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Episode 20

The Jane App With Special Guest Ben Holeyman

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About this episode

Welcome to this week’s episode of the Treat Your Business podcast. I am really excited to bring another guest speaker this week, and this is Ben Holeyman from the team at Jane.

For those of you who don’t know, Jane is an amazing piece of software that we have in our clinic, and some of you will have heard me talk about Jane as Jane was one of my original sponsors of the podcast.

Key topics we will be discussing in this week’s episode include:

  • What are some of the features that Jane offers?
  • The Unscheduled Patients Report.
  • One of the ultimate features of Jane’s software.
  • What are the main features that are underused in different platforms that people use?
  • Using the intelligence behind software to massively reduce how much time you’re spending writing notes.
  • Google loves reviews, doesn’t it?
  • How to make the transition from paper to online software.

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  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:05:21 – What are some of the features that Jane offers?
  • 00:06:57 – The Unscheduled Patients Report.
  • 00:10:49 – One of the ultimate features of Jane’s software.
  • 00:12:40 – What are the main features that are underused in different platforms that people use?
  • 00:16:09 – Using the intelligence behind software to massively reduce how much time you’re spending writing notes.
  • 00:20:01 – Google loves reviews, doesn’t it?
  • 00:23:09 – How to make the transition from paper to online software.


You’re listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast for health and wellness business owners that want and need to give their business the treatment plan it deserves and needs so that you can create more time back in your lives to give you the income you deserve and work hard for and to create more freedom and flexibility in your lives to enjoy the things you love to do. Whether you are a physiotherapist and osteopath, a sports therapist, or maybe a Pilates studio owner, I’m determined to share with you bite sized episodes full of tried and tested tips from my own real experience of growing a successful physiotherapy and wellness clinic and from working with many businesses to do the same. So if you’re tuning in and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of patients admin, life, constantly juggling working and being with the family, and feel like you’re doing a rubbish job at both not making the income you thought you would by running a business and generally feeling overwhelmed with everything that you have to do, then keep listening. The tweet your business podcast is sponsored by hm, DG. Marketing is always one of the top three issues for clinic owners that I speak to. It’s too expensive and complicated. They’ve had issues in the past, or they just don’t know where to find trusted experts. It’s always said only recommend products or services, you’re confident in using yourself. Well, when it comes to marketing, we use HMD G for that. They’ve proven to be exactly what you’d want from an agency. As a specialist, they understand the industry. They’re responsive and always deliver. You can’t recommend them highly enough. Head to HMD To find out more. Hello, everybody, and welcome to this week’s episode of the treat your business podcast. I am really excited to bring a nother guest speaker this week. And this is Ben from the team at Jain and for those of you who don’t know, Jane is an amazing piece of software that we have in our clinic in our physiotherapy wellness clinic. And some of you will have heard me talk about Jane a lot before because Jane, actually, you were one of my original sponsors on the podcast. So they’ll have heard lots about you already. But Ben, welcome to the podcast this week. Thank you. Thanks for having me, you are very welcome. Then I wanted to bring you on because when I’m talking to clinic owners, one of the biggest challenges that they’ve got is a they might be on a bit of software that they started out in their business, whenever their business established, probably they just took something on that they thought other people were using or that they’d heard good stuff about. But a lot of us don’t have the time to really look at our software, dig into our software, see how it can work to, to kind of serve our business. So we I know, I was at fault of this years ago where we took on a piece of software that wasn’t Jade, because we’ve not heard about you then. And I just kind of booked people on it. I just took you know, did appointments, I booked some classes on it, we took payments through it. But I didn’t really ever have a minute to look at all the different features that the software can offer. And so since we’ve moved over to Jay, you guys have been amazing. Because a you can act, we can actually get on the phone and talk to you, which makes a huge difference. But you have got loads and loads of features on your software, haven’t you that really can transform how business owners? What can they get more time back, they can get the software working for them. So they can automate tasks, they can get the system doing things that perhaps once we have to do manually. And so Ben, I’m really intrigued and interested to kind of hear about, I guess, how Jane was developed and why some of the features that you’ve got are, are quite different to her I think a lot of other platforms out there. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Again, thanks for having me on. It’s really cool to like be in this space with you and sort of have a chat about Jane and just software generally in the industry. It’s a really cool thing to be able to do. Yeah, so Jane was first sort of conceived over in North Vancouver in Canada, by a clinic own law and a friend of theirs. She was running a clinic at the time. And they were running two different pieces of software, one for their chiropractors and one for their osteopaths in the business and then they approached their friend to create them a new piece of software that would work for her in her business. And then it just went from there really they just started developing Jane together in their spare time they both had jobs in the meantime and then it just you know went into this massive thing that’s exploded and you know, a lot of people are now using Jane which is amazing. And then just we I think you told me this when we met at the at the expo in last November. Why is it called Jade

