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21 July 2023

How to Stand Out and Eliminate Competition in Your Physio Clinic or Studio

If you’re a physio clinic or studio owner, I bet you’ve faced the question of competition in your business. Clients may ask, “Why should I work with you over others in town?” or “What sets you apart from other options?” Well, today I want to share some insights on how you can deal with competition and position yourself as the go-to choice in your industry.


Competition can actually be a good thing. It means more people are entering the market, making our industry more visible. The key is to separate yourself from the pack and not just be another physio or Pilates instructor. I remember attending networking events years ago, hoping to find new clients. However, I soon realized they weren’t the best use of my time. My ideal clients were rarely present, so I needed to find a better way to stand out.


One effective strategy is to craft a compelling elevator pitch or expert statement. Rather than saying, “Hi, I’m Katie, a physio who runs a clinic in Sheffield,” I discovered that highlighting the specific pain points and problems I solve for my ideal clients made a huge difference. For example, I now introduce myself as, “Hi, I’m Katie. I work with overwhelmed clinic and studio owners who have no plan and help them get more clients, make more money, and become confident, calm, and capable business owners using my unique Flywheel Method.”


By addressing the challenges your clients face and presenting your solution, you immediately grab their attention. They’ll want to learn more because you’ve resonated with their specific needs and aspirations. Your elevator pitch is a snapshot of the transformation you offer, guiding your clients from their current state to their desired outcome.


Now, I understand that as physiotherapists, Pilates instructors, or osteopaths, you may think you work with a wide range of people. However, to effectively market your services, you need to narrow down your focus. Trying to target everyone with different pain points is a recipe for confusion. Instead, pinpoint the biggest challenge your clients face and speak directly to their frustrations, worries, and aspirations. This tailored approach will resonate with potential clients, leading to better engagement.


Being super clear about who you work with also helps you create a market of one. You become the supply to their demand. This clarity allows you to reverse engineer your unique process or method, ensuring your clients achieve their desired outcomes. Remember, even if you offer services similar to others, your approach, expertise, and individuality make your method stand out.


Now, you might be thinking, “But Katie, I don’t have a process or method.” Yes, you do! Every professional has their own way of working with clients, whether it’s an assessment, treatment plan, or specific techniques. It’s about framing it as a unique system that only you provide. For example, I’ve developed the Flywheel Method, a four-step process combining mindset and strategy. No one else offers this exact approach because it’s uniquely mine.


When you focus on the outcome and the value you provide rather than just the services you offer, you connect with potential clients on a deeper level. People care less about the specific techniques or tools you use and more about the results they can achieve through your process. By highlighting the transformation and benefits, you become the expert they want to work with.


Creating demand for your services doesn’t always mean being the cheapest option. In fact, you can often sell a better solution at a higher price. Remember, price is determined by the supply and demand curve. If you try to compete solely on price, you’re working against these market forces. Instead, focus on offering a superior solution and positioning yourself as the top choice in your industry. Understand that what you provide is unique and valuable, and price accordingly.


Additionally, consider your business model and how it aligns with your clients’ needs. Offering ongoing programs or packages rather than pay-as-you-go services can lead to better results and client commitment. When clients invest in a longer-term engagement, they’re more likely to follow through and achieve their goals.


As you develop your business, strive to be the supply to the demand, create a market of one, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Embrace your unique process, communicate the value you provide, and ensure your clients’ success. By doing so, you’ll not only stand out but also build a thriving and fulfilling business.


Remember, it’s all about understanding your clients, their pain points, and their dreams. When you can connect with them on a deep level and offer a tailored solution, you become the expert they seek. So, embrace your uniqueness, leverage your process, and create a business that sets you apart from the rest.


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