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Episode 61

How to Achieve Your Goals using the Power of Thoughts and Feelings

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About this episode

Hello listeners! 🎧

I hope you are well and ready for some empowering insights. In our latest episode, we unravel the mysteries behind why New Year’s resolutions often fizzle out by the end of January and how to break free from this pattern.

🔍 Key Takeaways:

  1. Feel It to Achieve It: Setting goals is just the beginning! Dive deep into the emotions tied to success and watch your desired outcomes manifest.
  2. Mindset Matters: Shift from a mindset of lack to one of abundance for lasting change. It’s a game-changer!
  3. Gratitude and Signals: Cultivate gratitude as a powerful transmitter of positive signals into the universe, attracting the reality you dream of.
  4. Creating from Within: Transforming thoughts, beliefs, and feelings precedes external change. Embody the desired state first, and watch your actions align with your goals.

If these insights resonate with you, I’d love to hear your thoughts in a review. Your feedback fuels positive change, and together, we can inspire each other to reach new heights.

Thank you for tuning in this week! 🙏 Remember, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs shape your reality. Until next week, let’s continue this incredible journey of personal growth and manifestation.

Stay inspired! ✨


  • 0:00-Why New Year’s resolutions fail, with insights on gym crowds and personal goals.
  • 2:52-Setting achievable goals and manifesting success through mindset.
  • 6:17-The power of gratitude and manifestation
  • 8:32-The power of thoughts and beliefs in achieving goals.
  • 12:33-Shifting mindset for business success.