Ben Holeyman: 4:55

it’s called Jane because a lot of people think that the founder might be called Jane they’re not There was a lot of different names debated for Jane. And it was just a friendly clinic receptionist name, that would be helpful. So, you know, we all take on that persona of Jane at some point when we’re talking to our customers, but he needs a Jane in their life. Absolutely. Absolutely. Features wise did you want to have a talk about like some of the features that we offer?

Katie Bell: 5:26

Because so those listeners who are already using Jade, like it can act as a great reminder. But I guess also it might be, it might prompt listeners that are on different pieces of software, that they could be using it more they could be digging into it and finding out what it can really do for them.

Unknown: 5:42

Yeah, absolutely. So we see that, you know, there are quite a few of our features that you know, people as you say, they come on to the software, and then they may not know the full extent of the things that we offer on it. So I’ve sort of just come up with a few different things that I thought would be helpful to talk about that, you know, people tend to not use as often as, say things that you would use everyday, like booking an appointment, taking a payment, all of those sorts of standard features. And the first one that I was going to discuss with you is these patient retention features that we’ve got. So you know, keeping people on board, keeping people coming back to the business constantly keeping them informed with their care, you know, we’ve got some features such as our MailChimp integration. So you know, to do all of your marketing through that. That’s an underused feature. I think I remember when when we were speaking out, was it. Elevate that we spoke on? Was it therapy Expo? I can’t remember which one it was. Yeah, therapy Expo, we chatted and I mentioned this report to you and I saw your eyes light up at the unscheduled patients report. Do you remember? That? I really need to take. Yeah, absolutely. I mean, are you now using it? Like, I mean, that’s the main thing. You know, like, the more you know, like I mentioned this reporting, you’re like, I’m gonna go and have a look at that. And, you know, that’s how we see things spreading Jane, you know, we just talk about things, and then they spread from one customer to another. But yeah, the unscheduled patients report. So it gives you like a report that basically tells you, you know, who is not scheduled upcoming in the business. So those patients that have been but don’t currently have an upcoming appointment, so you can schedule those return visit reminders directly from your report to let them know, oh, okay, we haven’t seen you for this amount of time. Do you want to come back and see us for another visit?

Katie Bell: 7:31

All stuff, isn’t it BAM, that takes up an actual human, like, you know, somebody has to be doing that in and a lot of clinic owners listen to this, they won’t have, you know, multiple admin team and lots of practice manager or they might have but they’re already at capacity. And this stuff gets messy. This sort of gets, you know, it doesn’t become a priority. But actually, you can have, you know, if you’ve got a great marketing strategy in place, and over the last few weeks, then we’ve been talking a lot on this podcast about marketing. But if your funnel is leaky, then you’re going to waste money, you’re going to lose money. So these features are amazing for that, aren’t they?

