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Episode 47

How to Utilise Chat GPT in Your Business

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About this episode

In this weeks episode of the “Treat Your Business” podcast, Katie explores innovative ways to integrate technology into your health and wellness clinic. She emphasises the use of Chat GPT, an AI-powered solution, both personally and professionally, to save time and enhance content creation.

Katie provides valuable insights into maximising the potential of Chat GPT for various tasks, including generating ideas, outlining articles, drafting initial content, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of clear instructions for optimal results with Chat GPT.
  • Tailoring responses to align with your brand’s voice and tone
  • Embracing Chat GPT’s capabilities for efficiency in content creation.
  • Ensuring compliance with GDPR guidelines for patient privacy.

10 Ways to Utilise Chat GPT in Your Business:

1. Generating ideas for blog posts, CPD sessions, articles, videos, and social media content.
2. Outlining content and providing main points for logical flow.
3. Drafting initial content with the option for further customisation.
4. Creating attention-grabbing headlines for ad copy.
5. Writing letters, checklists, SOPs, and other business documents.
6. Crafting engaging social media posts for various platforms.
7. Generating product descriptions for new launches.
8. Exploring different angles or viewpoints on topics.
9. Drafting email campaigns, newsletters, announcements, and promotions.
10. Generating impactful quotes or testimonials.

Using Chat GPT in Personal Life:

  • Creating a seven-day holiday plan for a trip to the Cotswolds, including dog-friendly options.
  • Simplifying research-intensive tasks for personal planning.

Embracing AI technology like Chat GPT can be a game-changer for businesses looking to save time and enhance content creation. Whether for professional use or personal planning, this tool offers a wide range of applications.


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  • 0:00-How to integrate technology into your business?
  • 2:32-What you put in is what you’re going to get out.
  • 6:42-How to set the stage for success?
  • 10:52-Ideas for using chatgpt.
  • 14:41-Create social media posts with chatgpt.


