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08 June 2023

How To Eliminate Competition For Your Clinic

Event Overview & Information:

Is there a way to not have to worry about the competition in your industry, especially as you scale your business to the next level?

There are concrete ways to permanently differentiate what you offer from your colleagues and make your service untouchable in your marketplace, so that you become the obvious choice to the Right Fit Client, eliminating all competition going forward

How? This will surely seem like something you’ve already done many times, but stay with me…If you want to completely differentiate yourself and no longer have competition, it all starts with getting super clear on who you’re here to serve:

It’s a common question: “Why should I work with you instead of someone else?” And I know that it can be challenging to answer, especially if you don’t feel like there’s anything particularly special about you or your business.

Join me to find out how to be the supply to the demand and create a market of 1! And become the untouchable expert.

To attend, you’ll first need to join the Thrive Facebook Group where we will be hosting this event as a Facebook Live.

DATE: 8th June, 1:00pm – 1:30pm

LOCATION: Facebook Live – event and link can be found under Events in our Facebook Group

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