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Episode 31

How to be more visible online – the free way, with Nichola Curran

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About this episode

Hello and a very warm welcome to this weeks episode of the Treat Your Business podcast. Katie is joined this week by visibility expert Nichola Curran.

Nichola is passionate about helping fitness professionals and studio owners to gain clients, increase profits and create successful businesses.

Nichola has an impressive 32 years of experience in the fitness industry, during which time she has certified over 800 fitness professionals and coached over 300 small business owners.

One of her biggest frustrations is seeing too many great instructors close their small business and leave the industry for financial reasons.

Nichola’s approach starts with reverse engineering the business model to make sure IT can give YOU the financial return & the lifestyle you want. Once that box has been ticked, it’s full steam ahead with whatever else needs fixing in order to achieve your business goals.

A few of the key takeaways from todays episode include:

  • Nicola’s biggest frustrations in the fitness industry.
  • The impact that your business has on the people you serve is huge.
  • How to use Facebook to get your one liner in different places.
  • How to optimise your Business page.
  • Making sure you’ve put your clickable links on your business page.
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile.
  • The importance of being clear on your one liner.

Nichola Curran Resource Links: 

Facebook Page:  @healthandfitnessbusinessclub

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Instagram: @nichola.curran

LinkedIn: @nichola-curran


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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:20 Nicola’s biggest frustrations in the fitness industry
  • 2:52 The impact that your business has on the people you serve is huge.
  • 8:38 How to use Facebook to get your one liner in different places.
  • 13:28 How to optimise Your Business Page.
  • 15:37 Make sure you’ve put your clickable links on your business page.
  • 25:18 How to optimise your LinkedIn profile on mobile
  • 29:55 The importance of being clear on your one line.
  • 35:07 When you’re going to drive somebody somewhere, it needs to be consistent.


Katie Bell: 0:02

You’re listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast for health and wellness business owners that want a need to give their business the treatment plan, it needs a treatment plan that will create more time back in your life, more income and more confidence when it comes to running your business. I’m here to share with you bite sized episodes full of tried and tested tips from my own real experience of growing a successful physiotherapy and wellness clinic. And from working with many businesses to do the same. The treat your business podcast is sponsored by hm DG. Marketing is always one of the top three issues for clinic owners that I speak to. It’s too expensive and complicated. They’ve had issues in the past or they just don’t know where to find a trusted expert. It’s always said only recommend products or services, you’re confident in using yourself. Well, when it comes to marketing, we use HMDG for our own clinic. They’ve proven to be exactly what you’d want from an agency. As a specialist, they understand the industry. They’re responsive and always deliver. We can’t recommend them highly enough. Head to HMD To find out more. Hello, everybody. Welcome to this week’s episode of the treat your business podcast. I am very excited to be joined by the fabulous Nicola Curran. Hello,

Nichola Curran: 1:20

hello. Thank you for having me very

Katie Bell: 1:21

well. Now, I’m going to just introduce you in this way, because you are very passionate about helping fitness professionals and studio owners to get clients increase their profits and create successful businesses. And in the fitness industry for an impressive 32years, which you’ve worked with over 800 fitness professionals, You’ve coached over 300 small business owners, and you are a coach on our programme. You are one of our business growth coaches on the Thrive programme. And I know Nicola because I have this as well. But one of our biggest frustrations is that we’ve got great instructors, We’ve got great clinicians out they’re amazing at what they do. But they they have to close their small businesses, they have to leave that industry, often for financial reasons, because they they are not good at getting themselves out there. They’re not good at being visible.

Nichola Curran: 2:20

Absolutely. Well, you don’t know what you don’t know. Do you? That’s, that’s first and foremost.

