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Episode 13

3 Key Things To Be Doing in Online Marketing Right Now (with Michael Schumacher)

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About this episode

This week I am delighted to be joined by Michael Schumacher, founder of HMDG, a specialist marketing agency for Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other Healthcare Professionals.

In today’s episode, Michael and I are discussing:

  • The most important thing about local business marketing doesn’t matter.
  • How to get more reviews on your Google My Business page.
  • How to use Google reviews to get more traffic to your website.
  • The first thing you need to do on your website.
  • How do you measure the impact of your marketing.
  • Don’t be scared of spending money.
  • Michael’s advice for you to take advantage of.

To contact Michael you can email : [email protected]



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  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to today’s episode.
  • 00:05:48 – The most important thing about local business marketing doesn’t matter.
  • 00:08:18 – How to get more reviews on your Google My Business page.
  • 00:11:55 – How to use Google reviews to get more traffic to your website.
  • 00:16:04 – Show your face.
  • 00:18:00 – The first thing you need to do on your website.
  • 00:23:05 – How do you measure the impact of your marketing?
  • 00:28:08 – Don’t be scared of spending money.
  • 00:32:06 – Michael’s advice for you to take advantage of.


You’re listening to Treat Your Business with Katie Bell, the podcast for health and wellness business owners that want and need to give their business the treatment plan it deserves and needs so that you can create more time back in your lives to give you the income you deserve and work hard for and to create more freedom and flexibility in your lives to enjoy the things you love to do. Whether you are a physiotherapist, an osteopath, a sports therapist, or maybe a Pilates studio owner, I’m determined to share with you bite sized episodes full of tried and tested tips from my own real experience of growing a successful physiotherapy and wellness clinic and from working with many businesses to do the same. So if you’re tuning in and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of patients admin, life constantly juggling working and being with the family, and feel like you’re doing a rubbish job at both not making the income you thought you would by running a business and generally feeling overwhelmed with everything that you have to do, then keep listening. The treat your business podcast is sponsored by Jane. Jane is an all in one practice management software with helpful features like online booking, admin scheduling, integrated payment processing, and charting. But there’s more to J than you might think. The team at Jain cares a lot about the problems you face as a practitioner. One of those problems is the prevalence of no shows and late cancellations and practices. So they’ve made it easy for you with a few simple tools built right into je that includes the ability to implement an online booking payment policy, send out unlimited text and email reminders, and enable waitlist management features to fill those last minute gaps that were preventable. Come and see Jane in action at Jaina. And if you know you’re ready to sign up, then you can mention the toad Thrive one M O for a one month grace period on your new Jane account. Hello, hello. Hello. Thank you for joining me on today’s episode. I’m really excited to be recording this because we have our very first guest speaker. Now if you’ve listened to our previous episodes, we’ve really delve into the why so far, we’ve looked at why you’re still running your business, what’s driving you to turn up each and every day. And these questions often can be quite unsettling. And I know that and for some of you, you’ve kind of lost sight of the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. And for some of you, you’ve lost some of that love for what you trained so hard to do. We’ve talked about the invisible to the visible and how important it is to really know where you’re going. It’s like getting in your car and not knowing where that endpoint is your Sat Nav as got literally no clue which direction to take you in. In my case, my geography is so bad, I will be going in exactly the opposite direction. But I’ve invited Michael on as our guest speakers, my very first one for a really good reason there is method in my madness. Because when your ego doesn’t know the how it doesn’t like it. So I’ve talked a lot about the why we’ve talked a lot about really understanding the strategy and the model of your business and why we’re running this business. And I know in all of your minds, and then all of your thoughts, you’re going to be saying cases, that’s really great. I’m getting loads from this, but I just need to know how to go and do it. I just need to know what marketing I need to do. And that’s one of the biggest challenges that we I hear business owners say all the time, I need to know how to do marketing, I’ve relied on word of mouth, pre COVID. A lot of our businesses that we work with, and I know Michael works with, they relied on word of mouth. It worked, it was fine. It built up reputation, it built up an established business coming out COVID things have shifted, we’ve got to be doing more to