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Episode 85

The most common missing ingredient that clinic owners forget to running a successful business

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About this episode

Welcome back to the Treat Your Business podcast! Today, we revisit the idea that everything is created twice – first in your mind and then in reality. Each time you listen, you’ll gain new insights. Let’s dive into these transformative ideas once again.

Episode Summary:

We explore the importance of having a clear vision for your business and the power of visualisation. Learn how successful individuals like rugby legend Johnny Wilkinson use visualisation to achieve their goals. We discuss the law of attraction and the importance of maintaining a high vibe to manifest your dreams. Managing stress is crucial, so we touch on maintaining good energy and using tools like journaling for effective planning.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Creation Concept: Everything is created twice – first mentally, then physically. Visualisations are powerful tools for achieving your goals.
  2. Visualisation Techniques: Legends like Johnny Wilkinson use visualisation to prepare for success, priming the brain to align actions with goals.
  3. Law of Attraction: What you emit is what you attract. A positive, high-energy vibe attracts the right opportunities and people.
  4. Stress Management: Recognise how stress impacts your business goals. Techniques to lower stress and maintain focus are vital.
  5. Journaling and Planning: Use journaling to plan effectively. Define your goals clearly and create a strategy that aligns with your vision.
  6. Clarity and Specificity: Be specific about your goals. Clear goals help in making precise decisions and taking targeted actions.
  7. Investment Decisions: Make informed decisions about investments in equipment, staff, and premises based on understanding your business numbers.
  8. Mindset Shift: Move from a survival mentality to a growth mindset for making strategic decisions that drive your business forward.
  9. Positive Reinforcement: Visualising positive outcomes reinforces desired behaviours and results.
  10. Architect of Your Life: Design your life and business as you envision. Set clear goals, maintain a positive mindset, and align actions with your vision.

This podcast episode is sponsored by Jane, Clinical Management Software.

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This podcast is sponsored by HMDG a physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Allied Health specialist Marketing agency.


  • 0:00-Introduction and Welcome
  • 2:03-The Power of Visualisation
  • 3:09-Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  • 5:01-Impact of Stress on Goals
  • 7:04-Maintaining High Energy and Vibe
  • 10:10-The Importance of Clarity in Business Goals
  • 12:16-Effective Planning and Journaling
  • 16:11-Shifting from Survival to Growth Mindset
  • 22:18-Conclusion and Final Thoughts


[00:00:00] Katie Bell: We are going to dive into the concept that everything is created twice. And actually, that’s quite a funny first sentence for me, because this podcast is going to be published twice. You are listening this week to a repeat. I know. But do not panic, because What you need to realize is that you could listen to this podcast episode over and over and over again.

[00:00:30] Katie Bell: And every time you listen to it, you will be in a different place and you will hear different things. So it’s totally fine. And I can promise you that as you dive into this episode, you won’t have remembered anything the first time it was released. So you are welcome. You are getting to listen to it again.

[00:00:50] Katie Bell: We are talking about everything being created twice, first in your mind and then in reality. If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll never reach your destination. I’m going to explore with you on this episode the power of visualization. And how legends like Johnny Wilkinson have used it to achieve greatness.

[00:01:10] Katie Bell: We’re going to talk about the law of attraction and its impact on manifesting your dreams. We’re going to talk about how stress can sabotage your goals and why maintaining a high vibe and a great energy is crucial to the success of your clinic. And we’re going to talk about journaling and getting into the zone for effective planning.

[00:01:31] Katie Bell: So enjoy. This repeat. Welcome to the Treat Your Business Podcast with Katie Bell. I am Katie, and this is the place to learn the strategies, tactics, tools, and mindset needed. To build your clinic or studio into a business that gives you the time, money, energy and fulfillment you want and deserve. My team and I work every day with overwhelmed and exhausted clinic owners like you to shift them from a business that is a huge time and energy drain and is not giving them the income they want, to confident clinic owners that are making money.

[00:02:03] Katie Bell: Saving money and getting time back in their lives. So if this sounds like something you want, let’s dive in. This podcast is sponsored by HMDG, the leading digital marketing agency for clinic owners in the UK. Today, the theme is all about everything being created twice. First in your mind, and then in reality.