Katie Bell: 2:25

Absolutely. And sometimes visibility brings up feelings of impostor syndrome and confidence crisis, and am I really good enough, so often, They actually go inwards, and don’t put themselves out there and don’t do these amazing things that you’re going to teach us in a second how to do because of the fear of being found out or being told that they’re not good enough? Yeah, the impact that has on all of these people’s communities that they serve is huge, because I always say to people, you know, take you out of the equation, if if you don’t do what you do, that you make, there’s a huge impact and a huge ripple effect on the health and wellness of the people that you work with

Nichola Curran: 3:11

what you you get into we, you know, I can say we because we’re all whether it’s the fitness industry, wellness,injuries, whatever you want to refer to it as we get into it,because we’re passionate about helping people. So when we get in our own way, and we don’t do some of the things I’m going to suggest what you’ve suggested in the past, you’re you just all you’re doing is stopping being able to help more people. And,and what what and what’s the point of that? You know, so Okay,

Katie Bell: 3:38

so this is exciting.You’re going to talk to all of our listeners about some simple ways that they can they can get themselves out there that can stand out amongst all that,because there’s a lot of noise out there. And there’s a lot of things people think they should do, but they think it’s going to cost loads of money. They think it’s gonna be very complicated and take lots of time. But actually, that’s not always the case.