Unknown: 8:09

Yeah, exactly. I mean, Jane is designed to act as an admin member of staff. So you know, these things, you know, like the marketing emails, they’re all things that I think clinic owners and business owners, you know, they talk about in meetings, their staff and say, We need to get on top of this. But actually delegating somebody to do that task is, you know, something that can be missed sometimes. So, you know, Jane does take care of those things for you, or at least makes it as easy as possible in order for you to complete those tasks. Yeah,

Katie Bell: 8:38

we, we took some mastermind clients last week to a retreat in the Cotswolds. And we did very nice 24 hour immersive retreat. So they were kind of all in for 24 hours and working on their business getting themselves out of the day to day. And one of the things we looked at Ben was this cohesive customer experience, and we plot it from the moment they see you and your marketing, to when they book an appointment before they come in, when they come in, during the transaction after the transaction, the off boarding, there’s all of these touch points, isn’t that, that you want customers to engage with? To warm them up to make sure that they are they you’re building that like know and trust factor before they even start to work with you? And Jen can really help with that stuff content?

Unknown: 9:26

Yeah, absolutely. So, you know, we’ve got things, you know, in place to help with all of that sort of thing. You know, Jane, we, you know, prioritise the onboarding experience for our customers as much as we prioritise that onboarding experience, you know, you know, we have, you know, 85% of our businesses now, word of mouth, you know, because we’re giving that really bespoke, like off boarding experience and making sure that customers feel cared for even in you know, the end stages of them having an account with us. Yeah, absolutely.

Katie Bell: 9:56

Because those people, you know, off boarding, as you’ve said, it’s just as Important is onboarding. So we have, we sometimes get the onboarding, okay. So we might send them appointment reminders, and we might put things on those appointment reminders that would be useful for them. But But as you’re absolutely right, when we’re discharging patients, that onboarding experience should be absolutely exceptional, so that they are going to return visit with you that they leave with that really, really great sort of feeling about your business. And then when they next have an issue that pops up, you’re the person they’re going to come back to.

Unknown: 10:31

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, you’ve hit it on the head there, you know, if you’re sort of like, given that bespoke off boarding experience, and you’re making people feel special, and like, you’ve really made a difference in their lives, you know, even if it is for a short amount of time, or a long amount of time, you know, they’re only going to Thurber refer your business on. And you know, that’s something that Jane also, you know, really put at the heart of our our service.

Katie Bell: 10:54

And then talking about customers feeling really looked after, can I share with you one of my like, ultimate features on Jane?

Unknown: 11:02

Yeah, yeah, go for

Katie Bell: 11:04

the fact that when it’s a client’s birthday, on the appointment booking sort of thing that you look at, it turns the box that would normally be a colour into like a present? Yes, with a ribbon on it. And I mean, I hear for that I wasn’t, because what it said, what it’s prompted us to do as a business. And there’s a clinic is looking at, how can we make sure our clients are not just kind of numbers coming through the door? Because that’s, that’s absolutely not, we’re not what we’re about, we want that exceptional customer experience. So what we did is we, we created some sort of assets, which were just, we designed them on Canvas, and then we’ve got them printed, and it was a birthday card. So we have a load of them. On the reception desk, we also have some little gifts, that says Happy Birthday, I think it’s some Epsom salts or something like that in a little nice bag. So anytime anybody comes to the clinic, and we can see immediately that it’s their birthday, we have a birthday

Unknown: 12:08

gift card for them. Yeah, that’s amazing, isn’t it? But that’s

Katie Bell: 12:12

because we that feature, we’re using that feature? That’s where, you know, we’re not just going oh, it’s just another thing that we could do something with? And I think there’s lots of things like that in software, isn’t there? Whether you’re on chain, whether you’re on you know, other platforms? What do you think Ben? clinic owners really need to? I guess start using if they’re not, or go and find out how certain things work that would really, I guess, take their business from good to great.

