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13 September 2023

From Enquiry to Client: Mastering the Art of Converting Enquiries into Loyal Patients

In today’s competitive healthcare landscape, it’s crucial to not only attract potential patients but also to effectively convert them into long-term clients who trust your services. This event will provide valuable insights, strategies, and practical techniques to master the art of turning enquiries into lasting patient relationships. By the end of this event, participants will be able to:
Understand the key stages of the patient conversion process, from enquiry to loyal client.
Apply effective communication techniques to build trust and rapport with potential patients.
Employ empathy and active listening skills to address patient concerns and objections.
Utilize technology and social media platforms to enhance patient engagement and retention.
Implement strategies to turn patient enquiries into meaningful, long-term relationships.
Navigate challenging scenarios and objections to convert more enquiries into successful patient appointments.
Network and collaborate with peers to share insights and best practices for patient conversion.
Join us for this transformative event and unlock the secrets to mastering patient conversion, enriching your practice, and delivering exceptional patient care. Reserve your spot now!

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