Nichola Curran: 4:03

Yeah,absolutely. So the the thing when you’re with you’re growing your business, what you have to appreciate is in this day and age now with social media,everything being on the internet, that your ideal clients, the people who you can help, most are highly likely to look you up on social media, or on the on your website first, in the process of their buying decision. So whether they’ve heard about you whether they’ve had a recommendation, or whether they’re doing a Google search.The fact of it is we are now in that age where we are finding information out more and more on the internet. We rely on it for everything. So what I’m going to share with you today is some ways that you can optimise your social media platforms and your website so that when people do come searching for you wherever they find you because they have heard about you know your name.So it might be that they’ve heard your personal name as their business owner, or they know your business name, or they’ve just put a search into Google one way or another,they’re gonna find you some in some way, shape or form. So I’m gonna go through some things that you, it’s not gonna cost you anything, just a bit of your time that you can do. So when they find you, they’re going to know that you are exactly the right person for them that can help them to achieve the results they want. So I’ve got a few things, different things up my sleeve. I feel like I need to do these, okay. So the first thing is, is what I refer to it as your one liner, you may have heard of it as more like your elevator pitch, okay, it’s the same thing, as far as I’m concerned. But what the reason why you need to get this first is because we’re going to use that everywhere, or a version of that everywhere. And we need to get it really succinct so that you can say it in a matter of seconds, that will pique someone’s interest. But also, if your ideal client is reading it or hearing it, they go, right, I need to know more, I need to explore more. So the first part that it comes in three stages that how you craft this one liner, as I call it, the first part is that you have to say who you help. Now you might say I help or I treat I coach,whatever the I bet is, but Who who is it, you have to be really specific about who that is, who is the ideal client. So that’s step number one I help version of help, who and then to do what, what is it you help them to do? Now, it might be that you help them to move away from a situation they’re in to get away from the pain that they’re in,whether it’s physical pain,emotional pain, spiritual pain,whatever that is, we are all as human beings, we are motivated to either move away from something we don’t want or towards something we want instead. So your one liner could have more of the anger of what people want, don’t want really.So to overcome pain, or to stop struggling with, or you can have it to help them and you can have more of the focus of what they want instead, to move freely as an example. So I help fill in the blank to fill it fill in the blank, so they can what? Why do people need your service? Okay,so if you’re a physio, they’re coming to you because they’re in pain, primarily, first and foremost. But why does that? Why can’t they just live with that?What is it that they? Why do they want to get rid of that?What is it they want to be able to do? So we have to craft the one liner, it sounds like there’s a lot to it, but you have to play around with it. And if you can get it down to sort of like 10 to 20 words, wherever possible, because we want to be able to say in seconds. And also if you depending on where you’re going to put that one liner, you only have a limited number of characters to be able to do that. So the idea of it is is straight away, they read that within seconds ago, right? Okay,this, that’s me. That’s what I want or don’t want. And that’s what I wanted, why I want to be able to do what I want to be able to do that upsets. So I’ll give you an give you an example.So for me, I help fit pros and studio owners, studio owners to get clients increase profits, so they can create a successful business. Okay, so it could be that you would say, I help people struggling with pain to move more freely, so they can get on with their lives and feel10 years younger, whatever that version might be. That’s the first and foremost. So that’s the key thing you need to do.First of all, think about what that is, then once you’ve got that, we will we are now going to put that one liner or a version of it in various different places. So first of all, I’m going to talk to you about Facebook. Now Facebook,the thing you need to understand it is an ecosystem. There are various elements to Facebook,you have got your personal page,and you have to have a personal page to be able to have a business page. So you’ve got your personal page and then you’ve got your business page and you may have a group, you may be going into other people’s groups. The thing with your when you’re a small business owner,quite often, you’re referred by you people refer to you, as opposed to now that’s Katie bellezza As to whatever the business name is, right? Katie posts whichever way you want to look at that. Both, but they will, they will go okay, who is this person and they’ll search for your name. So if they’re looking for you on social media,they’re going to come across your personal profile page,right? So what you want to do is optimise your personal profile page so that when they find you,they are you’re leading them over to your business page or wherever it is that you want to go. Now there are ways in which you can optimise that first and foremost your cover photo. So if you wish to go on to my personal profile page on a Facebook Nicola Curran, my cover photo talks about the health and fitness business club. There’s an image about who I help. You know, I used to have my grandson’s on there, but when I was like, realised all this stuff, I’m sorry, I love them dearly. But they’re gonna have to go off of my page, and I’ve got to optimise it because, yes,okay, I might be putting some things on Facebook, but I primarily as a business owner use it to grow my business. So it’s mental not to optimise it.So optimise your cover photo with a call to action cover photo. So if you want them to book in an initial consultation,put that on there. With some key wording and imagery that reflects that, when you upload your cover photo, as you upload it, you can also add a comment with it, add a clickable link in that. So when they click on your cover photo, it opens up the wording, you can use your one liner in it, which should be in your cover photo as well and add a clickable link to a landing page or in my instance, I send people to free join my free group. So as your clickable link in there on the cover photo, as well. I also have a button that says click here and there is not a clickable button. But if they clicked it that opens up the word in which they’re now going to find the clickable link. Does that make sense? optimise your cover photo. That’s easy. Also your profile photo, use the same profile photo across all of your platforms. So that if somebody sees you on Instagram or on LinkedIn, that they recognise that are that yeah, this is the same person because sometimes there are you know how very dare that but there might be several Nikola cars in the world. But they’re not going to look like me. It might be a good thing or a bad thing. But the if the photo is the same front on facing so they can see you quite as bold as you can use, you can use your branding colours, but having it the same, so no matter where they go. They know that you the other benefit of optimising all of this as well as if you were to do some posting in other people’s groups, for example, and you’re going to post an offer in there or you’re just going to be given some help or advice. Sometimes groups only allow you to join as an individual, not as a as a business page. So again, if they see, okay, Katie’s just put something in there some helpful information as you’re offering a consultation or whatever it might be, I’m gonna click on that. Who is she? If they then go over to your personal profile, and there’s nothing on there about your business,you’ve just sent them down a dead end. So optimise it. The other thing you can do, I’ve got lots of share some if I’m going quick apologies, but there’s a lot to share. The other thing you can do on your personal profile page is there is when you go into your settings,there’s a section a part of it that says nickname. So in your nickname, you can put what your title is. So my personal profile says Nicola Curran in brackets,health and fitness business coach. So that’s what I put in the nickname. You can also in the first part of your profile as well, where it’s, you’ve got limited characters, there’s a bit about you, you can then I’ve got a clickable link in there that sends them over to join my group. So that’s what I mean by optimising those things. Now my what goes on on my personal page is primarily primarily personal things. But I will still share some not a lot some posts from my business page over to personal page, which you can do you can’t do a lot of that because that’s against Facebook rules. So you don’t want the Facebook police to shut you down but you can do some as long as you have got other things going on in between but even if you don’t want to do that, at very least optimise your pay Ah,personal page, and then do the same over on your business page,the amount of times I look at someone’s booth go to somebody’s business page and their cover photo is just not optimised.There’s no call to action on it.There’s no one liner on there,the first step that you want somebody to do in your business is just nowhere to be seen. As bonkers. Don’t just rely on your posts to do that. optimise the cover photo. So in essence, my my cover photo on my personal page, personal profile is exactly the same pretty much as what I’ve got on my business page. So it’s very clear you’ve you’re in the right place. And just make sure that you’ve put your clickable links on your business page in the various elements of your of your settings, so that people know exactly what they what you want them to do next. And that would be

