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19 July 2023

Why People Pleasing Is Killing Your Growth

Event Overview & Information:

Always saying YES in your business? And then get annoyed that you’re working later, earlier, across lunch? Starting to feel burnout and annoyed?

If you look at why your business may not be growing quickly, you’ll probably realise that ‘people pleasing’ is probably getting in your way.

So often we notice that clinic owners have actually (reluctantly) said YES to things they didn’t want to do.

As a result…

  • They are over-servicing their clients to please them
  • They experience ‘scope creep’ (the work grows beyond the actual agreement, but without an increase in pay)
  • They allow others to “pick their brains” for free
  • They agree to run errands for others, or give their time away, and so much more

And then they wonder why they don’t have enough time to grow their own business. What you need is to start setting boundaries as a business owner, now more than ever.

Join me for this half hour power hour and learn how to say NO and love it! How you can set boundaries immediately to give you more time back today.

To attend, you’ll first need to join the Thrive Facebook Group where we will be hosting this event as a Facebook Live.

DATE: 17th July, 4:30pm – 5:30pm

LOCATION: Facebook Live – event and link can be found under Events in our Facebook Group

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