[00:02:26] Katie Bell: You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where it is you’re headed. And back in episode one, we talked about the why, why you are running your business. And in this episode, I’m going to really dig into getting very clear on what it is you want to create. So as a physio, as an osteopath, Maybe a Pilates instructor, teaching lots of classes, doing lots of one to ones.

[00:02:51] Katie Bell: It’s really easy, isn’t it, to kind of lose sight of where it is that you’re going because business just gets really busy and we jump on that treadmill or that hamster wheel and it’s easy to just see clients and patients all day and the weeks and the months pass and before you know where you are at.

[00:03:09] Katie Bell: Perhaps that clarity or that strategy that you maybe once had right at the beginning of your business has gone because it’s just been replaced by a survival mentality or just trying to get through one day to the next day and the next week and the next month and we lose that kind of oversight of what we’re actually doing this for.

[00:03:30] Katie Bell: So when I ask business owners all the time, what are you working towards? What sort of financial goals are you trying to create? It’s often the thing that they don’t really know. They’ll all be able to tell me, well, I really want to make more money. I definitely need to get more time back. I’d really like to be able to spend more time with my family and not feel like I’m juggling both things, but that’s really vague, like some time and a bit more money and, um, be a bit freer is, is, is a good thing.

[00:04:00] Katie Bell: A really kind of mixed message that we’re putting out there. We’re not being clear enough as to what that actually means. So when we don’t know exactly what it is our business is trying to create for us, we kind of create chaos in our business and in our life. So you feel like, and maybe you’ll resonate with this, that you’ve got loads of ideas because you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve launched, you’ve set up this business.

[00:04:23] Katie Bell: I can guarantee that you will be a sort of type of person that’s done that. You’ve got lots of ideas. You’ve got lots of passion and vision for what you want to create, but you kind of jump between them all and not really finish or complete many of them. So when we don’t know how many clients you need to see to achieve that turnover, that revenue, that top line figure to give you that desired outcome that you need, if we, if we don’t know how many clients you need are within your business or how many programs you need to sell or how many bums on a Pilates mat you need in your classes.

[00:05:01] Katie Bell: To provide you with that income that you want, to allow you then to travel to the places that you want. It becomes really hard to look strategically into your business and decide exactly what the hows are and the whats are. The kind of action points around, okay, in the next month, this is what I need to focus on because it aligns clearly with that bigger goal over there.

[00:05:24] Katie Bell: I often hear business owners and see business owners investing in more equipment. They buy a shockwave machine, they buy an ultrasound machine, um, they buy a pelvic, a pelvic power chair and they, they get all this equipment and they get this technology, which is amazing because we can see the value it’s going to add to our clients, but we get it without really knowing any of the numbers behind it.

[00:05:47] Katie Bell: So how long is it going to take to return that investment? Or perhaps when you take on a member of staff? You add that big overhead into your, into your business, that expense. But you don’t really know the capacity that you’re working at in your team currently. So at what point do the numbers tell you that you need somebody else?

[00:06:07] Katie Bell: Because your team literally can’t make you any more turnover, and your goal is bigger than that, and therefore the numbers are dictating you need a team member to come on board. Or maybe if you’re a Palazzo’s instructor, it’s about adding more classes into your timetable because you think that’s what you should do to get busier.

[00:06:24] Katie Bell: But we do that without really knowing what your margins are on each class or what your average client value is. So if we don’t know what our average client value is, that lifetime customer spend, how do we know how much we’re willing to spend on marketing to bring that client in through the door in the first place?

[00:06:43] Katie Bell: Well, one of the biggest things is seeing, um, business owners take on that additional premises, the famous satellite clinic, as they call it, or, or that secondary clinic or that secondary studio, which is brilliant for those that want to grow and they’ve got the, this big kind of desire to have multi sites, multi premises.

[00:07:04] Katie Bell: They’re not clear on their numbers, so they don’t understand that just by doubling the amount of square footage you’ve got doesn’t mean that you’re going to double the amount of profit that you make. And having an additional premises, a satellite clinic, I absolutely really, uh, encourage people as long as it aligns with that overall goal.

[00:07:25] Katie Bell: So, I guess, why is it so important to know exactly what you want? And I want you to think back to Johnny Wilkinson, kicking that famous conversion in the World Cup. Um, and I remember being in a student accommodation with my best pal that I grew up with, And it was so long ago now that, um, he was the only one in his, um, halls that had a television.

