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13 October 2023

Unleashing the Power of Clifton Strengths Assessment for Business Success

Hello everyone, this week I’m excited to dive into a game-changing strategy for your business success. Today, we’re exploring the Clifton Strengths Assessment, a tool that can revolutionise your business performance by identifying and leveraging your unique strengths. Developed by Gallup, this assessment has gained popularity for its ability to highlight what you excel at, making it a vital resource for leaders and their teams.

When you embark on this journey, remember, simplicity is key. There’s a 34-strength test, but I recommend the five-strength version – quick and effective. Once you’ve got your results, you’ll find your top five strengths neatly categorised into execution, relationship building, influencing, and strategic thinking.

If you find yourself shining in the influencing category, you’re the charismatic, impactful communicator who galvanises your team. You’re decisive, great at building relationships, and possess a strong presence. On the other hand, if execution is your forte, you’re all about getting things done, consistency, and meeting goals. Routine and structure are your allies, and problem-solving is second nature.

Now, let’s talk about the relationship-building domain. This is where clinicians and therapists often thrive. Empathetic, team-oriented, and skilled at resolving conflicts, these individuals create harmonious environments, helping others grow and reach their potential. Sound like you?

Perhaps you lean more towards the strategic thinking category. Clinic and business owners often excel here, as it involves critical analysis, future planning, and problem-solving. You envision possibilities, are creative, and plan for long-term goals. This versatility is essential in our roles.

But remember, we’re not confined to one category. Our unique blend of strengths shapes our personalities and abilities. This assessment helps us understand and harness these strengths, fostering personal and professional growth, effective teamwork, and enhanced leadership.

So how does this fit into your business strategy? As leaders, getting to know your team better is crucial. The assessment can help you understand your own strengths, focus on what you excel at, and delegate tasks that don’t align with your strengths. It starts with you taking the Clifton Strengths Assessment and then offering it to your employees.

In my businesses, we’ve made it a standard practice for new hires. We even use it during the interview process. By plotting everyone’s strengths in a spreadsheet, we can identify roles and responsibilities that suit them best. It’s about role alignment and personal development planning.

Now, let me share my strengths with you as an example. I have two in relationships, one in execution, one in strategic thinking, and one in influencing. My first strength is achiever, which drives my desire to accomplish tasks and set goals. I thrive on productivity, excel at time management, and am known for my determination. However, I must watch out for overworking.

My second strength, positivity, makes me an eternal optimist. I’m enthusiastic, and my contagious energy uplifts those around me. Yet, I can sometimes avoid conflict and confrontation.


Empathy, my third strength, allows me to understand and connect with others’ feelings. I create a safe and supportive environment where people feel valued, but I need to manage emotional boundaries to avoid burnout.

My fourth strength is competition, and I strive to excel in competitive situations. Setting high standards and putting in extra effort to achieve goals is second nature to me.

Lastly, my futuristic strength enables me to see what lies ahead and envision future possibilities. I’m a forward thinker drawn to new trends and innovations.

Understanding my strengths has helped me focus on my superpowers and delegate tasks that don’t align with them. I thrive in leadership roles, where I can rally the team, provide positive energy, and set creative visions for the future.

Now, it’s your turn. Take the Clifton Strengths Assessment, and let me know your results. I’d love to help you decipher what they mean for your role in your business. Embrace your strengths, and watch your business thrive as a result.

In conclusion, the Clifton Strengths Assessment is a game-changer for businesses. By knowing and leveraging your strengths, you can improve personal and professional growth, enhance teamwork, and become a more effective leader. So, go ahead, take the assessment, and let’s unlock your business’s full potential.

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