stand out. Word of mouth still works. It’s great. Okay, but we need to be doing more to stand out and stay ahead of the game and ahead of the curve. Getting more clients getting more patients, there are so many ways that we can do that offline and online. And Michael has amazing ideas in both of these realms. And we’ve done some talks together before. But at this point, I thought my listeners need something juicy. They need something to really listen to an expert who knows what they’re talking about. And Michael and me get on I think because I am going to swear just this morning. We are no bullshit. We just give very bold very direct advice. We cut through the crap that is out there in our industry. And we don’t sell people what we don’t think they need. We really talk to people about what they should be doing. And Michael and me say this a lot we actually met because we both have a mutual client and the client said to Michael, oh, Katie, Katie told me all these things that I shouldn’t be doing or Michael had said you should be doing all these things. And she said, Yeah, Katie said the same. And it was this this moment, wasn’t it that we we read understood that actually we’re gonna get on because we’re just cutting through all that layer of rubbish that is out there. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Michael Michael Evans HMD G is a specialist MSK marketing agency that works with hundreds of clinics throughout the UK as well as the industry’s biggest brands and influences, the most recognisable being Adam Meekins physio matters HMD G also founded therapy life, as well as working with MSK charities and industry organisations. So Michael, a huge welcome to the treat your business podcast. I’ve given you a very clear brief, haven’t I? I’m very bossy I, I am sorry about that. I said, Tim, can you tell our listeners, three key things that they should be doing in terms of online marketing right now? Yeah, and we could talk, you know, in your introduction, we could talk about marketing, and how to do marketing and all of that stuff. But as you said, Let’s just focus on three things. And I’ve got these three things, from people that we speak to, who are not yet clients, but also our clients themselves. And these are things that people either don’t do or they do badly. So and I’m going to have a mix between some money stuff and some free stuff. So let’s start with the most important thing about local business marketing doesn’t matter if you’re a dentist or a plumber, or a physiotherapist, you have to be visible. What is the easiest and cheapest way of being visible to people who are searching for your service. And that is Google My Business. Google My Business. I’m sure most clinics already have it. If you don’t go and get one, then go and learn about it. Google My Business is the thing that shows at the top of Google when you do a search for a service, do it yourself, plumbing me electrician near me, best physio in Liverpool, whatever. That’s where you have your Google My Business, it will list your business, it will list your business details. And it will list your ratings from from your your customers from reviews. So that is the number one thing you need to go and do. Go and fix your Google My Business go and optimise your business do as much as you can with a Google My Business. Because the more things that you show for, the more patients are going to become aware of you, the more visible you’re going to be. And the more patients are going to come in. There are lots of stats, if you’ve got to do my business, make sure you read that Google email that you get every month, how many calls is that generated? How many people have searched for your location? How many people have contacted you, and so on? Make sure you keep an eye on those stats. Because whatever marketing you do, it’s got to be measurable. So we’re going to talk about some of the quick changes we could do on the Google My Business. But keep an eye on those stats to make sure that the changes that you’re making are having an impact. So what is the purpose of Google My Business it is to show people searching for service that you are available. So make sure the number one, you have a fully completed Google My Business, put in a booking link put in the services that you sell. Make sure your opening hours are correct. Make sure your address is correct. Google treats Google My Business as a way of as I said, showing customers where you are but they do not like it. When your information on your Google My Business doesn’t match up to other things. Now, that could be your website. And it could be citations and citations. People don’t know their directories yell 192. So if your business is called Wimbledon physiotherapy, on yell, and on your Google My Business is called Wimbledon physiotherapy limited. Google does not like that. So make sure or if it’s even on your website as well make sure that it matches to the comma to the it has to be identical. So go and check that fill out your Google My Business property. That’s the first thing. Secondly, add photos, make sure you add photos and regularly add photos, put team photos in you have to be active on that Google My Business. Make sure you put team photos in make sure you put photos of the clinic photos of treatments, as many photos, the office dog, I don’t care, just put photos on, I would suggest that a minimum put new photos on every quarter. That should be your