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16 August 2022

Why You Need A Mission To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Why Your Business Needs A Mission, Vision & Values

Businesses without a clearly defined mission, vision and set of values look something like this… grasping at different marketing ideas, offers and discounts, a business owner with no time, a business owner in overwhelm, a business owner on a hamster wheel they can’t get off, and a team underperforming…

Does any of this sound like you?

If the answer is YES, there is no judgement! Your business is not you, it’s a part of you! So if you don’t have a clearly defined mission, vision and set of values in your business, it’s ok, but to move forwards in your business and to create more time, money and freedom, you must have one.

As a business, mine has expanded rapidly this past year and I have even bigger plans for the future. In order to get the company where I want to go, I need to ensure the team fully understand and are on board with my goals. From a business perspective, having a core set of values and a clear mission, makes it easier for the business to keep growing by improving teamwork, encouraging collaboration and allowing us to quickly make decisions for the business and our customers.

I believe a business will only be as successful as the people driving it forward and if we don’t share the same goals, we aren’t going to get to where we want to go. Even if it’s only YOU in your business right now, does your business align with your values? So many business owners we speak to have businesses that actually are totally against their values, which are often family, fun, adventure, freedom etc.

For our own business, we worked together to decide our core values and made sure each team member felt heard and understood until we got to our company mission statement:

  • To positively transform the lives and businesses of health & wellness business owners – using bold, masterful & no-nonsense business and mindset coaching – via online education, group & one-to-one support and large-scale, live events.

Our company vision is:

  • To provide outstanding business and mindset coaching, transforming health & wellness professionals lives and businesses and impacting health globally.

And our company values are:

  • Bold
  • Wise
  • Invested
  • Transformational

Final Thoughts

It’s true that a company culture and its principles will become the collective result of how a team and its leaders think and act. Now that we have a clear set of company values to work from, decisions we make for and in the business, will be specific and resonate with the team and our customers.

When we do or create anything in the business we’ll be asking, does this support our mission, vision and values?

Is it time you got finally clear on your company mission, vision and values? If it is, why not schedule a call with one of our coaches to get really clear on how best to go about this?

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