Katie Bell: 15:57

sending them to a landing page or to your booking booking page on your device. You always want to drive people to your website, because that improves search traffic search volume, you know,

Nichola Curran: 16:09

well, well, the if you speak to anybody that’s doing SEO stuff on your website,they’re going to say yes to do that. But for me, it’s like what if your if like my homepage of my website has very clearly which I’m going to come on to in a minute how you optimise that is very clearly talks about my free group and getting entry into it. So that so there wouldn’t be necessarily be an issue with me sending them there. Because it’s all is pretty much more geared up to be a landing page, to be fair, my homepage to get them to join the Club. So if your homepage of your website is talking about the first step that you want people to take, first and foremost, fine, send them there.But if it’s not what all that can happen is okay, it might be good for SEO purposes, or you have some of the analytics might be that area is not my area of expertise. But they can click on so many other things. And they might not take the action that you want them to take, because that’s the reason why they found you in the first place. You want to make it as easy as possible for them to go, Okay, I found this person, they’re talking my language, that’s exactly what I want. What do I need to do is the first step click Done. If they if you’re sending them over to a website, which isn’t optimised, which isn’t clear,they’re going to forget why they got went there in the first place. So that was a very long answer to a very short question.So to summarise, if, if you want to put your website link in there do providing when they you’re sending them to your homepage, it’s very clear what you want them to do within seconds. If not a landing page.

Katie Bell: 18:04

Yeah, yeah.

Nichola Curran: 18:07

So you have to,you know, as I say, if you’ve if you’ve got a if you’ve got your own group, and you want people to join your own group, then you need to make sure you’re you’re maximising on this. But if you are using a strategy where you might be posting in other people’s groups, you 100% need to be doing this because the chances are they’re going to find you your name. And even if you are like for example and my guest here on your podcast today, the chances are you’re going to put my name in there.So if somebody is listening to this, and they might go who is Nicola Curran, not, they may not remember the business name, who is this person? And go and find out who I am if I’ve if I’ve not optimised anything, you’re not going to know anybody. All right, okay. Yeah, interesting gone. We’ve, we’ve, we really do have such a small amount of time to capture people’s attention,certainly in this in this day and age. So that’s Facebook.You’re ready for the next bit.Okay, so then let’s move on to Instagram because it’s not all about Facebook. So on Instagram,obviously, you’ve got your bio.And you’ve got very few characters in there that you can use. So again, make sure your profile image is the same. And now in your bio you that’s where you want to put your one liner.And you depending on how long your one liner is and don’t worry about it being grammatically correct. Either you can strip out any you know,superlative words in it. Just get to the point of who you help, what you help them with and why that’s important. And if you can, if you’ve got space left, put some stats in there.So things like how many how many patients have you helped? How many clients have you helped? So you can you can just put that step with an MO OG in there, and also make sure that you’re that you’ve got, you can have your name, and you can have in brackets what it is that you do as well, depending on whether you’ve got your business name,as Instagram, as your, for your Instagram bio, I’ve just I use my name on Instagram. But it will still say health and fitness business coach, or a version of that, depending on how many characters I’ve got. So you want to make sure you’ve got your one liner in your bio, so that when people do check out who you are, that jumps out at them, get some stats in there if you can on it might be how many years you’ve been doing it, it might be how many people you’ve helped, or there abouts. So100%, do that. And then make sure you’ve also got a clickable link in there. Now that clickable link might take them to a link tree, where you’ve got various different things. I’ve got a link tree version,although it sits within my website, it’s not actually technically link tree. But there’s various options because I will do sometimes on my posts,I’m signposting them to join the club, sometimes I’m getting them to book a call. So if I just say in the video, click the link in the bio, then all of them are in there. If you’ve only got one call to action, just put that link in there. The other thing is to look at your grid. So if you when you go on to your Instagram profile, what you want to bear in mind is if somebody because guess Okay, most people will look at your posts by post whatever’s coming through their feed. But then if they go over and look at your grid, I wish you could see this now can’t even show you this. No point is,but when you look at the grid,so I’m on mine, even on a real for example, if I’ve got a real I’ll also make sure I’ve created a thumbnail image there that has the question that I’m answering in the real or the point that I’m making in in the real. So for example, I know everybody can see this, I’m going to show you that. So my real they’re all questions right there. And so it says we’ve got them. So there’s one that says, feel a bit stuck or unsure what to do next.That’s so that’s the first one,or there is for a real says want more paying clients, but they’re all when you look on the grid of my profile, they’re all questions or statements that I know my ideal clients will be thinking about? Or want answers to. So what’s your version? So when somebody does check you out, your bio is optimised. And then if they look on your grid,it’s not okay there’s there’s some Keith, you’re drawing them into it, they know they’re in the right place. And the more you can get them to consume your content, the more the algorithm is going to show your content to them and to others. So again,it’s not just about the bio,it’s not just about putting out one post of just focusing on that you need to think about how is this looking? How am I creating a whole batch of things that’s going to draw my ideal client in so they consume me for longer?