minimum. There’s also a place to post post on your Google My Business post on there. Anything again, it doesn’t really matter what the best things to post are always things around the things that you do. So maybe it’s a maybe it’s around back pain or neck pain or whatever it is. But post on there, make sure you use those words, Google will scan those posts. So if someone’s doing search for back pain treatment in Liverpool, it will scan those posts show Google My Business. And then as well you’re relevant to that person that that’s doing that search. So posts photos filled out properly, make sure that’s all done. Again, booking super important. What I wouldn’t necessarily do and it’s just a bit of a tip. There is a place for booking, don’t put your clinical your booking system directly into that because people tend not to just go and book They, they want to go somewhere else. So if you have a booking page on your website, make sure that you point them to the booking page. Even if the you know, your your booking system is embedded in that page, send them to that page first, rather than directly to the booking system. Now, next most important thing, in fact, the most important thing behind the accurate details, reviews, get reviews and get reviews constantly. If you don’t have 100 reviews, get yourself 100 view reviews. If you’ve got 110, go get 200. The more reviews the better. So first of all, the reason that reviews are really important. Let’s imagine you were doing a search for emergency plumber. And you see those top three results. Doesn’t matter what order you’re in whether your third or first, if one business has 10 reviews, another one has 30 Another one has 300. Which do you go for? It will always go for the one with 300. So the more reviews the better. Be very careful, do not do a mass email to your entire database and say, give me a review. Because there’s nothing worse than bad reviews. So be careful about getting bad reviews. There are some very clever tools out there that allow you to not gaming the system. But let’s say you send a review out or a request for review. If they give you a bad review. It says okay, we’re really sorry, would you be interested in having a chat first about what your problem is before leaving the review. So there are those sorts of tools but you shouldn’t need them. Select your patients, your reviewers carefully. Be careful about doing it in clinic constantly because Google doesn’t like reviews coming from the same IP. So if you’re getting 20 reviews a day one review every now and again not not the end of the world but 20 in a day, they may not show and you may have your Google My Business close, but reviews are super, super important. The next thing about reviews, the reviews shouldn’t just say Katie’s wonderful, because that doesn’t tell anyone anything nor does it tell Google what Katie does. The review should say Katie Bell physiotherapy now this sounds a little bit weird, but bear with me is a hypothetical. Katie Bell physiotherapy in Sheffield really helped me with my back pain because now you’ve got keywords so we call them keywords we’ve got Sheffield location now and maybe you know maybe even be you know, you can if you’re in London, southwest London Wimbledon, you know, you can mix them up, but it should have location, ideally the business name, ideally that the treatment that has been done, so whether it’s physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, make sure you put those in. And then finally, the condition. Google will search your Google My Business so when someone does a search for best back pain treatment in Sheffield, if you’ve done a good Mabus property and you’ve got three or four reviews that say back pain, Sheffield, Google will put your Google review, irrespective of all the other stuff whether you’ve done posts on our will put your review above other people’s because your reviews say back pain and Sheffield, okay, so be careful. You don’t want it to sound really unnatural. And every review saying exactly the same thing, physiotherapy, Sheffield back pain and neck pain. But try and get patients talk about what you help them with. This is particularly good for conditions that may not be particularly well known or social TMJ is a good example. And finally, on this one, try and match up your services to your website. So you’ll often find that on your Google My Business, it’ll say the website mentions back pain, okay, or the website mentions neck pain. In your website, have a page for back pain, haven’t paid for neck pain, or the obvious ones, back neck, hip, headaches, migraines, and Google My Business will connect those two up. So do my business number one tip, it’s completely free. I reckon if you really went for it, you could go and have it completely optimised and done in two hours and spend 20 minutes a month, just putting a quick post up, put a blog up on link to badger website. That’s amazing. I love that tip, Michael, I love that tip. And can I ask the question? Is it now that everybody who anybody can submit a Google review because I feel like something in my head told me that you could only a few years ago, you could only do it if you’ve got a Gmail account. And one of the barriers was I’ve not got a Gmail account. So I’m not going to send you more but I think anybody can write your review. Now. You have to be signed up to a Google service. So I think as far as I know, if you’re signed up to YouTube with a