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11 October 2023

How to get more of your ideal clients

Need more clients but never have any time to focus on marketing? You see, everything that grows is something that you feed.

If you want a child to grow, you feed the child. If you want a plant to grow, you water the plant, and if you want a fire to roar, you put logs on the fire. The same goes for your business.

So my question for you, is this: are you continually feeding the fire in your marketing? Marketing is not something you do once and forget about. It’s something that must be done continually until you end up being on “surround sound” in your ideal clients’ lives.

Join me for this power hour and learn the 7 steps to gain more qualified leads and sales conversations; Better, more systematised and predictable results from your marketing efforts and Increased growth and revenues.

All while you work less than you’re working now!

Join via Zoom on this link at the time of the event:

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