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Episode 62

To change your life, you need to change your energy

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About this episode

Hello and welcome back to the Treat Your Business podcast. Today, we’re delving into the fascinating world of goal-setting and mindset. Let’s jump in!

Setting Goals:
Setting New Year’s goals might not be as common as you think, with only around 30% of Brits doing so. Today, we’re exploring the importance of setting intentions and regularly reflecting on our business goals.

Measurable Goals Matter:
A common stumbling block is setting vague goals. Join me as we navigate towards setting clear, measurable objectives. It’s not just about saying, “I want to implement a new strategy.” Let’s break it down to ensure success.

Thriving Planning and Strategy:
Fresh from our annual Thrive Planning and Strategy Day, I’m excited to share insights. Breaking down 12-month goals into actionable quarters provides a roadmap for success – think of it as GPS for your business journey.

Shifting Mindset:
In a recent masterclass, I noticed a recurring theme – goals set from a place of fear or anxiety. Join me in encouraging a shift towards setting goals from a positive, joyful perspective. It’s a game-changer.

Positive Framing:
The power of positive framing is immense. Shifting from negative thoughts to positive ones creates a ripple effect, attracting positivity and better outcomes. Your mindset is pivotal in achieving your goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clear, measurable goals are the foundation of success.
  • The Thrive Planning and Strategy Day offers a roadmap for achieving your business objectives.
  • Shifting from a fear-based to a positive mindset can enhance goal achievement.


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  • 0:00-Introduction and Overview
  • 2:06-New Year’s Goals Statistics
  • 2:45-Importance of Regular Goal Reflection
  • 3:31-Measurable Goals and Thrive Planning
  • 4:56-Shifting Mindset towards Positive Goals
  • 6:40-Setting Measurable Goals Examples
  • 8:12-Setting Goals from a Place of Joy
  • 10:38-Impact of Negative Thoughts on Goals
  • 13:12-The Power of Thoughts and Feelings
  • 17:46-Shifting Energy for Success


[00:00:00] Katie Bell: Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Treat Your Business podcast. My name is Katie and I am super excited that you are joining me to listen to this week’s episode. Now, if you have been listening over the last few weeks, we have been talking all about setting resolutions, Setting intentions, the biggest reason why people don’t stick to their resolutions or their intentions.

[00:00:27] Katie Bell: And we’ve been giving lots of tips, lots of advice out around what we can do differently to make sure that our business goals, our personal goals, sustain beyond the 1st of February. Because did you know that around 30 percent of British people will set New Year’s goals? So if you are in that category, you are actually in the minority.

[00:00:54] Katie Bell: Most people won’t set New Year’s goals, New Year’s resolutions. They won’t set new intentions.[00:01:00] Now, if you are in that category of people that say, yeah, no, I like to reset. I like to plan my year ahead. I like to look at my business goals. We absolutely, at some point in your business, it doesn’t always have to happen in January.

[00:01:11] Katie Bell: It can be around your financial year, but you need to reset, you need to reflect. And then you need to plan what your 12 months ahead is going to look like. If you are in that category of people that do set goals, intentions, strategy, then less than 6 percent of us will still be meeting and achieving and hitting those goals in 9 to 12 months time.

[00:01:33] Katie Bell: That figure blew my mind when I saw it because what that is suggesting is that most people don’t set goals and most people aren’t going to achieve them. So over the last few weeks we’ve been talking loads about why that happens and what’s been going on and this week I ran one of our free masterclasses that we run every month in our Treat Your Business Facebook group and we had lots of people attend and I wanted to share with you some of the kind of [00:02:00] things that were discussed on that.

[00:02:01] Katie Bell: calling in that masterclass because I think it’s really important that you guys know that you’re not alone often in how you’re feeling and how you’re running your business. So we talked a lot about what category people are in and lots of the people on the masterclass had set some form of goal.

[00:02:19] Katie Bell: The first biggest standout thing for me was Which I thought was important to share with you was that very few people had set a measurable goal. So lots of the goals were, I want to implement a new email marketing strategy for reactivating old clients, or I want to gain a better work life balance, or I want to make more money, or I want to grow my income and make more reoccurring revenue.