Hotmail, you now have a Google account. And you can use that account. But if you can’t, if you don’t have that, you can’t just sign up with your work address. So you do need generally a Google okay. One little tip is when you ask for reviews, there is a link and I’m really sorry, I don’t remember exactly where it is. But there’s a link in the review tab. And it gives you a direct link to the review so you don’t have to send them to the Google review. You just send directly to a link that says Tell us how you feel about us. yawns physiotherapy clinic, and then leave star ratings. So try and do that, because it’s just easier for patients to leave reviews that way. Right. And that is a really, as you’ve said, simple thing that you could go and spend a couple of hours updating. And what we do, Michael is that work, you know, we are posting regularly on a regular basis of our social pages and our social content. One of our to dues or tick list is that we update Google My Business. So we have similar content that you can repurpose into Google My Business, so you don’t have to create new content for it, you can repurpose old content, you can actually there are some cool tools, I wouldn’t recommend HootSuite because it’s expensive. But there are some cool tools that allow you to post the same content on different channels. So we use sem rush. So when we put a post on to Instagram, it goes on to Facebook, and it goes on to our Google My Business. So everything will always be recreated on Google My Business, what we’ll also do just a little tip, we sit down, we do 20 posts, put them all out to go, you know, once every two weeks, click go, and then we just sit back and let it go. So that’s a really doing it save you it saves you a bit of time. But you know, the key thing, as I said, right at the start, it’s visibility. If you’re not visible, you are losing patience, you are also falling behind the competition. And you mentioned word of mouth earlier. Word of mouth, you know, I get all my business from word of mouth is the famous last words of every clinic that’s ever gone. But it’s the idea that you can rely on word of mouth and you have no control over the business coming in is nonsense. And you need to rethink your role as a business owner and business leader because that is more businesses should run. So it’s really, really important visibility. Next tip, another free one. And I call this one show your face. By show your face. What I mean is, there are so many websites I see every day. And it’s almost every client that today I had three, three clients that have come on board, three new clients, three new clinics, not one of them had their faces or their clinicians faces on the website, not one of them. It’s the first thing that we would do. If you asking someone who has an acute injury or chronic pain, they’re worried they’re nervous, they want to see who it is that’s going to be treating them if they can’t see that. And it’s just a tiny little image on Jane or whatever. It’s not good enough. I want to see who they are. I want to know, do they like running? What’s their hobbies? I don’t care about where they got their degree from, you know, when’s the last time you asked your dentist where their degree was from Oh, do you really care you don’t. But if dentist loves running or has children, whatever. This is all about connecting with people. So showing your face is one of the most important things we will do with any business when they start with us. Now showing your faces is done easily. So the first thing I would on the website, throw up a team picture go and get a team picture. I don’t care how good or bad it is. Doesn’t need to be professionally shot. Go and get a nice picture of the team all smiling and happy going get pictures of the team and they don’t even I don’t like the series headshots. Just a headshot of someone get pictures off their Instagrams to show what their hobbies are. No one books appointments nowadays, or they’re less like let’s put it this way. They’re less likely to book an appointment if they don’t know who that person is. On Instagram. I’m sure all of you have got Instagrams and Facebook’s and various social medias. You put up a picture of a spine you pull up picture of some other nonsense. The moment you put up a picture of someone doing something you watch that engagement jump up. What I want your dog for your dog is another one of his dog away say off his dog sick. And I see I’ve read it’s not recently got a few laughs If I see another picture of spine on Instagram gonna murder someone. It no one cares. No one’s injured. No one’s no one cares about the latest methods for treating tendinopathy it’s it’s just not interesting. What are they interested in? They’re interested in personalities and the very best Instagrams, the ones that show people in the clinic doing stuff, having fun. The best ad campaigns that we run are actual pictures of the team and picture pictures of people. So this is a really simple one. It’s really easy to do show your face. Put your pictures on make sure you’ve got lots of nice pictures on your website. Make sure you got pictures on your social media. We’ve talked we’ve talked about social media before and I don’t think it’s particularly great to be spending too much time on but if you have it put those people on there. A lot of notes. I’ve got great camera phones now Haven’t they? They don’t. That doesn’t have to be the barrier of oh, I