Katie Bell: 23:38

And you’re asking questions that you know, other conversation in your clients had?

Nichola Curran: 23:45

Yeah, or, like the like. So yesterday, it’s a random one. But the I had a grief specialist on so the, the,the profile, sorry, the thumbnail for that video is how to balance grief and loss with business. So it’s still about that. So it may not appeal to everybody, but they’ll go What’s that? Is that how to?

Katie Bell: 24:06

Or that’s you? Yeah,

Nichola Curran: 24:09

how to? I’ve got three reasons to not number one is a little bit obscure. It’s like it’s not about money. But it kind of is. It’s so it’s something that’s either is a question that they’re gonna go,oh, I need to know that or I want the, I want the answer to that or they’re gonna go. Okay,that’s interesting. What is that? Something to get them to get to now consume your content.And now you’re perceived as more relevant. So the algorithm will now start to work in your favour, until of course, they change how the algorithms work.And then maybe not. But no, but they want you the whole purpose of all these platforms is they just want you to stay on there for longer. So if you draw them in and consume the And they’re consuming your content. You’re,you’re doing exactly what it is that they, they want you to do.Yeah, so. So that’s. So I’ve got one more call to action bio. I don’t know how we’re doing if we’re okay to carry on, are we okay to carry on. So the other one is then LinkedIn. Again,you’ve got your cover photo to optimise. But what you have to bear in mind on LinkedIn is your profile image. If debate, if you’re looking at on mobile,your profile image will move into the middle of your cover photo. So a lot of us as we know a lot of people consume. All of they look all this time spent a lot of time on their mobiles looking at everything, so you need to make sure everything’s mobile friendly. So on my cover photo, for example, over to the left, as you look at it, where the profile photo is, is just images. But the word in the one liner, you sat to the right, so on mobile, when my profile moves, it won’t go over the word in where my it my photo moves,it won’t go over that was that doesn’t happen on on Facebook,but it will on Instagram. So my one line of wording is over there with that you can use not this one is not really a clickable link that you do but optimise your cover photo, and then make sure you optimise the wording that you’ve got directly below your photo. So again, I’ve got my name, and then in brackets health and fitness business coach, because that’s a searchable term. If somebody was searching for that, so if your are, you know, if your physiotherapist or whatever you are, you’ve got a studio, a Pilates studio, you want to put that in brackets so that if somebody is searching on Instagram, isn’t this the same with within sorry, on LinkedIn,it’s the same on Instagram, as well. There’s they’re all searchable terms. So you want you think of it along the lines of keywords, you’re using all the key words in the top part of your profile, because they’re searchable terms. And the key thing as well with LinkedIn to remember, even if you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile, now you need you, I highly recommend that you get one, because it’s one of the biggest SEO platforms. So usually if somebody is because it’s so huge. If somebody searches for if you put in a search for a name, the chances are, if they’re on LinkedIn, the LinkedIn profile will come up high for that, so the more you can optimise your whole LinkedIn profile with key words that you want to be found for the higher up you’re going to come in with anybody putting in doing a Google search, whether you’re doing SEO stuff on your website or not, you want to optimise LinkedIn. And also articles are a great way on LinkedIn, because they will show up in Google searches as well.

