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Episode 57

Unleash Your Business Potential: The Power of Self-Belief for a Prosperous 2024!

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About this episode

Welcome to our Treat Your Business Podcast. Whether you’re a first-time listener or joining us for another Wednesday, a warm welcome to you. As we approach the end of the year, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Now, let’s dive into this week’s episode!

Summary: In today’s episode, Katie takes a detour from discussing marketing strategies for 2024. Instead, she delves into a crucial aspect that has become apparent in recent weeks – self-belief. Reflecting on conversations with business owners, it’s clear that a lack of belief in oneself poses a significant challenge. Despite addressing various business issues, the crux often boils down to self-doubt.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Self-belief is foundational to business success.
  2. Negative thoughts can limit your potential – challenge them.
  3. Celebrate your accomplishments, no matter how small.
  4. Build a supportive network to counter self-doubt.
  5. Permission to make decisions for your life lies within you.
  6. Embrace failure as a path to success.
  7. Resilience and mental strength are crucial for business growth.
  8. Self-belief is about acknowledging your worth and pursuing goals with determination.

Thank you for being here, as you enjoy the festive break, remember to switch off, recharge, and get ready for an amazing 2024. Katie will be back next week with our first episode of the new year. Until then, have a fabulous festive break!


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  • 0:00-Marketing strategy for the new year.
  • 3:49-Self-belief in business ownership.
  • 8:18-Self-doubt and beliefs in business success.
  • 11:47-Overcoming self-doubt and building confidence
  • 15:15-Self-belief and taking leaps of faith for business growth.