need to go and get this done professionally. No, no, you get just do something is what you’re saying. Yeah, just to go and get some nice pictures. We had a huge Do a search. This is a website for a clinic in Ireland Causeway, just do a search for causeway physio and Pilates. Have a look at their pictures. They’re a bit mad husband and wife team, they’ve got like six clinicians or something really lovely guys. And I said to you guys, you guys have this amazing personality, you really care, you have fun. Put out your website. So we built the website for them. They’ve got this amazing picture right on the top of all the team kind of pointing and smiling and stuff. When you look at the the analytics of the of what happens to the traffic, it’s insane. The moment you do that your bounce rate drops significantly. When you see people looking through booking an appointment, and they have team pictures, people will certainly navigate to the people that they have an affinity with. So if I am a mom of two, and I see that there’s a condition that’s a mom of two, I will go to that person. If I and this happened to me many, many years ago. I was I used to do a lot of Olympic weightlifting. And I saw a guy who was really into weightlifting. And I was like that’s the physio for me. Because I expect whether it’s true or not, I expect he is going to understand me he’s going to understand my injury, he’s probably seen it before and has experience. So the more that you put out there about the people, the better. I always say this, you know, your your product is not physiotherapy as much as you want your product to be physiotherapy, it’s not your product to the people. And the people in the same way. As a hairdresser. Why do you go to the hairdresser that you go to? Is it because the brand over the door? No, it’s because of the person that you enjoy talking to, right? It’s much more than just the haircut, you you connect with that personality. And this is why and clinics see it all the time, the hairdresser leaves and suddenly you go with them or you go to the next man. So it’s really important to show those people to show who it is that you’re you have on the team. And also, you know, personality is what people buy into. So if someone’s really funny, if someone’s you know, whatever their hobby is show those things if they have you know, I always say this, we have the HMD G Instagram, all very pretty. We’ve got like 1000 Clinical websites, we’ve built all this wonderful stuff. No one cares, no one really does anything with it. But the moment they go to my Instagram or Hannah’s Instagram, that my girlfriend is a physio into business for me. They connect with us because they’re like, Oh my God, he’s got a kid that’s just walked in, in muddy gear and but the carpet up the dogs doing crazy shit. And it’s like, this is what people love. And that’s where we get a lot of our social media stuff where people go, Oh, you’re the guy that does all the physio marketing and the MSK. Marketing. Yes, great because they’ve connected. So putting up all of your hobbies and your silly stuff and the clinician silly stuff. It’s really, really important. You know, I always used this example. 20 years ago, I’d always go to a Hilton, because that’s where you went. Now it goes to Hilton anymore, you will want to go to Bob and June’s local b&b where they have a personality and they they’ve built a drink, you know. So that’s what you want your clinic to be. And actually, I think that’s where healthcare is gone now. So show your face everywhere, as much as you can. And we love that one I live at. Right, next one. This is a money one. And it’s really simple. I spend money, the amount of clinics that come to us who say we want to do marketing? And you say, Okay, well, how much money have you got? And they say, Well, we’ve never spent money before. Or they say 100 pounds, don’t even bother you if you are running a business and you are not spending money, you are falling behind. Because I can tell you now, and I can’t mention the names. But there is a giant clinic we work with. And the reason they came to us is because the three man band spent some money, and we smashed them. We act we got above them in Google on everything. We took all of their patients potential patients, because our Google ads are running brilliantly. We had great retargeting through Facebook. And that giant client came to us and said, Yeah, we need to do some marketing because they weren’t spending enough money. And I think it’s so crucial because again, we go back to this word of mouth thing. Great, you rely on word of mouth. And I’ll give you a really good example of a VA business. We don’t need new clients. Right now we’re really, really busy. We’ve just taken on a few this month, we may take a few more next month. But we still do marketing, we will still run Google ads, we will still run Facebook. And the reason for that is that we want to have control over the revenue of our business. If next month I wanted 10 new clients, what I do is that it’s not quite as simple as this. But all I do is a turn up a button, spend a bit more extra money, and I get 10 new clients. And that’s how every clinic should be operating. And here’s the other thing about I will guarantee 99% of you if not 100% of you. If I say to you what’s one of your issues it will be consistency and consistent numbers. One week I’ll get 50 Next week I’ll get 10 then I get 70. How do you get consistency. It’s