[00:07:48] Katie Bell: And we’d been out the night before. Oh, we just had a great time. And I woke up in the morning to find the entire of his halls, like, trying to bustle into his room to get around this tiny little square television. Makes me sound really old. Um, but around this tiny little vision to watch. England in the World Cup, in the Rugby World Cup.

[00:08:08] Katie Bell: Now, think about Johnny Wilkinson, okay? He prepares for a conversion exactly the same every single time he takes the kick. And you can see him and watch that visualisation happening from ball to through the post and back again, back again and back again. And it feels like forever, doesn’t it? But he’s also visualising the outcome.

[00:08:29] Katie Bell: He’s not visualizing it going to the left or to the right. He’s visualizing it really following that trajectory straight down the middle. And all sporting, uh, legends that we know. I’m just recording this coming off the back of the World, of the Football World Cup and watching Argentina and France go to penalties.

[00:08:50] Katie Bell: They all go through a visualization process. And that visualization process works because there is very little difference to the brain between experiencing that event directly in the outside world, so the actual taking the kick and getting it in the goal, or through the post, and that strongly imagined version of the same event.

[00:09:14] Katie Bell: So visualization is a really powerful technique that, that many, many people use to visualize what they actually want the outcome to be and how they will feel as a result of that outcome. So knowing exactly what it is that you want and using visualization as a technique to get you there helps you manifest.

[00:09:36] Katie Bell: What you want in your life. So if you think about visualizing yourself in a really stressful scenario, okay, and you can all do that, you can put yourself into a stressful scenario, your brain will respond as though it’s like it’s really happening. And we kick that fight or flight or freeze response off, don’t we?

[00:09:53] Katie Bell: So we have an increase in cortisol, we have an increase in adrenaline, our heart rate goes up, our blood pressure goes up, our pupils dilate because we are primed to take in as much information from our surroundings as possible. This is like back to caveman days. So visualization can create that literal and physical response in the same way.

[00:10:13] Katie Bell: If we visualize that we are in something really calm and really serene, we can have that physiological response of our parasympathetic nervous system kicking in. So our feel good hormones, our dopamine that brings our heart rate back down, our blood pressure lower, and therefore our stress response lower.

[00:10:34] Katie Bell: So as we visualize, ourselves, having the things that we actually want, we can create that physiological change that will shift. And just go with me on this, cause this feels like a bit woo, but I am a very science based person. We can shift our energetic frequency and therefore what we attract into our lives can shift.

[00:10:54] Katie Bell: So I want you to imagine like a tuning fork. Okay. What sort of one prong of the tuning fork is emitting resonates across to the other side and that resonates at the same level of energy. Okay. Same frequency. That’s kind of like how the law of attraction works. What you’re remitting is what you are going to receive back.

[00:11:14] Katie Bell: So just think about what you’re currently attracting into your life right now and your business. Are you attracting problem clients? Are you attracting people that don’t pay on time? Are you attracting people that turn up late? Are you attracting people that cancel and DNA on you? Are you attracting people that are asking for offers?

[00:11:31] Katie Bell: Are you attracting people into your life that don’t lift your energy and don’t make you feel good? People that moan a lot or, or are talking about the economy being a disaster all the time? All of that, I’m sorry to say, is generally 100 percent your responsibility because it’s what energy frequency you are giving off.

[00:11:53] Katie Bell: So low vibes, like low vibes emotions are fear, hatred, guilt, uh, despair, anger, jealousy, sadness, anxiety, worry, and anger. All of those things are what a lot of business owners in our industry are kind of working from at the moment, me included. This does not separate me from, from anyone else. And you have to catch yourself and it’s your ability to understand that everything that you are attracting and that, and how your business is looking and working and running.

[00:12:29] Katie Bell: is based on how you are feeling, okay? And the quicker you get on board with this whole you as the business owner being the most important thing, and then the strategy coming after, the quicker route you will get to success, the quicker your business will grow in the way that you want it to grow. So most business owners are in a place of fear.

