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Episode 29

How To Increase Your Revenue The Low Cost Way?

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About this episode

Flying solo this week, Katie shares with us how to increase revenue, profits and turnover into our businesses the low cost way.

Today, Katie is sharing some of her top tips for business success. She shares the low down on up sell, cross sell, retention, lumpy mail, client nurturing and so much more.

Key discussion points Katie raises in today’s episode:

  • The importance of having an email list.
  • Why you need to nurture your people at all points of the client journey.
  • Where have you used a referral scheme that makes you want to refer to them?
  • You could provide customised tailored content to your VIP clients or to those who have already bought from you.
  • How to get your clients to engage with you regularly.
  • Keep your brand in your clients minds.
  • The fourth tip is about listening to the unmet needs of your clients.
  • It doesn’t matter how much you charge, it’s about how you make a client feel when they come in.


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  • 00:00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:01:44 – The importance of having a email list
  • 00:04:09 – Why you need to nurture your people at all points of the customer journey
  • 00:05:58 – Where have you used a referral scheme that makes you want to refer to them?
  • 00:08:36 – You could release customised tailored content to your VIP customers or to those who have already bought from you.
  • 00:13:45 – How to get your clients to engage with you regularly
  • 00:15:47 – It’s really about starting to make them feel a certain way when they book.00:18:05 – Keep your brand in their minds
  • 00:20:29 – The fourth tip is about listening to the unmet needs of your customers.
  • 00:22:59 – It doesn’t matter how much you charge, it’s about how you make people feel when they come in.