using ADS to keep Your business is consistent and your your inflow of new customers. consistent. So, control is, is honestly, it’s one of the most important things, I would have a panic attack if I was sat there. And we have great word of mouth, right? We work with everyone, it’s great, we get people coming to us. But I would have a panic attack right now, if I didn’t know that next month, I could go and get 10 new customers or 20 or 50, or whatever, you have to have control over your business. And, and it’s not just me saying this, it happens all the time. We have a really good example since November, well, October, patient numbers for a lot of things have gone down. We have never been so busy with clients coming to us saying we need to do marketing, life is tough. If they hadn’t done marketing before that it wouldn’t be a last gasp, Hail Mary, we need to get patients in the door. Because they’d have that cupboard. Our clients not going up or down there, you know, maybe there’s a little bit of down, but you just put a bit more money in and generate the business. So spending money is super important. Now, how you spend that money? is obviously a big question. And also, the most important thing is measuring the money spend, do not before your run off and throw 1000 pounds on something, do not do anything that you can’t measure the impact of do not just put speak to a client today spent a couple of 100 pounds a month on Google ads. How many patients? Does it get you? No idea? Well, you might as well be burning the money because if you don’t know what it’s getting you then don’t do it. Make sure you’re measuring it. This is one of the reasons why I really dislike newspaper adverts and magazine adverts. They’re a bit of a con anyway, we all know this. But one of the issues is you’ve put 400 pounds for a half page spread in your local newspaper. How do you know it’s generated you anything we know it won’t generate you anything actually. But even if you know even if it did, we would want to measure what impact that’s had. Because if it gets you three patients where there are cheaper ways of burning your money, you might as well have some nice expensive one because you’d be better off. So if you’re going to spend money, make sure you do it on things that are trackable that you can measure. And that will obviously generate you not necessarily short term benefit, but at least medium term, don’t fall into the trap of doing things that may have an impact in a year or two. You know do things that are short term and medium term. And it really is difficult. I wouldn’t recommend you do this alone going find someone who can do this for you. But pushing a few 100 pounds into Google ads. It is it’s just the easiest thing to do. Do not do it yourself. Do the tracking properly. You will lose your money. If you don’t, you will waste your money. I’d rather you just gave it to me honestly. And I will give you know patients as well. Like honestly, you have to do it properly. But if you do do it properly, you’ll get patients it’s easy. It’s just easy. It’s it’s almost it’s a no brainer. Like we’ve never had an account that hasn’t worked. We spend the unknown 500,000 pounds of ad spend a month for our clients. There’s not a single client isn’t getting results. So it’s easy. Go and do Google ads. Obviously some of the free stuff like like Google My Business, but let’s do some retargeting. You do some Facebook retargeting, you can do all these different things again, measure it, don’t get yourself, don’t waste your money, don’t spend money stupidly. But to give you some idea, in my opinion, the average three person clinic around that size should be spending anywhere around 750 pounds month, I think that’s a good even if you’re busy, even if things are going well. I think 750 pounds a month on your marketing is a reasonable amount. Now, you’re all physios. So I know that everyone’s gonna go, Oh my God. If you look at any industry and do this research on Google, look at any business that you buy from, find out what their marketing spend is as percentage of their turnover of your turnover is seven and a half, 1000 pounds a year, don’t spend 750 pounds, that would be insane. But if your turnover is 100,000 pounds, and you’re thinking maybe I’ll spend 100 pounds a month on marketing, you mad, it you need to spend more than that. And then certainly if you want to grow your business and get consistency, and, and so on and so forth. So don’t be scared of spending money. The only reason actually, that people are scared of spending money is number one, they’ve used agencies in the past. It’s not worked and they’re annoyed and it’s been a rip off for them. And two, they’re just not used to it. They don’t they’ve always lived off word of mouth. It’s always sort of worked in the past. And also I think partly they don’t understand it. So I can throw terms around like retargeting and GTM and CPA and CPC and they’re like, Oh my God, I don’t understand any of this. Yet someone that’s nice, get some of the can explain it to you. And most of the things you don’t need to understand anyway, what you need to understand is I spent 100 pounds and that got me a patient or 10 patients or 100 patients, you need to understand that number the rest of it, you know Don’t be scared, don’t be scared of spending money, don’t be scared of trying something new, don’t be scared of. Because I guarantee you that there are other people around