Katie Bell: 28:05

And is that like,Could you take your blog create an article from it? Post it on LinkedIn?

Nichola Curran: 28:11

Absolutely, yes.Who even knew? Yeah, there’s so much. There’s so much that you can do with LinkedIn, LinkedIn is huge one, we could do a whole section just you know, just on that to be fair, but you want to, if you like, not necessarily, you can come and connect with me if you like, but just look at my profile on LinkedIn to see how it’s all optimised. Because the top part part of it is optimised the cover photo, the word in the key terms are in there. But then there is an about section that is further down. Where you’ve got I don’t know what is some of that 2600 characters that you can use, but you need to make sure that’s optimised you only see the first three lines so the first three lines of it need to draw your ideal client in that’s when even though it says about you don’t make that about you.You talk about you might have some stats in there you are you certainly put your one liner in there. So they’re likely to click see more and read on and then you can optimise the rest of it. What is it that you want people to do? What services do you provide what’s the first step that you want them to take?And just thinking about as well the posts that you that you do on social media, just have them add them to your featured so that when somebody scans then down your page, they’ll see your being important posts that you want them to see. So if you have done an article you want to feature that it will just stick it’s like having it pinned to the top of your Facebook page.But you is you have it featured.

Katie Bell: 29:55

I mean this is all just amazing stuff Nicola because this is, as you said, A bit of our own time. It’s completely free. And it’s the sort of thing that can be working for you when you’re not working.

Nichola Curran: 30:08

Exactly, yeah.Yeah. And once you’ve, once you created the word in one place,that LinkedIn is the place where you’ve got more that you can do,okay, you can really beef that wording out. But once you’ve got it, you just, you’ve got it, you just tweak it in the different places to fit. So you’re just rinsing and repeating and on all the different platforms. But it all stems from being clear on your one liner, if you’re not clear on that you’re going to struggle with the rest of it. So it’s that

Katie Bell: 30:39

one minor is I always think I wrote this down on my notes page here. You know,if if we were meeting somebody or whatever, and we we said,what is it Who are you What is it that you do and I just said,Oh, how I kind of glamour fit.I’m Casey I’m a physio, the physio, you’d be like, alright,okay. Well, if I said, I’m Katie, I work with people who are, you know, struggling with back pain, long term back pain,and I help them move better,feel better and live better?You’d be like, Oh, okay, now let’s talk.

Nichola Curran: 31:11

Yeah, it’s a conversation starter, isn’t it?

Katie Bell: 31:14

It’s that it’s,it’s, you know, people, when we only talk about what we do. So if we talk if we introduce ourselves as physios, sports therapists, Pilates instructors,we’re only talking to the population of about 3%. No, we all what they need. But most people haven’t got a clue that a physio is what they need to solve their problem that they’ve got, or an osteopath or a Pilates instructor. So it’s like that whole conversation starter,isn’t it?

Nichola Curran: 31:46

Yeah, yeah. And it needs to be catchy. So that,you know, like you’ve said, if you meet some, sometimes you meet people say, Oh, what are you doing? And they start going,well, this and I do that. And it’s like, oh, God, I wish I never asked. But if, or is that just me. But if you are someone who says I help people to do this, this and this, you go, Oh,okay. And if the if that what they’ve just said, is something that is impacting my life, I’m definitely going to want to lean in. And you never know who you’re speaking to, whether that’s them on their map, go,oh, my gosh, my husband, or my son, or my daughter or my neighbour, is they need to speak to you, you don’t know. Because then the key thing of it is to use the wording that they would use, not your terminology.That’s the that’s the

Katie Bell: 32:44

that’s, I guess, a real mistake. We see a lot of clinic owners and businesses we work with, they’re too in their own head. And they have to you have to talk to the conversation and the clients or the clients.You know, they don’t know what a sciatic nerve is. They don’t know what femoral nerve is that you need to talk them in their own language? Yeah,

