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BONUS 2: What to do with your business health check results

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About this episode

Hello again! I hope you’re ready for my second bonus episode packed with actionable insights to turbocharge your business! Did you take up the challenge from our last bonus episode and dive into your business health check?

In today’s episode, I’m diving deep into the results of your business health check. Whether you’re soaring with high scores or feeling a bit deflated, there is valuable wisdom to be gleaned. From mindset mastery to knowing your numbers inside out, we’ll explore the common challenges and key areas for improvement that emerged from your scores.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Mindset Mastery: Your mindset sets the tone for your business success. Learn to manage it like a pro to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.
  2. Know Your Numbers: Understanding your business’s financial health is non-negotiable. Dive into your numbers to make informed decisions and drive profitability.
  3. Systems and Processes: Transform your business into a well-oiled machine by implementing efficient systems and processes. Free up your time and energy for what truly matters.
  4. Taking Action: Don’t let your business health check results gather dust in your inbox. Take inspired action to address areas for improvement and propel your business forward.

Ready to turn your business’s potential into reality? Dive into today’s episode for practical strategies and insights to elevate your business game. And remember, the journey to success is a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s thrive together!


This podcast is sponsored by the team at HMDG


  • 0:00-Introduction
  • 2:12-Welcome and Sponsor Message
  • 2:58-Acknowledgment of Business Health Check
  • 4:05-Reflecting on Scores and Challenges
  • 5:54-Common Challenges: Mindset, Numbers, Systems
  • 7:46-Importance of Taking Action
  • 10:47-Realities of Business Survival
  • 12:56-Prioritising Profitability
  • 16:19-Call to Action and Closing


Treat Your Business Bonus 2

[00:00:00] Katie Bell: So how many of you did it? How many of you took the dare? The dare on my last episode yesterday, which was a bonus episode, and as today is a bonus episode as well, how many of you yesterday took the dare of going to do your business health check, of pulling your head out of the sand? And just facing it head on, getting a check on how your business actually is performing in one of five areas.

[00:00:29] Katie Bell: So if you’re listening to this bonus episode and haven’t done it, then I give you permission to pause me, to head to the show notes, go to the link, it’s going to take you between two and four minutes. You’re going to get a personalized analysis of how your business is performing. 25 quickfire questions to reveal your business health check overall score and scores within five different categories, all of which are crucial for business success.

[00:00:53] Katie Bell: Welcome to the Treat Your Business podcast with Katie Bell. I am Katie, and this is the place to learn the strategies, tactics, tools, and mindset needed. To build your clinic or studio into a business that gives you the time, money, energy and fulfillment you want and deserve. My team and I work every day with overwhelmed and exhausted clinic owners like you to shift them from a business that is a huge time and energy drain and is not giving them the income they want to confident clinic owners that are making money, saving money and getting time back in their lives.

[00:01:26] Katie Bell: So if this sounds like something you want, let’s dive in. This podcast is sponsored by HMDG, the leading digital marketing agency for the Clinicare is in the U. K.

[00:01:39] Katie Bell: So congratulations to those of you who took my dare and went and did your business health check. I decided that I was going to record this as a bonus episode because For some of you, because, hey, I get to see your names and I get to see your scores, and I want you to know that whatever score that you have achieved, unless it is 90 percent or above business is never done.

[00:02:12] Katie Bell: You’ll never score 100 percent in your business because if you do, then you’re not playing a big enough game. You’re not stretching yourself. So for those of you who scored super high amazing, well done. You’re, you are smashing it. But I’m going to really encourage you to stretch and leverage and really ask yourself the questions, is my business serving me in time, energy, money, freedom, fulfillment?

[00:02:40] Katie Bell: Is it exactly where you want it to be? But for those of you who didn’t score highly, and I want to say a few things here to make you, for those of you who will have taken the test and felt deflated, for those of you who have taken the test and thought, I’ve got so much to do, there’s so many things I need to change, I want you to know that most people Don’t score above 50%.

[00:03:08] Katie Bell: Okay, so it’s no drama. It’s no drama. But this is a starting point. This is about what you do with your result.

[00:03:19] Katie Bell: Now in yesterday’s episode, I encouraged you to go and take the business health check. And for those of you who have done it or had already done it, massive congratulations for being somebody who doesn’t procrastinate and who just gets shit done. It takes between two and four minutes. But here is the thing.

[00:03:38] Katie Bell: Most people have scored below 50%. The ones that have scored the highest are all of you who are being coached. And we’ve still got so much more work to do, but doesn’t that say a lot?

[00:03:54] Katie Bell: And there are some common areas across all of the scores that often pull people down. Mindset is one of the biggest challenges. To be constantly at the top of your game, to be constantly managing your mindset requires you to have the time to do so. it requires you to bring it up to the surface and realize that your mindset will be one of the biggest barriers that hold you back in terms of being a successful clinic owner.