Unknown: 12:39

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s amazing, by the way, what you’ve shared there, you know, like having little bags of stuff like to give to your patients when you see like, it’s already thinking ahead, you know, I mean, like, we’ve even had people you know, bake cookies and stuff like that. Wow, people when they’re seeing like there. Yeah. And they’ve got like, hot, fresh baked cookies when they come in for their appointment.

Katie Bell: 13:00

or Canada, because, yeah, I would do I love that. Okay, we’re clearly Epsom salts around.

Unknown: 13:11

Right? Oh, depends, doesn’t it all depends on the sort of client, you know, you could even have different things, you know, it’s just that very small feature where like, it tells you when the patient’s birthday is it will be up and coming in the diary. So you know, if you’re looking for a week’s time, you’ve even got time to prepare for it. You can think, Okay, what does that person really like? What do they really want on their birthday? Or what would surprise them? You know, we even see people use things like the clinical notes charting area in in Jane, like the medical alerts, like it’s a medical alert, it’s a textbook, but people use that for things like relationship building. So they’ll put things in there like, you know, ask about this person’s trip to Disney. This person’s been on holiday this week, let’s ask them about that, you know, little touch points like that you can use your software for what isn’t, you know, the intended purpose, shall we say? Like for those features, you can really like get the most out of it that way. Sorry, I think I’ve lost your original question. I’ve gone off on a tangent.

Katie Bell: 14:09

I’m thinking about freshly baked, massively open up my game and be able to bake. However, Okay, where were we about? We were talking about what, you know, if people are using different platforms, what can they? What are the main features that you think people under use, not just in Jane, but in other platforms that they they could be really kind of investigating and spending some time which actually will bring them a lot of time back?

Unknown: 14:36

Yeah, I mean, on that I’ve just mentioned, like the medical alert area that we’ve got like a, you know, that you can use for that relationship building as well. In that same area, your chart area where you’re doing your clinical notes that are featured that I’d say is underused in that area is probably your smart options and your narratives. So these might be called different things between different software’s but it’s essentially you know, cutting down your time like I was actually listening to what One of your podcasts recently the hourly rate one, and I heard you mentioned in there that, you know, you’re working out your hourly rate, but you might be charging X amount of money for a half an hour appointment, but then you’re going home, and then you’re setting up an exercise plan, and then you write in your clinical notes. And then it’s over an hour’s worth of work. You know, things like your smart options in your narrative, they pick up your common sentences and your common notes. And then they squish it and condense it into one so that instead of spending, you know, one minute writing a sentence, you can click the buttons to create that sentence in about five to 10 seconds, you know, and if you add that up over X amount of time, you’re going to be saving yourself a lot of time in the long run. So that I’d say is an underused feature, definitely along with like the phrases that we offer as well. So again, this might be something in other clinic software’s as well, you know, you can set up phrases. So you know, those sentences that you do say very often you could have, you know, a key word or a tag word to write that sentence, and then you just need to write that word, and then the software will write it for you. So you know, all of those things to tighten things up. And

Katie Bell: 16:09

this is using kind of like, intelligence, isn’t it? We’re seeing we’re seeing now all these things come through chat GTP. And, I mean, which is just completely blows my mind. And we, we’ve been we did some content creation with Chapter up at last week at the retreat, and it blew everybody’s mind. But this is using the the intelligence behind software to, to massively reduce how much time you’re spending writing notes.

Unknown: 16:31

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, we see, you know, it’s a feature that’s there, and that people know that it’s there. But you know, it might be that they don’t want to dive into it without that support. So you know, we do give that support in order to say to people, you know, the features are here, if you want to know how to use them, let’s schedule a call, and we’ll get on a call, and we can, you know, sit down and go through these features together. Sometimes it’s just a little bit of guidance at the start in order to, for people to you know, dive themselves into these features. And then it just, it works wonders for them in the long run.