Katie Bell: 1:12

Welcome to another episode of the treat your business podcast, we are going to be exploring innovative ways to integrate technology into your life into your business as a health and wellness clinic owner who’s probably tired poor listening to this and feel like you’re spinning a million different plates. And I’m sure most of you have heard of Chuck DPT now, and kind of AI powered solutions. But I want to talk today about how you can be using it personally and professionally, to get some of that time back in your life. And I always like to just kind of give advice and things that I’m doing in my business in both of my businesses, and how I’m using it to create content to get patient information out there. And, and the most important thing is to save me masses and masses of time. And often, when you’re just not in that creative flow, you’re not in that creative headway. You just can’t think of what you need to write, you can ask charge GPT. And we were talking about this on our mastermind call yesterday. And one of the ladies if you’re listening to this, you know who you are, she is she even uses chapter up to talk to her boyfriend now, as I just love it. So there is so many ways that you can use chat GPT. So let’s dive in. And get to understand that a little bit more. So chat GPT is a form of artificial intelligence. And we can use it in many, many different ways. The important thing to remember, I am not a charge GPT expert by any stretch of the imagination. But the most important thing to remember is what you put in is what you’re going to get out. So, check GPT is, is designed to give you an answer, give you a solution. And it’s not always going to be absolutely bob on the first time that you asked it to do something, the more you use it, the more it gets used to what you’re asking it to do. And it understands how what tone of language you want to write, and then how you like things written. So I always think when you’re putting in in the Send Message box in chat GPT what you’re asking it to do, you need to give as much detail as possible. So we want to set the stage for success with using charging, pte clearly define what it is that you’re using it for. Okay, are we looking here to get quick answers to some common questions? Are we looking at at it to get some bullet point? ticketless? Are we looking to get it to write as a letter? Are we looking at to create a blog post? Are we looking to change a blog post into seven LinkedIn posts or seven Instagram posts? So think about first of all, what is the outcome that I want from using charging PT that’s setting the stage for success. The next thing is what we put in is what we’re going to get out. So let me give you an example you might want to put something in, which is write me a blog post on the seven most important steps for preparing for a ACL reconstruction. Okay. And you ask it to do that. Now what you might need to go back and say is write it in a friendly tone, from the point of view of point of view of a physiotherapist and use images in the text. So the more you ask it, the more it will give you the more kind of or the less editing and tailoring you’re probably going to need to do at the other side of it. So when I’m asking charge up to do something for me, let’s just say for example, writing a blog on the five most important exercises for reducing back pain, for example. You want to say right for the first person or third person, write it in from the point of view of this person. Put it in nice simple paragraphs. And then you might want to say to work once it’s done that, okay, that was good. Take out the last paragraph, and can you put something about this in that and it will send it back to you. And then you might say, take out all of the words this and replace with this. Or you might say can you now turn that into more of an email that could be appropriate to send out to my clients. So you can take one one piece of content and change it into lots of different things you could then say to it, okay, now you’ve gotten blog post, can you now change that into seven separate Instagram posts and include the hashtags that you think are going to allow me to get the biggest reach out Can you please give me an image suggestion for each one. Now, in the normal charge GPT, they don’t do images, you have to use a separate thing for that. And that is more of a paid version, but it will give you an idea of what the image could be. So it could be here image suggestion, a person lying on the floor, doing a cat stretch, okay, and then you can go and use whatever place that you do to get your images, you can go and pull that from it. So we want to set the stage for success, we want to tailor our responses, because what I found using charging PT, like, the stuff it can create is incredible. But it’s quite American in its way, and there’s no judgement towards American set, it’s just that they use that as a lot of not. So you need to make sure you spell check. And you just need to make sure that when somebody else is going to read, it sounds like you it sounds like your business. Now, I was in a mastermind, because that’s, you know, it’s really important that I get coached as well, because I want to move my business forward. And I was in a mastermind last week, and we were talking about the use of AI and chat GPT I haven’t tried this, okay, but but I’m going to try it. But I want to tell tell you about this, this person who to my coach, she will have a lot of stuff out there on the internet that she has published before offering YouTube videos and blogs, Her website is, you know, very comprehensive. And there will be a lot of free content out there. Okay. She actually, when she’s asking the chat GPT to do something, she will now tell it to do it in the tone of her name. Which just blows my mind. Okay, so it then starts turning all of her responses into something that would be normally what she would say and how she would talk. Now, I absolutely have not tried it, I’m definitely going to try it. I’m probably not that famous to do that. But I’m going to try it anyway. So you can start to think about the more you use it, the more it will understand how your responses need to come across. Compliance. Okay, this is the next big thing. Obviously, patient privacy is absolutely paramount. So when you are using chat GPT, whether it’s you creating a nutrition guide, whether it’s you’re creating an exercise programme for somebody, you need to just make sure that any information you share with Chuck GPT is treated securely and in accordance to your GDPR guidelines. So just make sure that you’re careful as you know, the information that you’re putting in. When you’re using chat, GBT. What else can I tell you? Embrace chat GPT and its capabilities, okay? Because the more that you can, you know, lots of lots of our clients when we were talking about it, some have used it, some didn’t even know what it was. Some use it a bit. So we’re using it all the time. Okay, I’d really encourage you to be brave and embrace it. And just notice how it can be a massive, massive time saver. Like, in our mastermind yesterday, the same girl that talks to her boyfriend through job chat GPT. She is what we call a high read in the personality tests. So she is very non fluffy. She says what she means. She’s just very direct and her communication. And I love that about Rhett’s like you know exactly where you stand with it. She has to ask Jack GPT how to say what she really wants to say but in a friendly tone. So when she’s having to talk to like her members of staff or whatever, you’ve got to give, you’ve got to, you’ve got to give them