[00:02:52] Katie Bell: Now these are all okay, these are all You know, relatively stretched goals. But I said in 12 months time, if we were [00:03:00] having this masterclass again, and we were celebrating your success, how do we measure, how do we actually know that has been achieved? So what I would encourage you to do listening to this podcast is if you are in that category of people that at some point in your business, you’re going to set intentions and set goals and you’re going to plan the year ahead.

[00:03:20] Katie Bell: We spent a whole day last week in our annual Thrive Planning and Strategy Day, where we really get clear on what we want to achieve in 12 months time. And we break those down into four quarters, and then we really focus on Q1, and then we break those down into smaller goals, smaller intentions, things that need to happen, that all filter into that bigger goal.

[00:03:44] Katie Bell: When you’re setting these goals, I want you to look at your list of things that you’ve decided you want to achieve or you want to do differently. How are you going to know that’s happened in 12 months time? And for most of you, it’s just committing. It is just deciding. So one of [00:04:00] the gentlemen shared with me that he wants to implement a new email marketing strategy for the reactivation of clients to reduce the churn rate of clients.

[00:04:09] Katie Bell: Brilliant, great strategy to have in your business. But I said, how do we measure that? As the business owner, that is not your goal. The business owner’s goal is to What we actually decided was that he needed to make sure that they had a retention rate, a follow up rate, a patient value average, whatever you call it in your business, of X.

[00:04:30] Katie Bell: So that was the goal. Now underneath that goal, we can then go how are we going to make that happen? One of the hows is we’re going to implement a new email reactivation campaign. So you can see then as the business owner, you are looking at the bigger picture and then from there, your actions will come underneath that.

[00:04:51] Katie Bell: One of the other examples was, Oh Katie, I really need more work life balance. If I continue doing what I’m doing, I am going to burn out. I’m going to be exhausted. I said, [00:05:00]Great. What does that look like? I don’t know. I said, just decide. Is that you are currently doing six clinical days a week and you want to be in 12 months time doing four?

[00:05:08] Katie Bell: Are you currently doing 60 patients a week and in 12 months time you want to be doing 40? Just decide. You guys get to decide. Nobody else decides it for you. And when is, as soon as we’ve got that measurable thing, we’ve now got a road map. It’s now like you’re guessing in your car and you’re deciding, you know where you’re driving.

[00:05:28] Katie Bell: Whereas when we don’t have a measurable goal and we get in the car, we’re just driving around in circles, we’re going backwards, we’re going forwards, we’re turning right, we’re turning left and we’ve got no destination.

[00:05:39] Katie Bell: One of the other examples that I heard on the Masterclass was that I really would like to stop exchanging time for money. So I would like to build up my reoccurring revenue stream. And I said, great, what does that look like? How do we measure that? So we decided that this lady wanted to make seven and a half thousand pound a month and 10 percent of that seven and a [00:06:00] half thousand, 750 pounds is going to come from reoccurring revenue.

[00:06:04] Katie Bell: Done. Measurable goal. 12 months time is the goal. So we can now reverse engineer that. We can say in Q1, we want to get to 200 pounds. In Q2, 400. In Q3, 600. And by Q4, we’re doing 750 reoccurring revenue. By having those measurable goals, it allows us to reverse engineer and it makes it feel so much more achievable.

[00:06:28] Katie Bell: One of the other big standout things from the masterclass that I wanted to share with you, was that all of the goals that were being set, that were being discussed, that were being shared amongst the group, were all set from a place of pain or anxiety or fear or worry. And that’s really common. Most people wait for something to be really bad in their life for them to go, do you know what?

[00:06:55] Katie Bell: This needs to change. Let me take the reoccurring revenue lady for a [00:07:00]beautiful example, that the reason that she had set this is because she’s absolutely exhausted and she’s burnt out. She cannot continue in the way that she is doing. Somebody else said The reason that I’ve set this income goal is because I, my, the worry about paying the bills every month is so intense.

[00:07:19] Katie Bell: And I was like, wow, all of these goals are being set from a place of pain and anxiety. That’s okay, but why can’t we set goals with a different frame of mind? Why can’t we set goals from a place of joy and inspiration? We always want to make changes from a place of pain and suffering, but we can evolve from a state of joy and inspiration.