Katie Bell: 0:02
You’re listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast for health and wellness business owners that want a need to give their business the treatment plan, it needs a treatment plan that will create more time back in your life, more income and more confidence when it comes to running your business. I’m here to share with you bite sized episodes full of tried and tested tips from my own real experience of growing a successful physiotherapy and wellness clinic. And from working with many businesses to do the same. The treat your business podcast is sponsored by hm DG. Marketing is always one of the top three issues for clinic owners that I speak to.It’s too expensive and complicated. They’ve had issues in the past, or they just don’t know where to find a trusted expert. It’s always said only recommend products or services you’re confident in using yourself. Well, when it comes to marketing, we use HMD G for our own clinic. They’ve proven to be exactly what you’d want from an agency. As a specialist, they understand the industry. They’re responsive and always deliver.We can’t recommend them highly enough. Head to HMD To find out more. Hello, listeners.Thank you for joining me this week on treat your business podcast. This week’s title,you’ve got no guests, you’ve just got me. This week’s title is about how to make more money,how to get more cash in your business, how to make more revenue, all those words are exactly the same thing, how to make more turnover, the low cost way, now you can increase revenue into your business, you can make more money coming in on the top line from existing customers. And it’s often one of the most, I guess missed opportunities in in terms of increasing sales. Because a lot of us focus our energy on the new people coming in at the top of the funnel or the Bukit as I like to call it. And when we focus all our energy there, it is fine, it is part of it, it is a good part of your marketing strategy, because you want to be replacing those customers that will naturally leave your business or finish working with you or that you have discharged from your cat. But if we are only thinking about that, we are losing and missing out on a huge opportunity of those existing customers that already like you know you and trust you. Now,whether you’re an established business owner, or whether you are brand new into your clinic ownership days, I can’t stress the importance of having a email list enough, it’s email marketing is not that high. And if you are solely relying on posting on social media for your for, for generating leads, or you’re using different ways online of, of marketing yourself, and you’re not collecting emails, you run the risk of Facebook making a massive change, or Google changing its algorithm or do something crazy that they do.And you don’t own any of that data. None of that is yours.So we have a very active Facebook group in our women’s health service that we we drive people into this Facebook group,we nurture them in a community,and then we sell to them. Okay,now everybody that joins our Facebook group, we ask if they would like access to a master class. And if they will make us access to the master class, they have to give us their email address. And the reason for that is because if I just selected all those people into that Facebook group and didn’t take their data that could just be taken away overnight. I’ve got no other way of connecting with it. So wherever you are in your business right now, you absolutely need to be collecting data ideally addresses because there is still many wonderful ways that you can market to people using offline marketing strategies. One of them that we do in our business is lumpy mail. And I’ll try and talk about that later on in the in the podcast, but collect,collect email addresses, right?Because then you can nurture your people at all points of the customer journey. And make sure you’ve got phone numbers because now it’s even better if we can use whatsapp or we can use a messaging service to be able to nurture our clients. So instead of focusing all our energy on looking for new customers all the time that is one strand of your marketing strategy, we want to focus our energy on nurturing the customers who have already bought from us the people who like us know as interested because as you continue to provide value to your customers long after they’ve purchased with you. Your endeavour leads to one of the most effective marketing tools, happy customers, and when we have happy customers, they will naturally want to recommend you they will naturally refer people to you. They will naturally want to see Add for longer. But if you don’t nurture your customers in that in that kind of full customer experience from the minute that they raise their hand that they want to work with you to the minute they walk into your clinic to work with you to the minute that they leave your clinic, and then disappear. If you’re not nurturing that whole sequence, you’re missing out on a huge revenue opportunity.Getting new people in the top of the bucket cost money, it’s costing more and more money. And I’m all for having a fabulous opt in strategy. But if your pocket is got holes in and it’s leaking, as those customers are passing through the journey,then you’re missing out on huge opportunity to increase your cash into the business. So how can you leverage your existing customer database network group of people that already work with you? Well, number one is you can reward loyalty, those loads and loads of ways of rewarding loyalty. But the thing I want you to think about, first of all, is what what incentivize you, where have you been? What companies have you used, that have had a fabulous incentive scheme, or a referral scheme that really makes you a wants to continue working with them,because they’ve mortgaged your loyalty, or B makes you want to refer to them? Because the incentive is there for you to do that. So I’m going to give you an example. I get my nails done in a in a place that they every time I go there, sign a card,and I think on my sixth go, I get five pounds off now, do it.Is that enough? To make me want to ensure that I go on that six go for me No, does doesn’t really make any difference? What