Katie Bell: 17:01

And this is, this is one of these things always is that this time, it’s it’s, you know, people say to kids who are hungry all the time, haven’t got time to sit down and work out how this is, you know, so I guess it’s, it’s structuring it and reframing it that if I just spent an hour getting some of these things in place, how much is it going to save me in the long run? And it’s kind of you know, you, you’ve got to, you’ve got to carve that time out initially, haven’t you to get to know your software to use it? Well, and I would say, if you’re not, I am absolutely not the right person then for this, but my team are the right people. So we will, you know, even set a quarterly target of right, there’s these three features in Jane that we’re not using, we think we showed how does that build into our plan? And this quarter? This one is our focus.

Unknown: 17:50

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, you, you’ve hit it on the head there as well, like, you know, as clinic owners, as business owners, you may not have the time to do this, but you might have the people that are working with you in the business in order to do that. So yeah, you can absolutely do that. Well,

Katie Bell: 18:05

is there any other features, Ben that you want to kind of you want to share in terms of things that can time save things that that people are under using?

Unknown: 18:14

Yeah, so another one that I’d say is probably underused is your ratings and reviews features that a lot of software’s now offer as well. So you know, we’ve spoken a lot about, you know, that patient experience and like making sure that they’ve got a special onboarding experience, a very bespoke onboarding experience, their birthday ribbons, all of that stuff that we’ve mentioned so far. And birthday present, sorry, not birthday ribbons. But yeah, the ratings and reviews features, you know, capturing that feedback at the end of their journey, even if it’s in the middle of the journey, at the beginning of their journey, you know, we see a lot of clinics that don’t know that they can, you know, capture ratings and reviews and send these types of emails out. And, you know, even as in Jane, this plugs into your Google reviews as well. So it does, you know, do that extra step for you, you know, it will ask you for your internal review in Jane so that you can get your feedback just for your eyes only as your as a clinic owner. And then Jane will ask if you decide to, to prompt the patient to then leave that review on Google as well. So you know, it can be a private review, as well as a public review. And you know, it takes care of it for you, you know, Jane will just send it out to Google and then it will publish the review for you.

Katie Bell: 19:24

Oh, my goodness, I’m gonna put that on my list. Yeah, we do that. Reviews, we, you know, in terms of your visibility, people want to people buy from people that they like that they trust. And so reviews are a really important part of that then aren’t they? And one of the hardest things is a remembering because you set you know, patients out and the next patients coming in, and also kind of that awkwardness around asking for feedback. We’re not very good at doing that. Because we’re so afraid of anybody, potentially quitting sizing is all leaving us a bad review. But actually Google loves reviews, doesn’t it? Yes, yeah. It really likes if we’ve got current reviews that you have responded to. And that means that Google will promote you up the Google rankings from an organic perspective.

Unknown: 20:18

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean, yeah, it feeds directly into, you’re probably going to get this wrong. But it’s either called a Google Place ID or a Google Business ID, it seems to change all the time. And I’m not sure which one it is. But it’s one of the other sort of feeds directly into that so that when people click on your clinic or your business on the map, even you know, you’ve got those reviews underneath your business ID. It’s a really powerful feature. But yeah, it’s even like collating these results as well. So like, we see a lot of clinics that might come to us, and they’re saying, Okay, we are doing ratings and reviews at the moment, we send this Google Sheets document out, or Google. I can’t remember what it’s called. Google Forms. Yes, we send this Google Forms out, we get them to fill it out. And then it sits in this folder. Okay, but what what are we doing with this? Like, where’s the results, where’s your averages, all of that stuff, you know, your clinic, software’s can bring in those ratings and reviews and give you those averages and those bespoke sort of like this is how many five star reviews we had this is how many four stars this is, you know, the comments that we got, it will collate those results for you and give you those averages over periods of time, whether it’s a week, a month, a year, you know, you can look at them in more bespoke ways than having them sit in a folder with a lot of different results and

Katie Bell: 21:28

do nothing. Because there was there was reviews can that you can then take those reviews and use them on your social platforms to build that, like know and trust factor. So there’s ways of repurposing all of this. And that comes down to a using it in software, first of all, getting it to work for you, and then being able to leverage that in so many different ways.

