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10 May 2024

Mastering Your Clinic’s Hiring Process: A Strategic Approach


Happy Friday! Today I’m diving into the intricate world of hiring in your clinic. If you’ve ever felt the struggle of finding the right team members who not only fit but excel, you’re not alone. But fret not, because today I’m here to shed light on why our hiring strategies often miss the mark and how we can revamp them for success.

Assessing the need for new team members is the first crucial step, if you missed last weeks blog be sure to have a read. Hiring is no walk in the park; it’s time-consuming, costly, and energy-draining. That’s why it’s vital to plan ahead. As I always say to our clients, we hire slow and fire fast. We hire for where we want to be in the future, not just for the present moment.

One common pitfall I’ve observed is the failure to plan far enough ahead. We need to stretch our vision and project into the future. Annual planning days should be a staple in your business, followed by quarterly, monthly, and weekly plans. This level of foresight prevents reactive hiring and ensures strategic growth. Understanding who you need and when is equally important. Take the time to analyse your own workload using the Zog Exercise. Track your tasks for seven days and categorise them into incompetent, competent, excellence, and zone of genius. This exercise will reveal where your time is best spent and where you may need additional support.

Many clinic owners find themselves at clinical capacity and assume they need more clinicians. However, it’s crucial to assess the infrastructure around you. Hiring a new team member requires your time and attention. If you’re already maxed out, how will you onboard and support a new hire effectively? Once you’ve identified the need, it’s time to execute a thorough hiring process. At our clinic, we follow a 12-step hiring process that minimises the risk of bad hires. But remember, this process requires time, energy, and resources. Hiring from a place of confidence, not desperation, is key to attracting top talent.

If you’re struggling to make the self-employed model work in your clinic, catch up on  my recent free masterclass. I discussed the necessary shifts in our industry and explored the pros and cons of employing versus self-employing practitioners. Don’t miss out on valuable insights and practical tips to elevate your clinic’s success.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to catch up with me today. Remember, consuming content is just the beginning. Take action and implement what you’ve learned. Whether it’s refining your hiring process or exploring our coaching programs, commit to making positive changes in your business.

Let’s keep the conversation going. Reach out to me or join our thriving community in the Treat Your Business Facebook group. Together, we’ll navigate the journey to clinic success. Until next week, take care and talk soon!

Katie X


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