often happens is they give me five pound off. And I just tell them to keep us tip. So it makes no difference to me. Is it quite a nice surprise after the sixth one that they go? Okay, so you’ve got five hands up? Oh,that’s nice to keep? Yes, it is a nice surprise. But is it really incentivizing a to refer to them, or be to ensure that I never leave them? That What does incentivize me to stay with them is that they are super fast.They are super efficient. They are really, really sweet people,they do an incredible job of making sure my nails look top dollar all the time. And so I naturally refer to them because they deliver high value when I’m there. They do they meet my expectations, they go above my expectations quite often. And because they’ll always fit me in the lower squeeze. I’ve always had a way of making sure I get what I want blah, blah, blah.And I spend regularly with them.So I want you to think about businesses that you have engaged with that you thought you know what they’ve really got that incentive scheme right now, when we reward loyalty, we are recognising those people that are usually the ones that are like our walking billboards,those people that have been with us for a long time, who rave about what we do, and we need to leverage that. Okay, you might have some people that would genuinely be incentivized to refer to other people, if there was a scheme in place, that meant they got a special offer,or they got an exclusive release of content, or they had an incentive referral incentive,they got some money back, they got commission, they I don’t know, there’s loads of ways that you could do it. You could release customised tailored content to your VIP customers,or to those people who’ve already bought from you. Now,the thing with reward schemes is that those businesses that we that have these reward, low level reward schemes running all the time, were announced on it,it’s, it’s fine, it’s great.Okay, I would go to them whether they get it or not. Now, what we do is we have two or three times here we have a big drive and a big push on rewarding loyalty.So for example, in March, we did a loyalty campaign. And that was we have people doing parties for this every week. And we wanted to recognise all of those people that commit to improve their health partners and visitors regularly. And we also want to make people feel in a certain way. Now what you have to remember is people, people come back because of how you make them feel, not what you do. So creating an emotional connection with your clients is the key to increasing how much they are going to work with you what they’re going to buy from you how much more they’re going to buy from you how much they’re going to refer to you, etc. So we did a thing where all of our instructors had to nominate their member of the Year from2022 and they had to fill in a Google form for me. And it was,who the nomination was, why they nominated them, what they were like before they started Pilates and the differences that they have seen. And we we recognised each of those kinds of each individual instructor, and we gave them a gift certificate,you just love the certificate even when you’re ready. And we made a thing, we presented it to them in class, it meant everybody else in the class heard that this was a scheme wedding that they bought something if they want that birthday yet in that class, and we made a big deal out of it. We said we have given you this because we also then leverage that. And we got our review from each person, we have picture and we got them to fill in a questionnaire. What were you like before you started Pilates at KB physio months? What changes? Did you see what three things have made the biggest difference to you? What can you now do that you couldn’t do before. And now we have got all of these reviews, these testimonials, the social, the social proof that we can use for visibility, and the social proof. And I’m gonna come on to that typically in a second. So we leveraged it, then we took all the nominations, and I put on I decided which one would win the overall prize, and we did a big presentation to save it. Now this lady came to us with a huge amount of challenges personally,and by being part of what we do.She said, Yeah, you know, I can help fly, I’ve got better pellets, I can control my pelvic floor. And and other than that,I just read this stuff up this stuff up. But what she said was that I feel like I’m passing. If I’m not here, you want to know why I’m not here. If I I am not at you know, from my way, you know where I’ve gone, you know,that I am should be at my Monday class at 10% Every week, and if I’m not there, somebody’s gonna check upon me. She said I have a connection to the other people in the class, people ask about me, they care about me. And I actually feel like I’m part of something not just a number. And that’s the magic. When you make people feel in a certain way,they are not going to go elsewhere. In fact, that lady then decided that she was going to have some massage with us,because if we’re really great at Pilates, we’ll probably be really great at massage as well.So now she was on a monthly diamond programme for her massage. So she has two subscriptions with us. So the people that like your name and trust, you are likely to be able to be cross sold and up sold to they are more likely to buy more from you.So what you need to think about planning, when you’re going to do your your loyalty scheme,your loyalty campaign, don’t just kind of do it average all to personally get five rough.But it’s not a big enough incentive, not saying five pounds, it’s not a lot of money.It is what we need to make this movie that people are all like,I’m going to do this. We are doing a referral friend campaign this month in May. And we have this great marketing asset that we’ve had produced some physical, and we basically are giving away something like 1616counts with treatment or participate with us. Now we know our margins, we know we can afford to give that away.Because actually, I’m not having to deal with classmates to add people into my classes classes.Because the way our timetable is you’ve got a very big timetable,lots of classes, lots of opportunities. It’s not costing anything to give that