[00:04:25] Katie Bell: It will be one of the biggest things that holds you back from implementing a strategy, from doing the stuff that we’re going to tell you to do off the back of your score.

[00:04:35] Katie Bell: The other big area that brings people down a lot is not knowing your numbers. And for me, this is one of the foundations, the key foundations in your business, because how do you know what marketing you should be doing? How do you know how many new clients you need? How do you know what to spend on certain areas?

[00:04:55] Katie Bell: What you can, what’s in your budget? Whether you can buy that new equipment, whether you can hire that new member of staff, whether you can take that second clinic site in that gym room that they’ve got. How do you know any of that if you don’t know your numbers?

[00:05:08] Katie Bell: Other areas that I commonly saw when I dug into some of your scores was systems. Your business needs to be a process driven, system driven business. And even though it’s healthcare, and even though we want to have a personal touch, and we want to make people feel great, it still can be ran from a process and a system.

[00:05:26] Katie Bell: You will have heard me talk about this before, but I take some mini retirements from my businesses. My next one is in September, in my clinic. I am going to be retiring from it for one whole month. And this is about what I call a stress test. This is about really seeing how my business can perform when I am not in it.

[00:05:45] Katie Bell: And it shows what needs to be fixed, what needs to be changed, what needs to be up levelled, what needs to be leveraged, what I need to, what processes I need to put in place to allow me to have the month off firstly and not be bothered, but also to make sure that the business doesn’t just stagnate, it doesn’t stay where it is.

[00:06:02] Katie Bell: It grows in my absence.

[00:06:04] Katie Bell: You can have this too.

[00:06:07] Katie Bell: You can have it all, whatever all means to you. But it starts by looking at your score, grabbing it with your hands, grabbing it by the horns, and going, Okay, what next? What do I need to change first? Now, our result, our personalized analysis and results that we have sent to you, and you’re going to get some emails over the coming weeks to give you more guidance, more advice, more value, more help.

[00:06:38] Katie Bell: We’re going to give you ideas of what you need to be doing based on the scores that you had. But if you just do this health check and it’s just another one of those things that you file away in your email inbox, or you never look at again, Then this is as bad as just not knowing. Not knowing and not doing is as bad as not knowing.

[00:07:00] Katie Bell: So what is it that you’re gonna do first as a result of taking this health check? Remember I said most clinic owners that I speak to don’t do anything.

[00:07:13] Katie Bell: Most clinic owners that I speak to think they can figure it out for themselves. And they probably can, but it’s gonna take them a fucking long time. And who hasn’t got time? Time is the only thing that you can’t replace. Money is replaceable. Time is not. So for me, this is about encouraging you to go right.

[00:07:34] Katie Bell: Okay, I am NOT going to spend any more time getting this wrong. I’m not going to spend any more time trying to figure this out for myself. I’m not going to spend any more time going around in the same circles and not really knowing what to deal with first. By looking at your business health check, it’s going to be glaringly obvious.

[00:07:53] Katie Bell: What you need to address first and our our support and our examples and our advice off the back of it that you will have received is going to say, okay, if you scored in this area and this area, then this is the first thing that you need to do. Don’t go and fix your marketing until you have fixed this, your sales funnel, because then every pound you spend on marketing, you’re going to get your best return on investment.

[00:08:17] Katie Bell: If your sales funnel is a bag of, you know what? Then there is literally no point in spending more money on marketing. But if you don’t know what your numbers are, if you don’t know what your margins are, if you don’t know what your profitability is, then how do we know what marketing we need to be doing?

[00:08:32] Katie Bell: How do we know what areas of the business we need to push? What do we need to stop doing? Because it’s not making any margin. 80 percent of your revenue, , is going to be coming from 20 percent of the things that you do in your business. You’ve heard it before, the Pareto Principle, the 80 20 rule.

[00:08:47] Katie Bell: 80 percent of the results in your business is going to be coming from 20 percent of the things that you do. So if we were really super clear on not having much time, because none of us do, and actually time’s really precious and there’s loads more important things you can be doing with your time, like spending it with your family and your friends, and traveling and doing all the great things that we’re on this planet to do and experience, Then we could get rid of 80 percent of the stuff that you’re doing in your business and you would still grow.

[00:09:16] Katie Bell: So this business health check is going to help you just start to work through the weeds and go, okay, all of that is not what I need to spend time and money and effort on right now. That’s where I need to work.

[00:09:29] Katie Bell: So be the person that completes the business health check, but then actually does something with it.

[00:09:36] Katie Bell: Be the 5 percent and thrive one of our values. Is be the 5%. Is, what is gonna make you be successful, succeed, have the best version of your life that you could possibly wish to have, you have to go and do the stuff that 95 percent of people are not prepared to do.

