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24 August 2022

Should You Be Writing Blog Posts For Your Private Practice Or Studio?

Should You Write Blog Posts?

Your to do list is already far too long, do you really need to be adding writing a blog post to that list? This article will help you decide whether it’s right you and your business, whilst also guiding you through what a blog needs to include, how to write it, and how often to write one.

Why write a blog?

1) It can boost your SEO and google position

Now I am not a google expert, but what I do know is this… google likes fresh content! They also value experts within a niche.

So, every time you write a blog you are building authority in their eyes and you may stand a better chance at ranking higher. And the higher you rank, the higher the chance of people visiting your site, and therefore becoming customers.

Whilst this does not replace paid advertising, it’s a cheap marketing strategy (as long as you are not spending hours on it!).

2) It builds your like, know and trust factor

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through here, and don’t write blogs that are too in detail and from your head! Think about WHO is reading them, and what is going to be the most value to them.

I like to think about people at different places on their journey. From: 1) I have this problem and know exactly what I need to solve it; 2) I have this problem and no idea what to do; 3) I have a problem but don’t even know at this stage I need to do something about it.

3) Build your audience

Blog posting can be repurposed into your social content too! Or a podcast, or an email newsletter! You can use it for so many purposes. Things that RESONATE with your potential customers will build your following.

What to write in a blog

Know your ideal client profile. If you don’t know this, do the work to figure it out. Writing a blog needs to clearly speak to the conversation in your client’s head. Knowing what they are struggling with and what their pain points are will create an impactful blog post. Give them good value from taking the time to read it! Don’t be everything to everyone!

Some good ideas for content creation can be – what people commonly ask. For example…. What’s the difference between sports massage and deep tissue massage? Should I ice or heat my injury? I bet you can think of 12 commonly asked questions related to what you do and your ideal client. On top of this, find out what keywords are ranking highly around ‘what you do’ and use these as subjects for your blog posts. You can do this via some free tools online or get someone to do it for you.

Think about it as story… a start, middle and end! Have an introduction – make a bold statement, ask a big question. Something that grabs their attention…. Then have the middle: give them top tips/advice/education/HIGH value content. They need to be better off for reading your blog! Don’t be boring and give too much detail! And don’t write from your brain…write for their receiving brain. For example, 5 stretches for your QL NO! 5 simple stretches to help get out of bed in the morning YES!

And finally conclude the blog post. Make sure at this point to give them a CALL TO ACTION – if they want to know more, what do they do next?

When to write it

Be consistent, so if that means once a month that’s fine! Schedule the time in your diary in advance, so you know exactly when you’re going to do it. Personally I prefer to batch write, so I may get 3 months done in one go!

If you are super busy and have a team, can you task them to write this in a half hour slot every month/week?

Do what works for YOU! But don’t forget the images – they need to be royalty free!

Final Thoughts

Blogging is just one element of your marketing strategy! But I am very keen on business owners spending time on the right things they need to right now to create more time, money, and freedom. If you want me to audit your marketing and tell you exactly what you should be doing. Reach out here and book a discovery call with me.

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