away.However, would you be incentivized to refer a friend into our programme for 606pounds? Yes, but we’re going all in all of our team. And everybody knows about this incentive scheme, and it’s a big Friday for a box, and then it will go again. And then we’ll do it again later on in the year.So really think about when you can do it, how you’re going to do it, what would incentivize your clients and then go for it,go for that big bang, not just that kind of soft launch. My second tip is to engage regularly. So this is what a big gap that I often see is people will give you their email address form and then you do nothing with it. Email marketing, nurturing people post sale post transaction is really,really important. And then thinking about how you can follow up with those clients because those clients the ones that if they join your Pilates programme, they may be interested in massage or physio or vice versa. I can’t tell you how many times people come into our business we are called KP physio wellness, and they don’t know that we need to do I mean blows your mind blows your mind because they’ve come for Pilates and seen the marketing for Pilates and then they would go up my golf, you do Women’s Health physio and you do this you that we have to tell them that you have to nurture them through that sequence to be able to cross sell and upsell all the other things that go on in our business. Ongoing can munication is absolutely crucial, I want you to think about it in three parts. When people engage with your marketing, that first point of contact, there needs to be some nurture sequence. Okay,there needs to be something set up, that allows them when they have engaged, you are connecting with them until they bought when they bought, you’ve then got a nurture sequence until they actually visit the clinic or the studio. And then when they are in treatment, when they’re working with you what is set up to create that ongoing communication, and to nurture them throughout that journey.For example, when they book in to come to your physio clinic,what have you got set up that isn’t just like, oh, you know,you can park it from here. This is the Google pen to find where we are, it’s really about starting to make them feel a certain way. When people book,our Pilates tasting classes,they get a video from me, that says, Hi, I am really, really excited to welcome you to our clinic, or our studio next week for your Pilates says. Now, I know that life is really busy, I know that life is gonna get away. But I just wanted to personally welcome you and say that my team is really looking forward to helping you feel better, feel better and better.And here’s a few little tips for me, that’s going to make your journey even better. And I will say things like where that’s Don’t worry about bringing that confirmed minutes earlier. This is where you park and literally the video is pointing this is where you can park. This is where the entrance is mighty,his pitch is going to be waiting to meet you when you walk in the door. Because the more that you make people feel a certain way before they visit your place,the more likely they’re going to purchase and want to purchase more from it starts from that initial transaction. And then when you offboard fie it so when a client finishes working with you, when you discharge clients,what happens then most of you just stop communicating with them, they need to then go on to the list that you can communicate breathability Can you send them something that’s a monthly check it, it’s automated, you can set it all up to do it automatically for you.When they get added to that that list one month later that email goes. And it could be a video from you. Hi. This is just a quick email video for me,because we’ve not now seen you for a month. How are you getting on with your exercises? Are you still doing them? Is there anything that you need from us to help keep you on track with those exercises, because this is the most crucial time that if you stop now, it could unravel all of that great work that we’ve done together. If there is anything on number is underneath this video, please just give us a call and one of our team will get right back to you. It’s going above and beyond it’s having that exceptional customer experience. Is there something in six months time that you do that checks people back in and invites them back in for an MOT a checkup, is there something new that’s developed that they might need help with? Remember,there’s lots of decisions,there’s lots of choices out there. If you are not remaining in their minds and in their head, they will just go elsewhere even though you’re probably great first time.Because the next flushing social ad will be in that eyeballs.Okay, so we have to continually be visible and keep that brand alive in their minds and we have to keep that feeling in their minds. The third thing is I briefly mentioned before is social proof. Now this is a psychological phenomenon. That is when people are unsure and are nervous or don’t know what to do with where to go, they will be looking for social proof. People when they join our programme, our coaching programme, and often to programmes and parties programmes people want social proof, they want to know that a not scammer B that you’re not full of shit, and see that you’re going to actually deliver what you’re going to deliver on what you say. And the best way to do that is to leverage your current clients, those people that love the people that you’ve made a massive difference to,they will want to review and rave about you just because they are what you’re walking billboards. And when the best when you can use though this is then when you are nurturing in your niche secrets. When you are talking about bringing people through the door and they might feel nervous, they might want to listen to a video of somebody who’s just gone through the same processes that can come out the other side and now able to do X Y Zed when people are booking a business and marketing audit call with thrive with us. In our business. We send three videos that we would like them to watch before they get on a call with us and that’s three videos people that we’ve worked with before And most of them say it was really great to