Nichola Curran: 33:06

absolutely. And so it all boils down to the all boils down to having the one liner, right. And then you just put that in various places. And then just one more thing, I’ll tell you. If somebody finds your website, or you come up in a Google search, and they click on to your website, and there they are on the on your homepage, you need to do the six second test.Okay, so the sixth step, second test is when you land on your homepage, there’s something called above the fold. So it’s the first bit that you see whether you’re on a laptop or on a mobile is the first bit that you see before you scroll down.So if that part there is prime space on your site, and that part there needs to clearly show people who you help how you help them. So they can do what and it needs a call to action on it. So with this is where your your one liner will come in again, you have got six seconds for somebody to go, what’s this and do I carry on reading, if they land on a on your homepage, and it’s not clear that you help them or there’s nothing engaging, they’ll click off again. So we want to again, we want to draw them in. So do the six second test. If you want to look on your website on your mobile, just make sure that it clearly states who you help, how you help them and what it is you want them to do next book, a consultation book a call, try a free class, join my group free group, whatever your lead magnet is, or it might be that you’re off. You’ve got a PDF download,it’s like download this,whatever the title is. So that is a big thing that I see a lot on websites is that homepage is not optimised. So that’s what when we go back to the face, but we say can you put a link in there over to your website. Yes.If it passes a six second test is consistent, doesn’t it? Like,that’s what you say? Yes. If

Katie Bell: 35:07

we’re going to drive somebody somewhere, it needs to be consistent with what we’ve just been talking about. Yeah.

Nichola Curran: 35:14

If anybody is confused if they’re like, Oh,I’ve come to the right place.Yeah. Gone, they’ve gone. If they’re like, Oh, what’s this?Where? How do I? What am I supposed to be doing? How do I find it? I’m not sure if this is me gone. So in GC,

Katie Bell: 35:29

all the clarity, you can do easy, easily, simply quickly, no cost element to it just a little bit of time. Yeah,and it just optimises that visibility that I always say constant and consistent are two different things. You don’t need to be constantly business, but you do need to be consistent.And this is about that stuff.Just working for you when you’re not having to be there all the time.

Nichola Curran: 35:54

Yeah,incongruent. Remember, that was consistent. Yeah.

Katie Bell: 36:00

Yeah, Nicholas, this has been so I have got a list of things that I’m gonna go and do now. Isn’t it refreshing to know listeners that you can, you can be successful and not know it all? You only know what you know. And, you know, there’s things that you could there’s always things that we can be doing better. So I’d better go in and make some of these changes. But you are just fabulous. And how can because Nicola, people will want more of you and more of this, how can they come and be in your group?If that was it, you know, you really specialise in working with with with studio owners fit pros, how can they come in like with you?

Nichola Curran: 36:36

Yeah, so you can go to join the forward slash training. And that will take you to a page where you can come and join the health and fitness business club, or you can just search for it, or look me up online, you’re gonna I’m gonna send you there. Because it’s all optimised, you’re gonna get there in the end. But the free Facebook group is the health and fitness business club. And we do weekly training every every week, Wednesday, at one o’clock, there’s a training session, whether it’s myself or our guest speaker that comes in to talk about anything to do with running a health and fitness business. You’ll find a lot of information about this stuff that I’ve just spoken about as well. I did this training a few weeks back.

Katie Bell: 37:14

So make sure that those links are in the show notes listeners. So you can just scroll down and click on those and go and add it to Nicholas group. And you can also then just see how you do it. I guess in in real life, you practice what you preach. Yeah. Nichola, thank you for giving up your time to talk to our listeners. I really appreciate it and please come back again soon. I will thank you for having me. Thank you for listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast that tells you what you really need to hear. And now when it comes to running a successful business in the health and wellness industry that gives you the time, money and freedom you are wanting for access to our free workshops on how to get more clients in your business, how to make more income in the next 30 days. And to get more time back in your business and life. Head to our free Facebook group today. Treat your business or head over to thrive dash business All of the links are available in the show notes

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