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08 December 2023

Working On Your Business: A Guide to Setting Boundaries and Strategic Planning

As a business owner, I’ve come to understand that the secret to sustained growth isn’t just working in your business but allocating dedicated time to work on your business. I recently embarked on a journey to shift my mindset, allowing myself the freedom to focus on strategic planning and setting strong boundaries. This fundamental shift has been a game-changer in how I approach the growth of my business.

In my recent experience, I spent a substantial amount of time in Provence, France, disconnected from the usual routine and distractions. Surrounded by fellow business owners from various parts of the world, I delved deep into working on my business for seven full days. It was a liberating experience that made me realise the crucial importance of carving out uninterrupted blocks of time for strategic thinking and planning.

Reflecting back on my earlier days as a business owner, I recall the all-too-familiar scenario of being overly flexible with clients, accepting tasks beyond the initial agreement, and being available at all hours. This lack of boundaries led to frustration and prevented significant business growth. I’ve learned that overextending oneself doesn’t equate to being a better business owner; it often holds back progress and personal fulfillment.

The trap of constantly putting out fires, focusing solely on immediate, urgent tasks, can hinder long-term growth. This realisation prompted a shift in my thinking, making me understand that not all tasks contribute equally to the business’s growth. There’s a distinct difference between activities that yield exponential growth and those that merely provide short-term, low-impact results.

Identifying these tasks was a pivotal moment. It allowed me to recognise where my time was being underutilised and redirected my efforts towards activities that generated the most significant impact on my business. These ‘Exponential Growth Activities (EGA)’ became my focus, demanding my unique skills and vision.

One crucial realisation was the need to create dedicated blocks of time solely for EGAs. It became clear that juggling clients and strategic planning on the same day wasn’t conducive to optimal performance. Hence, I established specific days for client-facing tasks and separate days for focused strategic planning.

An example that beautifully illustrates this transition is a client of mine who initially grappled with exhaustion due to an overwhelming client load. Together, we strategically restructured his schedule, creating uninterrupted time for business development. Initially hesitant, he soon experienced remarkable growth without compromising income.

The Pareto Principle, often known as the 80/20 rule, further solidified the importance of focusing on tasks that drive significant results. Identifying the 20% of activities contributing to 80% of the business’s success became a guiding principle in my approach.

Transitioning to this new paradigm isn’t always easy, especially when deeply ingrained beliefs dictate the need to constantly work hard without pause. However, embracing these changes has allowed me and many others to not only witness substantial business growth but also reclaim valuable personal time.

In essence, the key lies in deliberate planning, setting clear boundaries, and prioritising tasks that foster long-term growth. As Warren Buffett aptly said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

So, I encourage you to take a week to track your activities, both personal and professional, and identify the tasks that truly drive your business’s growth. Embrace the power of working on your business, and you’ll witness transformative results that elevate your business to new heights while granting you the freedom to enjoy life beyond work.

This shift in mindset and strategic planning is not just about business success; it’s about creating a life where work complements a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle. And that, in itself, is the ultimate goal we’re all striving to achieve.

Why not take a glance at your diary and start to put together a plan, set aside some time to work on your business. You might be asking yourself where do I start? Find a slot to book out an hour with us  at Thrive, Click here to book in with one of our experienced coaches and you will receive a 60 minute free business and marketing audit call. Its time to fill up your own cup and let us help you prosper, now is your time!

Katie X

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