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02 February 2024

Understanding Visual Content- A Marketing-Lead Approach

Hello, lovely readers!

This week I’m thrilled to share some fantastic insights from a recent conversation with an industry expert about the power of remote work and the importance of high-quality visual content in clinic marketing. He explained creative focuses on delivering top-notch photo and video content with a marketing-driven approach. It’s not just about capturing what the clinic owners want; it’s about suggesting what is most effective. The goal is to provide cost-effective solutions because, as we all know, cash flow is crucial for clinic owners.

In our conversation, a common misconception among clinic owners, including myself was highlighted to me, many assume that obtaining high-quality photos and videos for their clinics is prohibitively expensive. The idea of breaking the bank often deters us from investing in visually appealing content. I was quite rightly challenged this notion, emphasising the affordability and long-term benefits of investing in professional visual content.

One key tip that stood out from our conversation was the importance of avoiding stock photography. It was passionately explained to me the drawbacks of using generic images, emphasising the lack of authenticity and connection with the clinic’s personality. It was compared to looking for a new garage and being misled by a spotless workshop on a website only to find a different reality in person. Authenticity is crucial to building trust with potential clients.

For clinic owners on a budget, especially those just starting, there are some valuable DIY content tips including leveraging smartphones, particularly iPhones, by adjusting settings for optimal image quality. Changing camera settings to 4k resolution, 25 frames per second, and using the back camera enhances the overall quality of videos. Additionally, paying attention to aspect ratios for different social media platforms can significantly impact engagement.

The crucial piece of advice for clinic owners that the industry expert I spoke to offered was, when considering professional help: Be discerning when selecting a photographer or videographer. Not all creative professionals are equal, and the skills required for wedding photography may differ significantly from those needed for clinic visuals. It’s essential to find someone who understands the unique requirements of healthcare marketing and can capture the essence of your clinic.

Another pivotal insight to share with you is the need for client-centric messaging. Clinic owners often fall into the trap of using jargon or showcasing qualifications that may not resonate with potential clients. Instead, the focus should be on communicating how the clinic’s services benefit the clients—making them better, providing efficient care, and doing so in a friendly, approachable manner.

In conclusion, my conversation shed light on the transformative impact of high-quality visual content in clinic marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned clinic owner or just starting, investing in authentic, client-focused visuals can set your practice apart in a competitive market!

If you would like to really dig deep into how some of my insights might help benefit you in your business then I invite you to schedule a business and marketing audit call, just use this link. I can help provide you with clarity, strategy, and actionable insights to steer your business in the right direction.

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