[00:07:44] Katie Bell: It doesn’t always have to be, let’s wait for something really bad to happen before I take action. So one of the things that we talked about when we were writing down our goals and we were sharing our goals. We then wrote down all of the thoughts that were coming up [00:08:00] around the goals that we had set. So I gave them two minutes, and if you’re listening to this podcast, you can go and do the same thing.

[00:08:06] Katie Bell: You can look at the goal that you’ve set, income goal, time goal, money saving goal, whatever it is, work life balance goal, and I want you to think about anything that comes up for you. What instantly does your brain do? What thoughts do you have around that goal? And what was shown in our masterclass is that all the thoughts were from a place.

[00:08:26] Katie Bell: of negative consequences. So it was, who am I to earn that sort of money? Can I really make it happen? What if patients won’t pay my new price? What if people get annoyed if I start reducing my availability because I want to work less? What if people then go and see the other physio down the road and I start losing business?

[00:08:44] Katie Bell: What if patients get annoyed if we start emailing them about coming back to the clinic? So can we see all none of the thoughts were in the positive zone. All of the thoughts that came up for everybody was all the reasons why that goal is going to be A, hard to achieve, B, [00:09:00]impossible to achieve, or C, why, like, why it’s not going to be a great thing to go down that road.

[00:09:06] Katie Bell: So then we looked at the feeling that these thoughts then gave and the feelings that came up were scared. Worried, anxious, imposter syndrome. So then we looked at the actions that people had been taking towards their goal. We’re already on the 22nd of January, guys. If you’ve got goals, we need to start working on them.

[00:09:26] Katie Bell: Why wait? So the actions that these people were then taking were in two categories. Complete inaction, Or hyperactivity, and I’m going to explain what these two things mean a little bit more in a second. So the results that we were then seeing that were nothing, zero results, inconsistent results were the two main results that we saw.

[00:09:52] Katie Bell: So let’s come back. We had a goal. The goal created some thoughts, the thoughts mostly were negative thoughts, that [00:10:00] gave us a feeling, a negative feeling, or a feeling of low vibration, I’ll explain what that means in a second. The actions were then inaction or hyperactivity and the results were nothing or inconsistent.

[00:10:12] Katie Bell: So there are eternal consequences resulting from all of our thoughts, our words and our actions, and we take far too little account of these. So if we really believe that our thoughts can create our reality, why would we ever miss a day of being intentional with our thoughts? Why would we allow our thoughts to only focus on all of the bad stuff, all the negative stuff, all the reasons why we’re not going to make it work?

[00:10:41] Katie Bell: Thoughts lead to feelings lead to actions lead to results.

[00:10:45] Katie Bell: If you want to change your results, your reality, what in your environment, how well your business performing, how much income you have, how much time you have, how much work life balance you have, how many holidays you go on, all of those things in your reality, you first have to change your thoughts.[00:11:00]

[00:11:00] Katie Bell: Thoughts and feelings lead to test tube results. Now, we can measure our thoughts, okay, because our thoughts are energy. If this is way too deep for you because this is not, this is me going a bit woo, I want you to know this is science based. We can measure electrical impulses on an EEG, okay, because our thoughts are energy.

[00:11:20] Katie Bell: So the thoughts that we have, the feelings that then we create, generate and generate this vibration out into the universe because it is an energy source and we magnetically draw events back to us that have the same level of resonance. You are like a magnet. So the thoughts that you are having, the feelings that you are emitting, You will magnetically draw back exactly the same towards you.

[00:11:51] Katie Bell: So how we think and feel produces your state of being.

[00:11:55] Katie Bell: So how, what are you currently broadcasting? Because on the masterclass yesterday, we [00:12:00] were broadcasting imposter syndrome. Low self belief, low self esteem, low self confidence. Don’t really think I can do it. Patients won’t pay my price. The industry is Rekt. There’s no great people out there. That I’ve already done a price rise.

[00:12:12] Katie Bell: I can’t do another one. That I have no time. I’m always pulled. I’m burnt out. I’m exhausted. That is what we were all broadcasting yesterday. And they were, the results that they were getting were reinforcing how they were feeling. If you want to change some aspects of your reality, we have to think, feel, and act in different ways.

[00:12:32] Katie Bell: We’ve got to create like a new electromagnetic signal out there. So to change your life is to change your energy. There is a fabulous book out there that the coaches in Thrive live and breathe through and it’s called Break the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza. I would really recommend that you listen to this on audio.