Katie Bell: 1:12

Hello, hello, welcome to this week’s episode of the podcast, we are going to be talking about you today. Last week we talked about goals. And we are going to dive deeper into the real reason why most people start the year with great intentions. They set out what they want to achieve in the next 12 months and maybe beyond. And they write down their list and they write down all the things that they want to change in their business and in their life. And the reality is that by I think it’s something like the third week in January 62% of people have given up on their their resolutions or their intentions or their goals. They’ve just gone by the wayside. But why? Why is it that the most people the biggest proportion of people don’t sustain what they decide right at the beginning of January, they’re going to do with their year. And this always blows my mind that gyms are the busiest that you’ve ever seen them, you can’t get on the treadmill, you can’t get in the weight section. And there’s all these people with all these great intentions. And by about third or fourth week in January, it’s all gone back to normal. I went to my boxing class that I go to two or three times a week. It’s a kind of boxing and strength and conditioning class and it was debt. And as I Oh, okay, it’s Monday, the 15th of January. This is what’s going to happen, these people are not going to be able to sustain the resolutions, the intentions the goals that they have set out. So why I was stripping wallpaper, okay, hold the thoughts that I was stripping wallpaper or just like two hours yesterday in one of our spare rooms. And I needed to do it because long story as to why I had to strip the wallpaper. Anyway, I thought, Okay, I’m gonna leverage my time, I’m gonna listen to a podcast. And this is what prompted me to jump on here today and record this episode, How many times have we thought about a resolution about a goal, and we’ve written it down. But the feeling that we have when we’re writing it down doesn’t correspond to the emotion that we need to be in to act like it’s already happening, we often write things down. But we don’t really feel like we can make it happen. Or we go well, that sounds really good. But like, I’m never going to make it happen, or I’m going to get halfway or I don’t know enough, or I’m not good enough, or they won’t pay me that much, or something, I don’t have enough time or I need to wait to get these things in order in my business before I then can can do that. So a lot of the times we set out with these intentions and we go for these big hairy audacious goals, these big goals, but we we are trying to create them from the same feelings, thoughts, processes, systems being so the whole B do have principle is if you want to have more clients, if you want to make more money, if you want to make more revenue, if you want to make more profit, if you want to have more time to spend with your kids and your family and going to the gym and walking your dog. If you want to have financial freedom if you want to travel more. Like it’s easy, isn’t it to just write down I want to do this, I want to achieve this in 12 months time. Yeah, that was that’s the easy part. But if we’re writing it down, and we’re trying to create from the same state of being, it’s never going to happen. So when people set out with their resolutions that they are going to lose three stone in three minutes. And they are you know, they’re going to be like become the slimmest version of themselves. They’re trying to create the outcome from a place where their energy is lack is low confidence, low self belief, feeling fat, feeling unhealthy, feeling like the rest, failure, feeling weak, feeling pathetic. And then we just suddenly think that we are going to become this slim, athletic, very fit, very healthy person, but the two don’t correspond the feelings and the thoughts that we are creating from are still from a place of lack. We’ve been conditioned into believing that we need a reason to feel joy is a reason to feel happy. When I have this I will feel good. When I’ve got this goal, I will feel happy. When I have achieved this, I will feel grateful. But we actually have the ability to give thanks and be grateful to something that exists as a potential. I’ll just let that sink in for a second. We have the ability. If you think about athletes, okay, if you think about Jonny Wilkinson, I think I said this once before on a podcast. If you watch Jonny Wilkinson, mentally rehearse what he is about to do over and over and over and over again. He is creating in his brain the outcome that exists as a potential in the future. But he is creating it like it is happening now and the brain doesn’t know what is true and what is false and what is real and what is not. So he is creating the thoughts and the feelings and the energy that that vibrational energy that’s going out into the quantum field. He is resonating at a certain level so that he’s going to literally pull the outcome to awards him from his potential future from his potential reality. So we don’t have to be this, like cause and effect being. So if we can give thanks and feel those elevated emotions associated with a design event before it happens before it occurs, like, can we imagine that reality so completely that you begin to be in that future life already, if we can give thanks for something that exists as a potential but has not yet happened in your reality, we are moving from a cause and effect. So as I said, we’re waiting for something outside of you to make a change inside of you. That’s the old way of thinking that when I have got this, then I will feel good. And we’re moving to causing an effect. So changing something inside of us to produce an effect outside of us. So loads of people talk about the importance of gratitude, and being thankful, and how the importance of getting up every morning and starting your day, in a state of gratitude. When you’re in a state of gratitude, you transmit a signal, okay, like a tuning fork, I want you to imagine you’re transmitting a signal into the field that an event has already occurred. So we can be grateful for the things that already are in our life. But we can also be grateful for the things that exist as a potential in our life. But we’ve got to feel it, you got to feel all the feelings, you have to feel it as though whatever you want in is in your reality. Now it’s already happening. So when I am writing my gratitude list, there is some things that I write on there. This morning, I did like a list of 20 things that I’m grateful for thankful for. And I would say 50% of those are what already exists in my life. And 50% of those are what I am manifesting to exist within my life, your body really only understands feelings. So it’s got to be convinced that it has that future experience is happening to you now, the Jonny Wilkinson and the Usain Bolt, the MO Ferrer’s, if you watch them rehearse in their head, the outcome when you see a sprinter, start on the line, they are literally creating their potential reality they are focusing they are feeling what it’s going to feel like when they come over that finish line. And they are in number one and the crowd are going wild. And all of the Jamaican flags are all around the stadium, and the noise and the