[00:10:01] Katie Bell: And don’t take that from me, take that from the stats. I was being optimistic by saying to Michael from HMDG on a call this morning, Did you know? The latest stats show that 50, like the most optimistic stats I could find, that 50 percent of businesses don’t survive beyond five years. And Michael said I think that’s really optimistic, Katie, because when I used to work in banking and we used to help new startups, 96 percent of all new startups didn’t survive within, didn’t survive more than one year.

[00:10:29] Katie Bell: And that’s the difference. is that if you want to grow, if you want to grow, you need to be profitable. Even if you don’t want to grow much more, you love what you do, but you’re still not making the money that you’re making. You need to be profitable. You need to work on the things that are really holding your business back, not just creating more reels on social media, trying to get a social media marketing manager in because you think that’s going to make the biggest difference in your business.

[00:10:54] Katie Bell: It might. Who knows? By the way, it probably won’t. But We don’t know that until we have done your health check and we have looked at what the data is telling us and then we can start to plug and fix some of those gaps. You’re not going to do it in a day. You’re not going to do it in a week. All of our fabulous clients know this, that they work with us for 12 months.

[00:11:14] Katie Bell: They work with us for 12 months for a reason. Because for you to learn, to implement, The strategy, have the mindset that’s required to beat the 5%. It doesn’t happen overnight and I’m not here for those people who tell you can do this in a day, in a week, in 30 days, we can generate you this or double your revenue in this time or get you 100 leads overnight.

[00:11:41] Katie Bell: It’s bullshit. Business is about consistency and it’s about showing up and doing the things that the 5 percent are not prepared to do but it’s also about repeating what works. It’s not about reinventing the wheel all the time. It’s about repeating what’s reliable, what works, what we know works, what makes you margin in your business, and getting rid of some of the stuff that’s taking up a lot of your time, a lot of your energy, a lot of your effort, and making you no money whatsoever.

[00:12:10] Katie Bell: So call this little kick up the backside in the most friendliest way possible to really use this opportunity to Plan some time in your diary to think how are you going to take the next step? What is the next step for you? Now, I’m going to encourage your next step to be continuing this conversation with me.

[00:12:32] Katie Bell: That sounded like I’d written a poem. I didn’t mean it to sound like a poem. But I want you to continue this conversation with me because If you are really serious about your time and you respect your time, then stop trying to figure this stuff out for yourself. Stop trying to think that you can do this alone.

[00:12:53] Katie Bell: The most successful business owners have done it with help. They’ve done it with support. They’ve recognized that they’re not the ones to take their business to the next level by themselves. It’s just not going to happen.

[00:13:07] Katie Bell: Now when we get on a discovery call together, the first thing that we do is we’re going to look at your business health check scores and we’re going to choose a category based on what I think strategically, because that’s my skill, that you need to do first. And we’re going to dig into that together so you’re going to leave that call with a really clear plan of I need to do this and this.

[00:13:29] Katie Bell: Like what two things do I need to do next. So that’s what I’m going to give to you, but what I’m also going to be sense checking is that are you the right fit for our program? Are we mutually the perfect fit? Because we want business owners who are ready to take the next level. They want the support, they’re going to get out their own way, they’re going to implement, they’re going to show up, they’re going to commit, and they’re going to trust the process.

[00:13:59] Katie Bell: Because when they do that, what the business health check is showing me is that they are scoring the highest scores. They are making more money. They have more idea of their numbers. They have a sales and marketing plan and strategy. They have leadership skills. They know how to hire. They are developing systems and processes in their business to free them of their business.

[00:14:22] Katie Bell: You can have the same.

[00:14:24] Katie Bell: The only thing that’s stopping you right now is you. So below is the link to book in a discovery call. I would really like to continue this conversation. I would really like to support you because our mission in Thrive is about helping clinic owners to transform their business into a more profitable, sustainable business so that you can impact a million people or more lives.

[00:14:58] Katie Bell: That’s what I’m here to do. This is not about playing small. This is about making you amazing at what you do, not just as a clinician, but as a business owner, so that you can go and impact the health and wellness of our communities.

[00:15:12] Katie Bell: So I look forward very much to chatting to some of you in the coming months. There are spaces I have made available on the diary as a result of this bonus episode, so you can be the first to jump in and just take part. inspired action today. I look forward to chatting. Thank you for listening.

[00:15:33] Katie Bell: Thanks so much for listening to this show. Remember content consumption does not make changes, so commit to doing something from today’s episode. Maybe it’s taking action on what we talked about. Well, maybe it’s reaching out to me and learning more about our transformational coaching programs. Or if you have not yet, join our free Treat Your Business Facebook group, a free access to over 30 business masterclasses.

[00:15:57] Katie Bell: All of that is over at thrive business coaching. com or linked in the show notes. And the last favor I will ask, because social proof is endlessly important, is to leave a rating or review. I would love to know what you think of the show, how the show has been helpful for you. And I can’t wait to chat with you.

[00:16:14] Katie Bell: This is just the start of our conversation. Reach out so we can keep it going. Talk soon!

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