[00:12:52] Katie Bell: And there is several parts to the book and you need to do all of the parts. But he talks and really goes into the science behind what I’m [00:13:00] attempting to explain to you on this very short podcast. So what mixed messages are you putting out there? If you may want wealth in your life, you may think wealthy thoughts, but if you feel poor, You’re not going to attract financial abundance.

[00:13:15] Katie Bell: You are going to attract more poorness.

[00:13:19] Katie Bell: We have to change what thoughts we are adopting and approaching any situation. So how do we do this? So I want you to think about the Levels of Consciousness and Human Potential. You can Google this, there’s a great diagram, it’s a really colourful column and there’s lots and lots of different rows.

[00:13:39] Katie Bell: And it goes from Enlightenment, which is like your highest level of vibration, Peace, Joy, Love, Reason, Acceptance, Willingness Courage, Pride, Anger, Desire, Fear, Grief, Apathy, Guilt and Shame right at the bottom. Now I mentioned before. that all of our business owners yesterday on the masterclass, there’s no judgment.

[00:13:56] Katie Bell: This is we’re all in a safe place. This is a really normal thing. This is [00:14:00]why most people less than 6 percent will achieve their goals because most people are setting their goals with the thoughts and the feelings of shame. Guilt, grief, apathy, fear.

[00:14:16] Katie Bell: Now when we are setting goals and projects or intentions from a place of fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being called out, fear of being told that you’re not good enough, fear of upsetting people, fear of pissing people off, fear of clients thinking that you’re only in it for the money, fear of your staff not liking you.

[00:14:35] Katie Bell: When we are emitting that level of resonance, the experience that we have is in action. The results are zero. And yesterday, everybody was like, Oh, wow. They had this whole aha moment because they suddenly realized why they don’t do anything about stuff. Because the thoughts, the feelings that they’ve got are from a place of fear.

[00:14:59] Katie Bell: [00:15:00] Or guilt or shame.

[00:15:01] Katie Bell: Now there was another category yesterday where somebody said, Do you know when like I set these goals, Katie, what actually happens? I get really I get really anxious. I get worried about the bills that I’ve got to pay or that I’m not doing enough. I then just overwork. I double down. I hustle harder.

[00:15:20] Katie Bell: I think I just need to work harder to make more money. And I was like, Oh, wow. Okay. You’re clearly in desire, anger or pride level of resonance because that produces hyperactivity. So that is when we see business owners say to me, I’m just going to work a bit harder. I’m just going to stay up later. I’m just going to get up earlier.

[00:15:41] Katie Bell: I’m just going to double down. I’m going to just see more patients because then surely I’ll make more money. What has got you here will not get you there because if it was going to, you’d have already got there.

[00:15:53] Katie Bell: So are you in a category of inaction or hyperactivity? Because most business owners we talk to are in one of those [00:16:00] two categories. Now when we shift our energy, when we change our energy, our energetic field, our level of resonance that’s out there, to courage, to willingness, to Love to joy to gratitude.

[00:16:13] Katie Bell: We are then in happiness, productivity, peak performance. You know when you describe flow, it’s like when you get down to an activity and like hours can go by. That’s when you’re in your flow. That’s because the feelings that you are resonating at is. You are attracting that same thing back to you. So you’re in your peak performance.

[00:16:34] Katie Bell: So there is a, everybody always listens to these podcasts and just want, they just want the know how. They just want, okay, this sounds all great, Katie. I get it. I need to shift my energy. How do I do that? There is a recipe. for, in my mind, success. And I’m going to share with you some things that you need to be aware of.

[00:16:51] Katie Bell: And when you’re aware of them, I’m going to teach you some like easy how tos, things that you can elevate and shift and change your energy. [00:17:00] So for me, a business owner’s success recipe is number one. You need to understand the be, do, have principle. What got you here won’t get you there. If it was going to, you’d have already got there.

[00:17:10] Katie Bell: So the business owner that you are being right now has got you to what you have got in your reality right now. If you want to have seven and a half thousand pounds of income with 10 percent reoccurring revenue, if you want to have a follow up rate of five in your clinic, if you want to make six and a half thousand pound revenue so you don’t have to worry about your bills anymore, If you want to have that and you haven’t already got it, it’s because you’re not being and doing the things that you need to have it.