see down on that video or to see Kathy on that video, because it made me realise that like, I’m not any different. And they were really normal people, and people were able to help that maybe it’s made me feel a whole lot better.Social proof is really, really powerful, it is going to allow you to have without having to spend any money, increase revenue into your clinic. And the fourth tip, which is a slightly unusual one, is about listening to the unmet needs of your customers. So when we have our Google reviews, and they are five stars, and four stars, and amazing, amazing, amazing,that’s a wonderful thing,because we can use that to leverage market ourselves and make us more visible and enhanced reputation. But as a business owner, you need to know about your one size, you need to know about your two star reviews. Because listening to the unmet needs of your customers is a massive opportunity to diversify your solutions by your products or your services to meet those unmet needs. So very often, in clinics and in studios, the biggest barriers to people’s results is time, accountability.And a lot of it is because we have set our business up in a way that doesn’t hold people accountable, or allows people to just come and go as they need page and go. If I run a page and go system, in thrive, I would not get any results. It’s not because I’m not good at what I do, I am good at what I do. But because at for you to get the results that you need, I know what you need. And I have to facilitate those needs by putting it into a programme and the way that we work with you.Which is why we don’t do one sponsor just off the cuff one at a time is why we build one to ones into our programmes,because people need to transport people need that bespoke tailored support in their business. And that’s only come through listening to the needs of our customers and looking at why did they succeed, and they did? Well, because that wasn’t that so then we build it. We offer solutions to those unmet needs by our products by our services, and you can charge more money, you can make more revenue, because you’re not just being same as every other physio along your route or in your village, you are doing something different.And differentiating yourself from all the others around you is great what means you stand the test of time on what means that people are going to naturally want to fit with you even if you are more expensive in common in them hyphens than that their speech rules than others. It doesn’t matter about how much you charge is about how you make people feel. When people come into our business,we and we know it’s their birthdays, we have a way of monitoring this on the system.They visit the clinic on their birthday, they have a gift. And they have a card signed already for them. Whether a new patient or an existing patient. How do you think that makes people feel when it’s their birthday? They gotta get in plotters. We have15 hats that we make everyone.And we acknowledge people does it cost me very much money to do that. Not at all. But it’s about the way we make people feel. So I want you to really think about you have got a fabulous pool of people who like you know your interest you and I know everybody that listens to this podcast podcast are super practitioners are missing out on a huge opportunity for revenue right under your nose and that is your existing client base. So think about how you can reward your loyalty. reward their loyalty should I say how can you engage regularly through your email marketing channels following up with patients or customers on cross selling and upselling different services of your business, ongoing communication, setup automated,whether they are at the beginning of their journey in the middle of their journey and at the end of budget. Collecting reviews, have social proof and leverage it and use it and listen to your customers meet their own needs. And my final thing that I’m going to say is whenever you listen to one of these podcasts we go off we are high idea generators we have gotten now you’re thinking can take about a million things to do still not caught up on your pockets and last week and I’ve got another thing to do for you to practice with for the boss of live training group and I want to be doing that It’s all there for the taking. But the business owners who are consistent with our approach the business owners who are going to go, right,that’s the lowest hanging fruit.That’s the thing that’s going to make the biggest difference right now in my process is where I’ve gone work and focused on that for the month. And then in June, or July or September,focus on a different area. Don’t try and do it all at once Less is more, do some stuff really good. Plug those gaps in that bucket. So when your marketing strategy is all in place, and we’re bringing lots of people at the top of the funnel, our churn rate is low. Because we are nurturing and leveraging our existing client base the people who were like this, I was interested us. And that my friends, is needed. I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode.Please join me again next week.And if you have enjoyed this episode also of our previous episodes, I would love you to refer rave about me to other people it makes it really does make a huge difference to small businesses like mine and like yours when people say nice things about you and recommend you to other people who you know, might have a piece that can help solve. So please,please leave me a review. And please share this wherever you possibly can. I would be very,very appreciative. See you next week, guys. Thank you for listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast that tells you what you really need to hear. And now when it comes to running a successful business in the health and wellness industry that gives you the time, money and freedom you are wanting for access to our free workshops on how to get more clients in your business, how to make more income in the next 30 days. And to get more time back in your business and life. Head to our free Facebook group today. Treat your business or head over to thrive dash business All of the links are available in the show notes.

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