sounds, they are all and it’s making me have shivers, they are feeling the feelings. So to have all of the goals that we create on first of January in our business and in our life, or intentions, perhaps we’ve got we can’t just write them, we can’t just think about them, we have to then feel what it would be like when that when we achieve that thing. You will know lots of people in your life that seem to just have bad luck. They just seem to like get one thing. And then there’s another thing. And then another thing happens. And you know, when people say what’s the saying things happen in threes, or some weird thing like that? Well, we get back what we send out, okay, that’s how this orchestration of all these events that happen happen in our lives. So if we’ve experienced suffering, or loss or pain within our minds and bodies, we hold on to that suffering. And we express it through our thoughts and feelings, okay, we broadcast that out, it’s like you are like radiating these signals out that are invisible to anybody else, okay in the universe. And you’re like giving out this kind of energy all the time. So when we jump on calls with people, I pick up on that energy like, oh, okay, they’re coming from a place of worry, or fear of anxiety, of stress of feeling low or feeling low self belief, feeling lack of confidence that nobody is going to pay them that nobody’s going to want to work with them, that they’re a rubbish team leader, that they can’t manage people, that they they are sick of their partners, or that things are not happening going well in their life, or they haven’t got enough money. So they’re literally like sending out those energetic vibes. And we broadcast that sort of signature into the field. And so then the Universal Intelligence responds by sending it back into our lives with another event that will reproduce the same intellectual and emotional response. So if you thought send out the signal, I am suffering and our emotions I am suffering draw into our lives in an event to match that emotional frequency. So that is a good reason to suffer. That is why things happen once and then something else happens and then something else happens. What we’re kind of doing is asking for proof of, of this Universal Intelligence all times it sends us feedback doesn’t it gives us that reason to not commit to changing our ego often wins the battle, which is why we like 98 99% of people don’t ever keep their goals or their resolutions for the year, it’s why most people, I’m going to be bold here. My most people live an average life because to to have a different reality means that we have to become something different. So why don’t we send out signals that have produced a positive outcome for us? How come we change so that the signal we send out matches what we intend for our lives. So when people say, in business, I just need to do strategy, I need to just do my business model, I just need to think about my finances. Oh, yeah, you absolutely need to do all of that. But we have to be to do to have, so any coaching, any guidance, any teaching, any, anything that you you need in your business has to come with the mindset support, we have to believe different beliefs, we have to think different thing, things, to take different actions to have the goals, the intentions, the outcomes that we want. So all those times in the past, when we’ve tried to change, maybe our thinking was fundamentally limited at that time, we probably believed that it was always circumstance circumstances outside of us that needed to change. If I didn’t have so many other commitments, if I had more time, then I could lose the weight, then I’d be happier, then I’d be able to focus more on my business, then I’d be able to put my prices up. But if there wasn’t a recession, then I will be able to do this. And so we’ve all stated some variation on that theme. This, if this then that cause and effect. But what I am challenging you on and maybe suggesting that you could think in a different way. Is that what if you could change your mind? What if you could change your thoughts? What if you could change your feelings, and your way of being? What if you could change ahead of time and see the effects of those internal changes in our external world, whatever you have created right now is a product of your thoughts and beliefs and feelings. It’s simply a matter of breaking the habit of being yourself. When you overcome ask your senses, when you understand that you are not bound by your past, when you live a life that is greater than your environment, time, your body, all these things are possible. So when you change your mind, you change your life. So I want you to think about all of those intentions, that’s goals, those resolutions that you have set this year, or maybe in the past and not achieved. And I want you to notice where those intentions although got those goals are being set from or they’re being set from a place of lack from a place of dislike, because we’re just going to create more of what we then don’t want. When you listen to this podcast, I will have ran our free masterclass in, in in the month, which is going to be all about this deep diving into this and giving you the tools to be able to be do and half. So if you are listening to this thinking, Oh my God, this makes total sense I’ve been trying to create from completely the wrong place. And you want to know how you can shift your energetic vibration, you can get yourself into a state of creation and receiving back what what you are putting out there in a really positive way, then you can go back and listen to the recording, I will make sure that the link is in the show notes for you to dive in. And listen back to that masterclass. And if you were there live, then you are going to have all these tips and tools and tricks. And we are going to explain the how you get yourself into that altered state. This might feel really woo for some of you who are not into quantum physics right now. But I promise you, the biggest change for you in your business is going to be when you kind of surrender to the power of the universe. And stop trying to work hard through it. Stop trying to just double down hustle, work harder to get the results that you’re looking for. We have to surrender to the bigger things, the bigger being that surrounds us and look at what we want to create what we want because everything is possible anything is possible. All those things that you have popped down on your list of wants and, and intentions and goals this year. They are 100% possible. But if we try and get to them from the same place of being taken to happen, or it’s going to feel like really hard work, or we probably won’t get the outcome that we were looking for. Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of the podcast. Please, please please leave me a review. I read them all and it really really helps when you review. Somebody else gets to see it. Other people get to hear this and see this and hopefully change their lives and their businesses. For the better it has been a pleasure I can’t wait to see you next week on the treat your business podcast have a fabulous rest of your day and remember your thoughts your feelings your beliefs create your reality.

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