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29 September 2023

Nailing It: How We Entrepreneurs Can Get Stuff Done!

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! Let’s talk about something that’s been on my mind lately—finishing what we start. I mean, seriously, I’ve got to hand it to us, we’re a bunch of real go-getters, aren’t we? Bursting with ideas, always ready to innovate, and enthusiastic as heck. Whether it’s bringing new services to our clinics or studios, we’ve got innovation running through our veins. But let’s get real for a moment, because there’s a little challenge that often creeps up on us. It’s that classic struggle of keeping our eyes on the prize and making those fantastic ideas happen. I’ve been diving deep into this in my coaching world, and boy, oh boy, it’s a hot topic!

So, you know how some of us are what they call “high idea generators”? Guilty as charged, right? But here’s the flip side—sometimes our enthusiasm for new projects can lead us astray. We end up with a bunch of half-started ideas and not much to show for it. It’s like we’ve got this incredible gift of generating ideas, but then we need that extra push to see them through. Ever felt like you’re chasing shiny objects all over the place? I hear you!

Now, let’s be honest, finishing what we start is a big deal. Especially when we’re talking business growth. You know those new business owners or the young ones who’ve been at it for about five years? Yeah, they’re often juggling so many projects that it’s like trying to hold onto a handful of balloons in a windstorm. And trust me, I’ve been there, seen it, and maybe got the t-shirt.

What I’ve noticed is a bit of “dilution” happening. It’s like spreading yourself thin, starting lots of things but not really bringing many to a close. Or even worse, finishing a few, but not to the standard they deserve. Oh, and let’s not forget the new project that pops up just as you’re about to cross the finish line. It’s like being a kid in a candy store, but instead of sweets, it’s projects that distract us left, right, and center.

So, picture this: you’re on a mission to grow your business, and it’s like hauling a massive rock up a mountain. Sounds tough, right? Especially when you’re doing it solo. You can’t quite see the peak, but you’re giving it your all. Now, imagine different ways of getting that rock to the top. That’s where knowing yourself comes in. It’s like having a map for the journey, so you’re not just blindly pulling that rock.

Speaking of knowing yourself, have you tried those personality tests? You know, the ones that give you colours or types? I’ve dabbled in those, and they’re eye-opening. Think about it—when you’re in your zone of genius, things flow, you’re unstoppable. But when you’re not, well, it’s like dragging that rock uphill all over again. I’ve been there too, my friend.

Let’s get practical. Here are three rock-solid tips to help you finish what you start:

1. Reverse Engineer Your Goals: Start with the big picture and work backward. Break it down into bite-sized chunks. It’s like having your GPS set for success. You’re not just driving blindly; you’re following a route that leads to your destination.

2. Get Organised: Oh, this one’s a game-changer! Clean up your workspace, tidy up your schedule. When things are in order, you’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish. It’s like finding that missing piece of the puzzle that makes everything click.

3. Embrace Accountability: It’s time to team up. Find an accountability buddy, someone who’s got your back. Sharing your goals and progress with someone else keeps you on track. It’s like having a cheering squad that won’t let you give up.

Look, I get it. We’re all busy. But let’s remember, it’s not about how much we do—it’s about what we actually get done. So, let’s swap the excitement of starting something new for the joy of crossing that finish line. And hey, that finish line? It’s not as far as it seems. Keep going, keep pushing, and remember, we’re in this together. Let’s nail it, folks! ?

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