[00:12:49] Katie Bell: Fear about the economy right now. Worry about their income right now. Anxiety, because most of you have been running your business for the last three years. from a place of stress, from our stress system. Our sympathetic nervous system has literally been running the show. And whenever you listen to this podcast, this podcast has been recorded coming off the back of the COVID 19 pandemic.

[00:13:15] Katie Bell: And we just sort of feel like we’re about to get back into some kind of flow and we’re seeing those session numbers pick up and we’re starting to get some cash flow back in and we’re starting to build, rebuild that resilience that we, we had and then we lost because of COVID 19 and bam, we’re now hit with what the media are telling us is an economic crisis and a recession.

[00:13:37] Katie Bell: So you’ve been running your business from this stress system. How many of you have been making decisions from a place of confidence? From a place of hope, from a place of enthusiasm, me included, not often. I had a meeting this morning with my business manager, and we were talking about our, um, our strategy for the year ahead, and we were looking at reflecting on the year that’s just gone by, and we were looking at our forecasting, our financial forecasting, and we kept having to catch ourselves out.

[00:14:09] Katie Bell: Because we were looking at our growth plan and we kept having to stop and go, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a minute. Is that a growth plan from a place of fear and a growth plan from a place of worry about what could happen rather than from a place of confidence and hope and enthusiasm? So we were kind of like, We’re being really, um, reserved in our way of thinking about the year ahead.

[00:14:38] Katie Bell: And that was, that was making us feel a bit flat as well. So of course, when we look at deciding what you want, if you’re in a low vibe, you will downgrade your plans. You will downgrade your goals. So when you’re stopping to think about what it is you really want to create in your business, you’ve first got to check in on how you’re feeling.

[00:14:59] Katie Bell: Now, as we approach, again, the time that you listen to this podcast will all be different, but we are approaching the end of the year. We’re heading towards Christmas. It is not the right time for you to set your plans for next year, because I can guarantee as business owners in our industry, you are absolutely knackered.

[00:15:18] Katie Bell: Okay, you’re busy family people, you’re trying to do everything, you’re trying to get all your clients seen before Christmas, you’re trying to get organized to have some time off, you’re trying to manage all your emails, you’re trying to think about what you’re doing next year, and oh, all these crazy things.

[00:15:31] Katie Bell: Your vibe won’t be in the right place to set these goals and, I hate resolutions, but that’s what people do, set resolutions for the year ahead. Okay, so just be conscious about when you start to think about this kind of stuff and what vibe you are, you are in. So if you know exactly what you want and your vision and goal for your business and your life is set from a vibe of enthusiasm, confidence, hope, we can then start to align the actions and decisions that you take in your business.

[00:16:05] Katie Bell: To create and hit that goal and hit that target. Now, the science of manifesting, I told you I was a very science based person, but the idea is that you can use neuroplasticity, now you guys know more about this than I do, um, so you can use neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to rewire itself to raise, your subconscious feelings, okay, of self worth to override those limiting beliefs.

[00:16:33] Katie Bell: All whilst trying to prime your brain to see opportunity, to align your behavior towards your goals. And these goals have got to have much more clarity so that your, I guess, the decisions and the actions you’re taking are very specific based on the goal that you’ve kind of put out there or the act, the, the end point that you’re trying to work towards.

[00:16:56] Katie Bell: If you’re saying, I just want to create a bit more income in 2023, or I just want to get a little bit more time back in the year ahead, It’s too vague. That, that gives you no ideas of where you need to, um, where you need to focus. It doesn’t give your ability, your brain the ability to prime itself to start looking for those opportunities.

[00:17:16] Katie Bell: This is this kind of example of when you decide that you want a new car, and you decide like what car you quite like, what do you always see on the road? It’s exactly the car that you want. And it’s not because all of a sudden they started pumping out more of those cars, it’s just because your brain is now, um, filtering out information to show you more of what you’ve just decided that you want.

[00:17:43] Katie Bell: Give you an example of, we did a massive house renovation, in the last few years and I, um, got this, I’m all, I love journals and notebooks, I’ve got loads of things, and in my journal I actually, um, took a page for each room of the house and I sketched out exactly what that room would look like. To the place of where the plants were going to go, where the lamps were going to go, where the rugs were, what color the rugs were going to be, the design of the furniture, the color scheme, like really mapped it out.