Katie Bell: 1:13

Hello, everybody, welcome to this week’s episode of the treat your business podcast. My name is Katie, I am super excited to welcome you if you are listening for the first time, and if you are listening to me for another Wednesday, I really hope that you are great, I am recording this knowing that you’re going to be listening to this generally between Christmas and New Year. So I just want to say a very happy Christmas. And I hope you have a fabulous new year, which is just a few days around the corner. Now I have something to tell you. I was going to record this podcast about your marketing strategy for 2024. And I totally can do that. But when I was thinking about what I was going to say what I was going to talk about how I was going to tell you about your marketing for 2024. I realised that actually we’ve done lots of episodes around marketing. And next month, we have Michael Schumacher coming back on the podcast, releasing another episode all about marketing. So you’re gonna get loads of it. And I kind of figured, actually, with this episode releasing when it does what, how can I serve you in the best possible way. Because you all I’m hoping, are sipping on a mulled wine, having a little glass of fears, watching Home Alone for the 67 the time in your life, and having a great time with your friends and with your family and not thinking about your clinic appointments work. So releasing a podcast episode about your marketing strategy may just send you into overwhelm at this time of year. And I am not here for that. Because I really, really want to empower you all to be able to take time off and be protected and not have to feel like you’re constantly having to answer client queries and emails and things going on. You know, with your team, you cannot grow your business from a packed diary. You can’t grow your business between client appointments. And you certainly can’t grow your business when your battery is low. So I was sat in the hairdressers earlier. And because I like to leverage my time, I was writing my Friday emails. And I was writing them ahead of schedule because we break on Friday. And we are as a team off for 10 days, because we really need to replenish our buckets. And I need to recharge my battery. So I can come back with an almighty bank on the second of January. So this podcast episode, I decided is to talk about you is to talk about one of the things that has really become apparent to me. In the last few weeks, I kind of knew it, and I’m on this massive quest to sort in solve it. But it’s I’m going to be honest, it’s been a frustrating, few weeks. Because my question is, do you believe. And I’m not just talking about the big guy in a red suit at this time of year, because I don’t you know what I’ve secretly would still like to believe. And if my mom, when we go when we’ve been away, obviously I’m recording this before Christmas, I kind of hope that my mom definitely leaves the carrot out in the milk for the for the reindeer because I’m going to fully embrace that. I would still love to believe all that goes on around the Christmas miracle and Father Christmas and all the joy that he brings to the children. But my question is, do you believe? Do you believe in yourself? And I’m gonna say that some of you listening to this podcast don’t. Or some of you think you do. But do you actually believe in yourself? Because I’ve had lots of conversations with business owners in the last few weeks particularly, we have been, we’ve had a live event we’ve had the we’ve been at the extra bit of the expo, the therapy Expo in Birmingham. I’ve had lots of people wanting to chat to us and talk to us about their business and their, you know, the situation that they find themselves in and the vision that they’ve got and the difficulties they have in changing it and moving forwards. And the biggest thing that just has stood out for me over the last few weeks is that we seem to be maybe it’s our industry, maybe this is across all industries. I think it probably is but let’s just talk about us because we’re most important that we have this general lack of belief. We have this general feeling that we don’t know enough that we aren’t good enough that people won’t pay for us that people will think we Your sleazy car salesman if we put our prices up or if we even think about selling them something that we aren’t business, good business owners that we don’t know enough in business, that we are a physio as an osteopath, but we’re not great at running a business, that we’re not really great at running a team, that I don’t really know my numbers, I don’t really have a plan in my business. And some of that might well be true for you. But if we had a different set of beliefs, like, remember, when you’re a kid, we used to just think we could do anything and be anything. When did we stop believing? When did we stop believing in Father Christmas? And when did we start believing in ourselves, and is that age, like the number, the age that we, we start to have this shift into believing that we can’t do things or we aren’t something, or we’re not enough. And so my frustration this week, or this last few weeks, has been being able to objectively see into somebody’s business and talk to them about where their businesses right now. And them tell me all of the things that are not great about it right now. And that’s what the calls are for, like, in all honesty, we have to get it out there, we have to clear the decks. But then we can see the opportunity for change. And when we see the opportunity for change, and we can then say how we can change it, and what we can do about it. That’s when the self belief thing gets in the way. Because if people genuinely believed that they could do anything and achieve anything, and charge anything, and work with anything and do anything in their lives, they’re just gonna do it. So there has not been one call, or one conversation that I have had, that the crux of the conversation, if I was to clear it all out, really, it comes down to belief in self. And we’ve all heard the saying, believe in yourself and all that you are, know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle. And sometimes I want to say, bullshit. Because we can’t just make up self belief, we can’t suddenly just decide one day, I’m a great business owner, when really a large part of you does not feel like that a large part of you is looking at evidence in your life, right now in your business, that is proving to you that you are not a good enough business owner. So your environment, that you are listening to this podcast in what you see around you, what you see, in terms of behaviours, how people respect you how people respect your boundaries, what people pay for your services. When people try and reach out to you, what feedback you get from clients, all of that stuff, what car you drive, what seat that you sat on what shoes you’ve got on right now, what handbag you have, you’ve got next to you, all of your environment is a direct relation to the thoughts and beliefs that you think. So if you are not happy with what you have around you with what your business looks like, right now, because you haven’t got enough clients, you haven’t got enough money, you haven’t got enough predictability, you haven’t got enough control, you haven’t got enough good team members, you haven’t got enough marketing strategies in place. If you’re not happy with any of that, then we have to look at what your beliefs are around stuff like that. Because that’s why your pricing is what your pricing is in your business. That’s why your the way you work with clients is is how it is when I say to lots of people on my discovery calls. So talk to me about your pricing model. Okay, how did you how did you decide that price? And they’re like, Oh, I just kind of looked at what everybody else was doing. And then I’m just gonna make it up. Like, all right, okay, so the pricing can often be lower than other people, because because they are coming from a belief system that they’re