Unknown: 21:46

Yeah, exactly. It can even be things like, you know, these are things that we’re currently doing that are great, these are the things that we’re doing, okay, and these are the things that we do need to work on. And it can really shape the way that you’re sort of developing your business going forward. Yeah,

Katie Bell: 22:00

I love that. And then finally, if if, you know, we have lots of listeners who are fairly new in their business, or might be thinking about setting up their business. And I guess my question is, when is it the right time to invest in software, like Jane.

Unknown: 22:20

So I would say the right time to do it, you might feel like there’s never a right time, especially if you’re with a software already, you know, the change is massive. And we see, you know, clinics can talk to us, you know, one year and then they’ll contact us the following year, saying, now I’m ready to do it. The answer is, there’s no perfect time to do it. But we would say, you know, if you are coming from another software, then give yourself that time to one get used to the new features and the platform itself, and to also get your data imported over. So that’s something else that we do. So we can take data from other software’s that you currently use. If you can pull off a CSV file, then we can then import that into the software. So you’ve got that historical reference point. So you’re not starting afresh, if that makes sense. But we tend to see clinics up and running in a month.

Katie Bell: 23:09

Wow. Yeah, we, you know, we’ve, we’ve moved over from another piece of clinical software. And, I mean, I am definitely going to speak on behalf of my team here. And then we’re gonna be listening to this laughing thinking kitty, you’ve not got any idea because you did nothing to do with it. But I thought it was seamless. I felt it was very easy. And I know that the support from you guys, they said was amazing. But you you want to make sure that that transition. It can be it can feel such a massive job that it can stop you and we were paid. We were you know, on paper, we were old school. And now Yeah, I would say for a lot of clinic owners having to make that shift into a online note, be getting rid of an archiving and scanning in all of your past patient notes. This, you’ve just got to do it. I you know, I wish we’d done it years ago now. And it but it was something that just kept putting off. Yeah, felt so big. And then when we did it, again, speaking, it was really easy.

Unknown: 24:10

Yeah, I mean, it can seem sometimes so overwhelming, when especially if you’ve come from paper to then take the dive into okay, everything is on this system now. You know, but that’s why we sort of give that focus on exceptional service. And you know, we’re here every step of the way. We don’t onboard you and then leave you to get on with things. We onboard you. And then you know, we’re there every step of you know the life of your account with us. And for as long as you need us, you know, you know, even if it’s just you want to call us on a whim on a Wednesday or you want to schedule a call on a Thursday to go through some billing queries on this very specific profile where you know, somebody’s made a mess and we want you to unravel it, you know, we’re there for those sorts of things. We always want you to feel supported with it. And, you know, it’s one of the things that we do best.

Katie Bell: 24:56

I love that. Yeah, and I would absolutely agree with All of all of what you’ve just said, Ben, thank you for coming on this week’s podcast and just sharing some information. This is going to act as a real kind of, I guess, reminder for some people or actually the confidence to go make that change if they need to make that change. You know, so thank you very much for for being here and sharing all of your knowledge about Jane and and helping business owners kind of just take back some of the control around implementing software in their business and then using it to the best, you know, its potential really,

Unknown: 25:31

you’re most welcome. No, thank you for having me. It’s really great to be here. Thanks, Dan. Thanks a lot.

Katie Bell: 25:37

Thank you for listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast that tells you what you really need to hear. And now when it comes to running a successful business in the health and wellness industry, that gives you the time, money and freedom you are wanting for access to our free workshops on how to get more clients in your business, how to make more income in the next 30 days. And to get more time back in your business and life. Head to our free Facebook group today. Treat your business or head over to thrive dash business All of the links are available in the show notes

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