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17 January 2023

Why Not Get A Normal Job?

Question Mark - Why?

Why not go and get a normal job? I say with inverted commas…

Why are you still running your business? What is driving you to turn up each and every day?

For a lot of you, such questions are unsettling – you’ve lost sight of the reason why you’re doing this and you’re slowly falling out of love with what you’re trained to do.

For others, you never properly defined the reason why in the first place.

But we’ve got to start with the why. This is the first key foundation that we need in our business to make sure that we’ve got a business that’s going to create more time, more income and more freedom.

So, what is your why?

Are you a victim of your own success?

Tell me if this sounds like you…?

You started your business as it’s something you’re passionate about. You care deeply about improving the health and wellness of the clients and patients that you work with.

And in the beginning, things were relatively easy. You found that your business evolved organically through word of mouth and your reputation was growing.

But as things progressed, you found yourself on a hamster wheel of patients and progressively getting busier and busier so you started opening up your diary, completing clinical hours over six days a week, and seeing upwards of 60 patients a week!

You tell yourself you can just about cope but then the admin really kicks in… You now have to start invoicing countless insurance companies and spending way too many hours sending emails – all whilst creating a growing number of rehab programmes and treatment plans.

Before you know it, you’ve created a monster!

How did it come to be like this? Well, it’s because you didn’t start the business with the end goal in mind.

What is your end goal?

Is it an income goal? Is it a goal to have more freedom and flexibility? Is it a goal to be able to travel more? Or is the goal to have a large team that will allow you to go and do all the things that you’re passionate about?

In other words, what is the overarching thing that is driving you to run this business?

Take a moment and think about it..

Now I know what some of you might be thinking at this point – that you can’t even think about what’s happening next week, let alone in five years. To this, I would encourage you to simply think ahead as far as your brain can possibly allow at this moment.

With that said, do you have an end goal in mind? Once you have it, you need to work backwards from there.

Let me explain… If you have a business, you have a business model – regardless of whether or not you’re even that clear on it. And a lot of the time, our business model is actually delivering the exact opposite of what we want to achieve. This is why we need to make sure that our business model is aligned with the vision or end goal that we have in mind.

So ask yourself some basic questions…

If you’re still unclear on your end goal, or how that looks in reality, then ask yourself some basic questions.

For starters, if you imagined your perfect working day, what would it look like? What time would you get up? What time would you go to work? What activities would you be doing within your workplace? Would you find time to go to the gym or for a run? What time would you finish work? How many holidays would you like to have in a year? What car would you drive?

Although these questions might seem trivial, ultimately your business facilitates your life. And so many business owners have a life that has to fit (poorly) in and around their business.

Think about it for a second – is your business badly affecting your life? Your relationships? Your health? Your sense of adventure? Even your confidence and self-esteem? What would you rate such aspects out of 10? And those that you’ve scored badly, would you blame that on your business?

Alternatively, another way of assessing things is how does the business you’ve created fit with your personal values? Let’s say, for example, freedom and travel are particularly important to you, but you’re having to work five full days a week of clinical hours, and you need to be doing that 50 weeks of the year to get anywhere near the income that you want to create for yourself – do you see how the business you’ve created won’t give you what you’re really looking for?

Just to reassure you at this point, all of this is natural…

When we’re new in business, we tend never to give ourselves enough time to think about our personal values and what’s really important to us. We just jump in and see what happens. But to make a success of things over the longer-term, and to create a business that we truly want, we need to take a step back and think about the end goal.

Muddling through can only get you so far…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to hide the fact that having your own business comes with difficulties and will challenge us in ways that we weren’t expecting. But if you’re in a position where nothing feels like it’s changing, you don’t feel like you’re getting better at leadership, or you don’t feel like you can make that next jump in income, then often it’s because you’re running a business that doesn’t align with your personal values – what’s really important to you.

You can muddle through for a time, roll up your sleeves and grin and bear it (I’ve certainly been there and done that with my own clinic), but after a while there comes a point at which you need to stop and think. And you need to stop and think about why.

Why is it that you’re doing this and is your business serving you in that way?

And if it’s not, that’s okay, you’re in the right place.

It’s time to re-motivate and re-energise yourself by finding your why…

Thrive is the go-to team of experts for business owners in the health & wellness industry who want to build a business that serves them, reclaim their lives back, gain more freedom and flexibility, increase their income rapidly and regain their confidence as a business owner.

We work with business owners who are customer focused, care deeply about the results and transformations they provide for their clients, and who are dynamic, have a no-limit attitude and are prepared to trust in a process to achieve their desired results.

If that sounds like you, and you’re reading this with a sense that the passion you had for your business and for transforming the lives of your patients is starting to dwindle, then reach out and schedule a call with me. Before it’s too late!

Not only will you get a free business and marketing audit, a clear plan to increase your income in 30 days, and guidance on your business model in relation to your end goal, but you’ll also receive a kick up the bum with a big virtual hug to help re-motivate and energise you.

Hope to speak soon.


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