a shit sandwich. As a high read, she’ll just wants to give them the shit in the middle. She just want to say you’re not doing this. And this is why you crappy needs to be better. So she has to us chat GPT like how can I basically tell them they’re not performing? But how can I make that an appropriate tone and appropriate way of telling them absolutely loved that example. So embrace its capabilities. And you’ll notice that chart GPT is going to evolve, it’s going to evolve with time is always going through updates. It’s always getting up finding new ways better ways of working, that is the power of AI. So if you can commit to to using it now in your business, it’s just going to mean that you’re you’re ahead of the game, you’re working with technology rather than thinking you need to be creating it all yourselves, okay? Even as visionaries even as creators. Like sometimes we’re just not in a creative flow. We’re just not in that creative season. Get on charging PT. So some ideas for you. That you can use Chuck GPT for that I use chat GPT for is generating ideas. Okay, you can use chat GPT to brainstorm ideas for blog posts. else for CPD sessions. For articles for videos for social media content, you can describe the topic that you’re you’re thinking about you’re interested in, and that you can let chat GPT give you fresh, creative ideas. And it’s amazing because we were coming up with some names for our master classes. And I was just that I just can’t think I just can’t think of one to do with time for challenge, Chuck EBT. And that’s it. Just give me 10 options for a master class for physiotherapy business owners on time management, okay, and it came up with some incredible suggestions that I would have never ever have ever thought about myself. So we use it to generate ideas, outline articles, have chat, GPT, outline your content, provide it with the main points that you want to cover. So you can you can say, right, these are the main points that I want to talk about. And it will suggest some topics, it will suggest headers, it will give you a logical flow for your piece. You can draft initial content, so you can let it assist you in writing first draft of content, you can put the rough outline in of the key points. And you can say, Can you expand on these ideas to create a coherent draft, you can then take that initial draft and say, change that first paragraph into this. Turn it into Spanish, if you so which generating catchy headlines. As I said, coming up with attention grabbing headlines that you can use in your ad copy always can be a challenging thing for us to think about. But you can describe the essence of your content. And you can get charged GPT to give you several headline options to choose from. You could have a letter that you need to write to a member of staff on a bonus incentive scheme implementation, you could be writing to them to telling them that we’re updating their contract and there’s something that they’ve got to sign. It could be you, you might want to get it to create a list, a checklist for your opening procedure. Write an SOP, a standard operating process for opening my clinic. These are the these this is the brief summary, and let chat GPT start creating for you. We actually did one on our mastermind yesterday with our clients. And one of the girls was struggling with holiday and managing what happens when she goes on holidays, the business owner and she’s got self employed members of the team in the clinic, and what they need to do if they are offset while she’s away. And I said okay, have you got a process? No. Do the members of the team know clearly what their roles and responsibilities are? In the event of that happening now? Okay, well, we need to write it down, we need to reprocess. So on the call, we asked Chuck GP to do it. 12 seconds, we turned it 12 seconds later, she’d got her process. Okay, it probably would have taken us five minutes to refine what was given. But it was done. I’ve used Chuck GPT recently to update some of our policies and some of the things that we need in line with the new HCPC guidelines. It gives you that rough outline, it lays it out for you and then you can go and edit and add those relevant bits in. Create social media posts. You can craft engaging posts with chat TPTs assistants describe the message that you want to convey. Let it generate concise and impactful posts for all your various platforms. You can say for Instagram for Facebook, turn that into LinkedIn and LinkedIn post. And then in the corner, there is just literally a copy button you press copy and you move it wherever you need to take it to whether it’s meta business suite, whether it’s on a Word document, whether it’s in a Google Doc, you could write product district description. So if you’re launching a new product or a new service, describe its speech and the benefits to chat GPT and let it draft a compelling product description for you. You could ask it to look at a topic from a different angle or a different viewpoint so you can diversify your content. You could get it to write your emails, craft an email campaign describe what the email the purpose of the email campaign is. Tell them whether it’s a newsletter, an announcement, a promotion, chat GPT will draft that engaging email contact. You could generate quotes or testimonials. So if you’re looking for those impactful quotes or testimonials for your content, provide chat GPT with relevant information, and it will create that offer phantip quote that resonates with your audience. But remember, you got to make sure you review and edit the content it generates to make sure that the accuracy is there, the tone of language is there, it aligns with your brand and your brand’s voice. So hopefully that gives you some really quick simple, easy ways that you can go and use chat GPT right now in your business, and you can use it personally as as somebody is set to talk to your partner. If you say wish. I asked it to create a seven day holiday plan for a trip to the Cotswolds, including dog friendly walks or dog friendly hotels apartment, which one I used. It created a plan. Okay, I’m not going to use it all. No, but did it literally take chatter up to five seconds? Yes, it would have taken me hours to do all that research. So you can use chat GPT to create so much in your personal life and in your business as well. So if you’re not using using it, go and get involved, go and try it, nothing bad is going to happen, you can just use the free version, the paid version, I personally don’t think there’s a need for you to have the paid version. The paid version just means that you can never not use it. So sometimes very occasionally, you might get on to chuck GPT. And it’s it’s busy, it won’t allow you to to use it or it might turn you out because if you’ve used it too many times in 24 hours, and therefore the paid version stops any of that. That’s particularly helpful if you want it right now and you don’t want to wait. I personally haven’t even gone down the paid route because every time I go on to it, it’s always available. So there you have it, an innovative way of using AI, in your business and in your life to save you time, energy and money. Thank you for joining me on this episode. I look forward for you all to join me on the next episode where we are going to be talking about can you afford not to do it, how you can make decisions or where you should be spending your time. Thank you for listening. Please don’t forget to subscribe or to review my podcasts because it really helps other people like you get to listen to it too.

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