going to grow without you having to be really visible.

[00:15:59] Katie Bell: Your messaging is your second thing. This needs to be super on point. When we have a great, when we have a impactful message, and we get the right media source, so for example if I have a specific messaging, and I’m going to use a I’m going to use a personal invitation, to members of a Pilates studio where my ideal clients are.

[00:16:27] Katie Bell: That’s my audience. I want that audience because those people are often rehabbing from injury, they’re in pain, they want to be more flexible, they’re investing in their health. Those are the clients that I want to get in front of. And I create some personal invitations that invites all of them to get out of pain and move better in your Pilates class.

[00:16:51] Katie Bell: Then I have got messaging and media on point and that’s going to work effectively. What often happens is we fail on a few parts. We fail on the messaging. So we talk loads about the fact that you’re a physio or an osteopath and that you do k taping and cupping and acupuncture and mobilizations and manipulations.

[00:17:11] Katie Bell: Nobody cares because they just need to know, are you the person to get me out of this problem? I’m not bothered about the solution at this point. They are buying themselves out of the pain. So we have to get clear with our messaging. We have to stop talking about solutions. We have to stop selling them what we think they need.

[00:17:33] Katie Bell: We have to sell them what they think they need and then deliver what they actually need. So your messaging has to be on point. It has to connect with the conversation in your ideal client’s head. And there’s a very powerful technique called AIDA, A I D A. And this is how we structure our marketing. And your media needs to be on point for your marketing to work effectively.

[00:17:58] Katie Bell: We need to select the right media depending on who our ideal clients are and where they are. And not many business owners will get these things right first thing off, but that’s okay. You’ve got to be happy and prepared to fail. So many of us are too scared to fail we put barriers up at every opportunity.

[00:18:18] Katie Bell: You’ve just got to get yourself out there. So what are you doing to create visibility in your clinic? I shared with our members a few weeks ago, our live event, that the things that we have done in the last 10 years, wow, we’ve sponsored a GB athlete, we’ve made and created and ran our own race in the city.

[00:18:41] Katie Bell: And we had our pink branding all over the park. We had volunteers of our clients that were marshals of the race. We had 250 people attend the race. All raised money for charity, but we were super visible and we had loads and loads of things that we gave to the runners that brought loads of work into our clinic.

[00:19:01] Katie Bell: I’ve been at events, so many events in the city. We’ve either sponsored or attended or ran post event massages out or whatever it is, or physio sessions. We’ve linked with the golf clubs, because that’s where our ideal clients are. I ran a workshop which was called How to Play Golf Until You’re 100.

[00:19:21] Katie Bell: Because that’s all what golfers want to do, they just want to play golf. And there was a very clear call to action that they could take from this workshop that then brought them into the clinic. And ten years later, I still have those clients. We had a car wrapped in bright pink. I’ve been on the radio.

[00:19:37] Katie Bell: I’ve been in magazines. We have one of those. I told our clients this a few weeks ago. Do you remember the cartoon? The old school cartoon that when something exploded or something, it went ow, and it had that kind of bright lettering and like a star kind of explosion behind the wording pow. We took that, and we took the P off to make ow, and we’ve created a big banner that sits right opposite our clinic on the traffic lights that says, in pain, call this number.

[00:20:08] Katie Bell: We have joint ventured. with people who share our audience. I have been the resident expert in other people’s magazine um, e zines, like monthly newsletters that they send online to their clients. To create a difference, you have to be visible. For me, in Thrive and in my clinic, for us to have the impact that we want to have, we have to be visible.

[00:20:36] Katie Bell: Protecting our visibility and or protecting our ability to be visible in Thrive is what our QBR is. QBR is, go back into the podcast episode that tells you that. I can’t remember the number but search it. But what we have to do at all costs is enable me to be visible. So if I am sat here spent time doing loads of stuff that is not about driving visibility And then we’re not protecting that.

[00:21:10] Katie Bell: So if I’m going to be spending loads of time answering emails and not being able to create these podcasts or run live events or be visible within our community and link with partner with physio first and run webinars, which I’ve got an invitation for you. Do not go anywhere because you can be very excited about this webinar coming this month.

[00:21:30] Katie Bell: If we are not visible, we cannot help people. So visibility is currency.

[00:21:36] Katie Bell: Next week, we’re going to dive further into your offline marketing and then I’m going to explain to you why you’re missing out. Just listen to this, why you’re missing out on 97 percent of your potential leads. 97 percent and how you can fix this. But before I go, I promised you an invitation. 26th, I’m just looking at my calendar, 26th of June at 7pm.

[00:22:02] Katie Bell: We, when I say we, myself and Michael Schumacher, not the racing driver. Michael Schumacher from HMDG, who runs the biggest marketing agency in our industry across UK and Ireland. He works with Nearly a thousand clinics, so he sees data, he knows what works, he knows what doesn’t work he, he runs a great business and myself.

[00:22:25] Katie Bell: We are collaborating and we are bringing you a webinar 7pm in the evening for an hour and a half and it’s going to be why your clinic is not making any money. And the five biggest mistakes to avoid. So if you are listening to this and you want to know the five biggest mistakes that we see clinic owners making, bearing in mind, we are talking to thousands of clinic owners across the UK and Ireland between us we have.

[00:22:59] Katie Bell: Put all of this together to make sure that you guys listening to this do not make the same mistakes that you need to be at this webinar. I will make sure that there is a registration link for you to be able to access this webinar and get yourself on the list. And I’m going to see you there. BUT!

[00:23:18] Katie Bell: Before then, go and look at how many times you are visible. Visibility is currency. Thank you for listening, thank you for joining me, and I can’t wait to be back next week for the next episode.

[00:23:34] Katie Bell: Thanks so much for listening to this show. Remember content consumption does not make changes, so commit to doing something from today’s episode. Maybe it’s taking action on what we talked about. Well, maybe it’s reaching out to me and learning more about our transformational coaching programs. Or if you have not yet, join our free Treat Your Business Facebook group, a free access to over 30 business masterclasses.

[00:23:57] Katie Bell: All of that is over at thrive businesscoaching. com or linked in the show notes. And the last favor I will ask, because social proof is endlessly important, is to leave a rating or review. I would love to know what you think of the show, how the show has been helpful for you. And I can’t wait to chat with you.

[00:24:14] Katie Bell: This is just the start of our conversation. Reach out so we can keep it going. Talk soon!

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