you that are spending that money. And they are taking business away from you. And they may even be taking current patients away from you. We had a client who had Can I meant, yeah, I probably mentioned, we have a client who is on the Isle of Wight really amazing clinic, lovely lady. And there was this guy that set up with a theragun and the plinth. And he was young, he set up a website and did a bit of Facebook marketing, but it did a bit of Google advertising. Oh, my God, he had like six, seven hours a day full of people. He you know, no qualifications, no experience, no nothing. But he set himself up and he started taking clients off of our client, before she joined. And she was like, I need to do something about this. And that can happen. And I think one of the you mentioned earlier at the start of this, since COVID, I actually think has been like this before COVID, you’ve always had to be sort of careful and do new things. But I think one thing that’s happened since COVID, is that more people are going independent. More and more people are setting up their own businesses, we’ve never seen so many come people come to us and say, I’m a chiropractor, I’ve just set up my own business, or I’m planning to or I’m a physio and we’re setting up, there’s so many clinics spreading, coming out. And when we see that, and we can see that from all the competitive research we do when we run ads, and so on, we can see how many more clinics are. And it’s like, there are only so many patients. And if you are going to be left behind, especially by these bloody youngsters, when their digital savvy and their knowledge of how to build websites and their Facebook ads and everything else that they do, you’re going to be left behind, you have to be really, really careful. We work with some very traditional clinics that completely understand that and they’ve seen it happen. So this is not just you know, some kind of scare tactic. We’ve seen those traditional clinics who have got 15 Practice absolute money, and they’re losing customers to the young guns. So spending money is not a scary thing. And it’s something it’s future proofing your business. This has just been absolutely amazing. And I know I’m inspired by always I’m gonna talk to you. And I’m sure the listeners will be so in summary, point number one was to be visible, always be visible. Point number two was to show your face and show your team and show up and be visible in that way as well. And then point number three was don’t be afraid to spend money, track everything that you do spend and make sure that you know what’s working for you and rinse and repeat if it is working. Yep. Michael, thank you so much for for joining me and for sharing all you’ve got so much knowledge around this and you work and you make such a difference to two people in our industry and you you do cut through all the rubbish. Can you tell us exactly how it is? Michael, if people want to reach out to you and have a chat, I know you are. You’re not taking on new clients, but you you may in the future. as your business grows as well as your team grows, they can email you that’s the best best way to just kind of drop you a message isn’t it? And that email is going to be below that in the show notes below this episode. I always love having a chat as well. So people are more than welcome to pop me an email, have a chat, ask questions. We tend to have a waiting list for clients. So you know we’ll talk about what what there it may just be advice you know, quite often we say just don’t need normally if you come to us and say we need Facebook ads, I’ll say no, you don’t care about things you can do. So just yeah, get in touch drop me an email, go and visit the HMD do website. Just search for HMD G you’ll find it and yeah, amazing. And we did a recession series didn’t really recession super session series Mike. Well, we did some sessions together, there was five in total, you needed two or three of them. And we talked about absolutely loads to deal with offline and online marketing. They are available in our Facebook group, the treat your business Facebook groups, if you’re not a member there, head over there and you can listen to Michael share even more knowledge, Michael, it’s been an absolute pleasure having you as my first guest speaker, thank you so much. And I look forward everyone to see you in the next episode. Thank you for listening to treat your business with Katie Bell, the podcast that tells you what you really need to hear and know when it comes to running a successful business in the health and wellness industry that gives you the time, money and freedom you are wanting for access to our free workshops on how to get more clients in your business, how to make more income in the next 30 days. And to get more time back in your business and life. Head to our free Facebook group today. Treat your business or head over to thrive dash business All of the links are available in the show notes. Hey there, this is Katie from the Jane team. If you’re new to the name, I’d love to introduce you. Jane is an all in one practice management software with helpful features like online booking, scheduling, charting and billing. You’ll also be backed by knowledgeable support team ready to help you every step of the way. You Come Get to know us at Jane dot app we’d love to meet you and see if Jane is the right fit for your practice.

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