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Are you exhausted by inconsistent income and having no time or energy for the things you love?

Pilates business owners

Discover how to make more consistent income in 30 days.

You know you are great at what you do, but when it comes to being a business owner you feel like you’re failing. You’re overwhelmed and exhausted, struggling to work out how to market your business, struggling to make a consistent income, and when looking at what others are doing it brings up panic!

 You are not alone, after all you were never taught this stuff during your training. Schedule a call with the team at Thrive today and let us take you through the first steps to making more money in 30 days.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you running a Pilates business that is failing to provide you with the income you thought it would?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and can’t seem to move forwards?
  • Have you fallen out of love for what you trained to do?
  • Are you spending hours procrastinating on how to get more clients, better clients, clients that want to pay the price you think you should be charging?

What we do

We help Pilates Business Owners exhausted by PAYG or short courses to generate consistent increased revenue, work fewer hours and create more time to do what they love.

We teach you a four step method to generate predictable profits with less complexity, create and gain more freedom and time, and help you to feel more successful and fulfilled as a business owner – all without having to put your health second or working more and more hours.

We know our advice works because everything has been tried and tested and used within our own businesses, and all of our coaches have run multi 6 figure businesses in this industry.

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About Us

Expert, bold, no nonsense guidance and support by coaches who have all run multi six figure businesses in your industry.

As a successful Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor and Clinic Owner, Katie founded this business in 2019 and is passionate about working with Pilates Business Owners who want grow their business, guarantee a regular income stream, work less hours, but still provide transformational results for their customers.

Book a call with the team at Thrive today and start your journey today.

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Thrive Founder, Katie Bell

Pilates Success Stories

Listen to some success stories from other Pilates Business Owners

Each of these members started their journey by booking a call with our team of experts. They needed help, felt lost and confused and wanted to see results quickly.  Listen to their amazing successes and schedule your own call today.

I now have processes. I have quadrupled my membership base, I have people coming to me now, I have corporations coming to me and asking me to train within their business. It's just a completely different business now...

KW Fitness

Felt stuck and frustrated with her business, constantly trying different ways to help the business grow. Then joined Thrive and streamlined processes, overcame big marketing challenges and ultimately obtained new clients more efficiently.

Finesse Movement

Having no time, knowing nothing about numbers, being on a patient treadmill and close to burnout! They now love to know their numbers, they have a clear vision, they have more time than ever before, and are now super productive. The best investment they have EVER made!

Kathy & Mary Angela
Mid Ulster Pilates & Physiotherapy

From having little structure in the business, to then following the programme, putting new systems in place and ultimately leading to income increasing by 80%!

Simon Parker Fitness

Start your own journey

Book your call today and receive a free audit of your business!

We’ll discuss the current challenges and obstacles you’re facing, where you want to take your business and what you want to achieve, and then we’ll talk through the key steps to getting you there. You’ll leave the call feeling motivated, inspired that you can do things differently, and that you can get back to loving what you do.

Book your call today and let us get to work developing a business strategy that allows you to live the life you want and most importantly gain back your self-worth, confidence and belief that you can run a successful Pilates business.

On this call:

  • You will discover the four steps we teach our clients in the Flywheel method that will transform your business, generate more consistent increased revenue, allow you to work fewer hours and create more time for the things you love to do.
  • You will receive a clear plan to increase your income in 30 days with a break down of numbers and clients required to hit your goal.
  • You will receive feedback on your marketing and what is working right now in our industry and what to focus on to get more clients.
  • You will receive a 30-day plan of action and a plan of no action (basically we will tell you exactly where to focus your time and where not to!)
  • You will receive a kick up the bum with a big virtual hug to help re-motivate and energise you into hitting that 30 day goal we will set together.

Schedule your free 1-hour call and Pilates business audit today!

The call is completely free, however time slots are limited so please book early if you need to speak to someone about your business.

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