[00:17:40] Katie Bell: So first you have to invest in you to change your business second. You can’t out action this, you can’t out strategy this, you can’t double down and work harder.

[00:17:52] Katie Bell: You’ve got to have a sense of direction, you’ve got to get in the car and know exactly where you’ll end, where you’re going.

[00:17:59] Katie Bell: [00:18:00] And the fourth thing is you’ve got to have courage regardless of the consequences. So many business owners that we talk to when we first start working with them, they really lack courage, they lack confidence. And they need to be surrounded by people who are going to make them courageous, who are going to lift them up, who are going to encourage them, who are going to show them the how, who are going to shift their mindset into a place of confidence and clarity and courage and willingness and gratitude.

[00:18:31] Katie Bell: And then number five is confidence, but you can’t have, you can’t wait to feel confident to do something. Courage has to come first and then the confidence will follow.

[00:18:41] Katie Bell: Now in terms of, okay, this all sounds great, Katie. So I get it. I need to be, I need to be different. I need to do different things to have some different results in my business and in my reality. So some tips of breaking the habit of being yourself. Okay. If you feel like you’re in energy funk, like in a zone that you cannot pull yourself out of, that [00:19:00] you are constantly talking about all the negative things, the stuff that is not going to work, the reasons why you can’t do it, you need to.

[00:19:07] Katie Bell: One of the things that I remember going to a coaching kind of conference seminar workshop like 10 years ago now. And one of the things that they made us do is that we had to go and do a handstand against the wall, like a roly poly. And it was literally to shift our energetic. Field to change it up.

[00:19:26] Katie Bell: So sometimes if you are like in the cycle of, this is not gonna work, I’m really worried, nobody’s gonna pay my price. If I was in the room with you, I’d say, okay. Let’s run down the hill and back up again. Let’s do a hundred jumping jacks. Let’s do a, hands down against the wall, anything to break that habit so you can do different things this weekend.

[00:19:44] Katie Bell: You may have seen on my social media that I took my dog on a shoot for the first time. We weren’t we were beating and I was massively out of my comfort zone. I did not, I knew one person of about the 50 that were there. I did not have [00:20:00] the equipment. I did not have the right clothing. My dog has been trained, but it was a bit scary whether he was gonna do what I was asking him to do.

[00:20:08] Katie Bell: I. was worried that I would do the wrong thing, that I would say the wrong thing, that I would blow my whistle at the wrong time. And I was so like nervous, but I could feel that I was stepping into the unknown and you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. So by doing different things, it shifts and changes your energy up.

[00:20:27] Katie Bell: Sit on a, in a different place in your dining room table. Don’t sit at the same place every night, have the same routine every single night, the same routine in the morning, shift it, change it. You’ve got to protect your energy. One of the really important things is that you watch what you are allowing in through your filter.

[00:20:48] Katie Bell: So I don’t watch the news, I don’t read newspapers, I don’t read magazines, I don’t listen to any news on the radio. I am clueless. Maybe you will say that I therefore am naive. [00:21:00] However, there’s a lot of things that I cannot con. I cannot con control if I can get my words out, and therefore I have to focus on what I can control.

[00:21:11] Katie Bell: So I really protect what comes in through my ears and my eyes. You’ve got to commit to working on your mindset with your business strategy. If you just want actions, if you just want to do all the time, then you are in a state of hyperactivity and you’re not in a state of productivity. You cannot out strategy a faulty mindset.

[00:21:32] Katie Bell: So if you want to change things in your business, I really encourage you to focus on you first. I hoped you loved this episode. I have really enjoyed this whole month talking about goals and resolutions and what we can do about them and shifting into a new way of being. And I want you to stay in that new way of being.

[00:21:54] Katie Bell: We will always slip out. There will be always times that we drop off this and we have to this is constant [00:22:00] This is like brain training. Okay, this is like you going to the gym consistently You need to be doing this with your brain consistently and this is when we see Consistent results. This is when we see our members absolutely smash through their goals because we are combining both the mindset and the strategy Thank you for listening Please join me next week.

[00:22:20] Katie Bell: And if you loved this episode, please just take five seconds to write me a review or share this with somebody that you know would really benefit from listening to it. It has been my pleasure. See you next week.

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