[00:18:15] Katie Bell: And then I lost this notebook. It was in one of my drawers in my office and, um, the house went ahead and it was a massive 18 month project. And then I found it the other month when I was, Having a clear out as I do. And amazingly, the journal that I’d got that I’d, that I’d sketched out with each room was exactly what I went on to create.

[00:18:35] Katie Bell: It was like a mirror image of what was in my house. So manifesting works. Okay. And visualization works. Now, some of you might find it really difficult when you’re feeling lost, you’re feeling directionless, you’re feeling stuck. And I know that Many people that I talk to are in that place and, and many of them are in that place and they’re reaching out to talk to me for that exact reason.

[00:19:00] Katie Bell: So the best thing is, if you’re feeling like that is to focus on not, not material things, not things that you want, because sometimes it’s really hard to decide on that. So focus on how you actually want to feel. So you want to think about as a result of doing XYZ, what feeling will that bring up? Are you going to feel more confident?

[00:19:20] Katie Bell: Are you going to feel more satisfied? Are you going to feel more at peace? It’s about thinking about the principle be, do, have. Who do I need to be? Therefore, what do I then need to do so that I can have that thing in my life? And many of us think the other way around. Many of us think have, do, be. So you say, yeah, but Katie, when I have that many clients, then I’ll have enough money to invest in marketing.

[00:19:52] Katie Bell: And then I’ll be really happy because I’ll have a bigger income. That’s it. Or you’ll say, yeah, right. When I’ve got loads more clients, then I’ll get another staff member and then we’ll make more income. And then I’ll feel really enthusiastic or I’ll feel really confident about my business. And it kind of makes no sense because if you always wait for the half, you’ll be forever waiting to create it.

[00:20:12] Katie Bell: So when you sit down to decide exactly what your life’s going to look like, some of you will be able to look for the year ahead. Some of you might be able to say three years ahead. Some of you might be able to go to five years. Okay. We’re all kind of wired slightly different in how far we can project, but you’ve got to start by getting in the zone.

[00:20:29] Katie Bell: And I think it’s really useful to kind of split your life into different categories. So you can look at personal development. You could look at, uh, love and relationships. You can look at career, friends and family, your house, your home, your environment, and then hobbies and leisure, for example, and in those, those categories, I like to kind of create boxes.

[00:20:51] Katie Bell: Um, and I separate them all out. I then look at how it is that I want that element of my life to look like in one, three or five years time. And you can go further and create that vision board around it. You can create your own life. You can be the architect of your own life. Now, for those people that might be listening and thinking, well, Katie, a leopard never changes its spots, or I’ve always been this way, so it’s never going to change.

[00:21:22] Katie Bell: What you’re actually saying there is It’s impossible to change and that’s really going to hold you back. So don’t be constrained by your past. When you’re thinking about what you want to create in the future, it’s not looking at your past and allowing that to be a marker of what you want to create.

[00:21:40] Katie Bell: It’s you making that commitment to what you want your life to look like and how you want to feel moving forwards. So go away and have some fun around deciding what you want your life to look like in all those different areas. Be extremely clear, like remember when we set, and I hate smart goals, but just go with me with this, we, there is one element of the smart goal which is measurable.

[00:22:05] Katie Bell: It’s something that you are, you can be really clear about what it is that you want and it’s easily measured as a result of, yes, I have achieved that. Okay. Feelings are not as measurable, but as a result of that feeling, you will create something. So go and enjoy deciding what you want this next year to look like, what you want to change, and enjoy being the architect of your own life.

[00:22:30] Katie Bell: So I look forward to seeing you on the next episode. Thanks so much for listening to this show. Remember, content consumption does not make changes. So commit to doing something from today’s episode. Maybe it’s taking action on what we talked about. Well, maybe it’s reaching out to me and learning more about our transformational coaching programs, or if you have not yet join our free treat your business, Facebook group, a free access to over 30 business masterclasses, all of that is over at thrive businesscoaching.

[00:22:59] Katie Bell: com or linked in the show notes and the last favor I will ask because social proof is endlessly important. is to leave a rating or review. I would love to know what you think of the show, how the show has been helpful for you, and I can’t wait to chat with you. This is just the start of our conversation.

[00:23:15] Katie Bell: Reach out so we can keep it going. Talk soon.

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