not good enough or that they don’t know enough, or that they’re not going to be busy enough. So therefore they charge lower in the industry which crucifies our industry. So we have to shift that to be able to charge more money and own charging more money and be okay with charging more money and not feel icky. When we’re charging more money. We have to shift our belief we have to shift our self esteem, our self belief, our self confidence our self worth. You can’t out strategy, a faulty mindset. Self belief is like the foundation upon which our actions are built. When we believe in ourselves and our capabilities, we are more likely to take risks we’re more likely to push boundaries we’re more likely to strive For the excellence because you are not put on this planet to live a mediocre life. But as soon as we go, okay, this is where you are now. And this is where you want to be. But we can see there’s a gap, and you don’t know the how to get you there. And we explain the how you’re gonna get there, we can look at your business strategic thing and go, we need to do this, this, this and this great. But then self doubt kicks in. And it paralyses you, it keeps you stuck in your comfort zone. And it prevents us from seizing the opportunity. And going, please excuse my French, if your kids are listening, just turn their ears off right now. Okay, I’m going to do it. I’m going to take that leap of faith. And I’m going to jump and I’m going to know that the net will appear. How many times have you hesitated to make a decision, or to pursue a business idea or launch a project or sign up and enrol in something or take that next step or step into a leadership role? Because you’ve got that nagging voice in your head, which is saying, I’m not good enough? What if but what if I fail? What What will people then think of me? What if I actually succeed, and then I get too busy, and then I can’t even manage as it is now. So overcoming, we can’t out strategy, a faulty mindset, overcoming this lack of self belief is a massive journey. Okay? I’m not saying that it’s not. And it’s not suddenly something that we can just turn on overnight, and suddenly believe, but your brain does not know what’s true and false. So why don’t we just tell it a different story, because it doesn’t know any different anyway. And what you focus on expands what you focus on, you manifest. So if you want more great things in your life, you need to start focusing on the more great things in your life, be do have to have more money to have more clients to have a marketing strategy to have a business strategy, to have six holidays a year on plugged to have a high performing team to be making hitting your financial revenue goals. We have to be and do different things. Because if we just continue in the same way, we will get the same results. So between Christmas and New Year, or whenever you’re listening to this, just take a moment to recognise and celebrate your accomplishments. No matter how small they are. One of the biggest things I love to do is look back at my diary from the year. And just I look back at my working list of things that are going on, I look back at the meetings that I’ve had the people that I’ve spoke to the things that we’ve achieved, and I’m like, oh my god, wow, I’ve totally forgotten I did all of that. So this is a wonderful time of year to just reflect on the challenges you’ve overcome the skills you have developed along the way. Because each success is a building block for the next thing for you. Pay attention to your negative thoughts and challenge them. Are they actually based on facts? Or are they limiting beliefs limiting beliefs are things that we have been told by people in power or authority when we are usually the ages of naught to seven. And guess what we’re still carrying it around on our shoulders 30 years later. So sometimes, if we are focused on the lack or the negative, or the thing that we’re not good enough, we’re just going to see more of that we’re going to get more of that. So replace that self doubt with positive affirmations, with the focus on the strengths and the skills that make you uniquely capable. Surround yourself with really supportive people. Seek out mentors, colleagues, friends, who offer encouragement, constructive feedback and a fresh perspective. positive influences are a really powerful antidote to self doubt. And that is one of the I think the main reasons that people need to be coached because left to their own devices, they will not do it. And I say that from experience. I am coached Philipa is coached, Nicola is coached. Why? Because willpower is not even a thing. Willpower is like something less than 5% of your brain. This is why personal trainers, Weight Watchers, Slimming World all exist in the world, because left to our own devices. We asked we struggled to be accountable to ourselves. So building a network of individuals who believe in your potential is super important. You don’t need to get permission of other people to make a decision in improving your life. You are the master of your own destiny. I’m going to put this out there. You don’t need to speak to your husband, you don’t need to speak to your wife. You don’t need to speak to your part. You don’t need permission off anybody. You just need to decide what you need to do for you. And at this time of year. It’s all about setting our goals, isn’t it? It’s all about thinking about what we’re going to take into 2020 for how we are going to achieve them what they’re going to look like what are we going to be celebrating this time next year on this podcast, but it’s taking that and breaking it down and just go January? What is January like because if you’re a visionary, you’re going to have all of these great ideas, but the actual implementation of them is going to be more challenging. And then when we don’t achieve when we we fall far from the mark, we think, say I’m not good enough, I’m not good enough to be a business owner, and embrace the fact that failure is the quickest route to success. You are exactly where you are meant to be right now. But you all have so much more potential than you allow yourself to believe. Resilience is a key component of self belief, we have to mentally work on our mental strength and mental resilience as business owners, because the route to success is not linear. And it is not a straight line, there is no straight lines in this universe. So we have to understand that we’re going to have to turn left and turn right and go backwards and turn around and go round the roundabout three times and then go forward. Sometimes that’s normal. That’s a part of growth. So self belief is not about being arrogant, or ignoring areas where we where we can improve it’s about recognising our inherent worth acknowledging your potential, and having the courage to pursue your goals with determination and passion. And you are the master, you get to decide. So what leap of faith do you need to take in 2024? What pair of big girl pants do you need to put on as my mom would say to me, Katie, put your big girl pants on and get on with it to move forwards, even though it feels scary, even though it feels unnerving. But if it’s lack of self belief that’s holding you back, nothing is going to change in January, I can actually say that 100% True, nothing is going to change. Because you’re still taking actions from a place from a set of beliefs that are not serving you. Wow. I’m so glad I didn’t talk about boring marketing. And I talked about this instead. Thank you for being here. Listening to me, giving me the space to follow my passion, which is to make sure that everybody in our industry, up levels, their self worth and their self belief so that we become recognised for how amazing we truly are. Have a fabulous, fabulous rest of your festive break. If you are listening to this over the festive break. Make sure you switch off make sure you recharge and I will be back next week with the first episode of 2024

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