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21 June 2023

Afraid Of Investing In Your Business? Try This!

Event Overview & Information:

Are you feeling overwhelmed around the finances you would need to scale your business? Can you afford all this help?

We get it, this is normal, and one of the biggest barriers to growing and scaling is trying to cash flow your way to success.

Many business owners feel the same way, but what if I told you that fear is just a figment of your imagination?
When you study what fear actually is, you understand that it is just a projection of what might go wrong, but it’s not based on any real evidence.

It is your imagination choosing to focus on the negative repercussions of getting help and doing things a bit differently.

On the other hand, faith is just as much imagination, but it focuses on all the good that could happen. It is a projection of all that could go right when you focus on the positive outcomes of getting help and doing things a bit differently.

Join me to find out how to FLIP your thinking and become unstoppable in your pursuit to more income, more clients, more freedom and more fun!

To attend, you’ll first need to join the Thrive Facebook Group where we will be hosting this event as a Facebook Live.

DATE: 21st June, 4:00pm – 4:30pm

LOCATION: Facebook Live – event and link can be found under Events in our Facebook Group

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