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31 May 2024

Finding Balance: How to Overcome Overwhelm as a Clinic Owner

Good Morning,

I hope you’ve had a great week? I wanted to talk this week about an important topic…. clinic owner overwhelm!

So many times, clinic owners tell me they feel buried under appointments. They feel totally overwhelmed, like they’re on a hamster wheel with too many clients, too many emails, too many exercise plans. They’re trying to juggle and spin loads of plates, feeling like a performer in a circus, constantly having to do a bit of everything.

I know how you feel because ten years ago, I was in that very same position. I remember being on my hands and knees with my marigolds on, cleaning the bathrooms when my clients arrived. They were early, and I was trying to make them coffee, answer the phone, and then dive straight into a Pilates class. I’d come out of that, attend to someone in for acupuncture, and it was just this constant cycle. Very quickly, I realised I could not do this alone, and I went on the journey that has led me to where I am today.

Today, I want to share a story that might resonate with you, especially if you’re feeling buried and overwhelmed. Imagine feeling buried at the end of last year, constantly thinking about work, not being present with your children, and feeling like you were just going through the motions. Fast forward a few months, and imagine feeling free, focused, and supported by like-minded individuals. That transformation is possible, and I’ve seen it happen firsthand.

When you’re stuck in appointments and working harder without actually growing, it feels like you’re going round in circles. You might find yourself making a bit more money but not seeing any real growth. The hours pile up, and personal life takes a massive hit. You start to realise something needs to change when you can’t even find time to reflect on what’s wrong.

I’ve spoken to many clinic owners who’ve found themselves in this exact situation. They feel buried in appointments, trying to grow their business, but the only thing growing is the number of hours they’re working. This often leads to not being able to connect with family, always being time poor, and constantly thinking about work.

For many, the catalyst for change comes when they realise they can’t continue on the same path. Sometimes, it’s a simple moment of clarity during a busy holiday season or an unexpected social media ad that leads them to seek help. It’s in these moments of frustration and reflection that we find the strength to make significant changes.

So, what changes can you make to start seeing results? First, recognising that you can’t do it alone is crucial. Seeking help, whether it’s through a coaching program or a business mentor, can provide the support and strategy you need. Working on the foundations of your business, getting clear on your numbers, hiring the right people at the right time, and improving your marketing can set you on the path to success.

One of the biggest surprises for many clinic owners is the amount of support available. It’s not just about strategy; it’s about mindset. Understanding that it’s okay to not hit your goals immediately and that the journey is fluid can be liberating. The process involves reflecting, evaluating, and adjusting plans as needed.

I have always had a strong mindset and belief in myself, but transitioning that mindset to business was a challenge. Recognising that new levels bring new challenges, and addressing fears and self-doubt is an ongoing process. The key is to understand that business growth is similar to athletic growth – it’s about building strong foundations and continuously working on your mindset.

One essential aspect of growth is not getting distracted by shiny objects. When trying to grow your business, it’s easy to go off on tangents and pursue multiple directions. Having a focused strategy helps avoid distractions and empowers you to say no to things that don’t serve your growth plan.

Accountability is another critical factor. Even if you’re naturally accountable to yourself, having a support system in place helps you stay on track. It’s about having a plan but being flexible enough to change it as circumstances evolve. Business growth isn’t a linear process; it’s a journey that requires embracing both successes and setbacks.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and buried under the weight of your clinic’s demands, remember that change is possible. Seek support, work on your foundations, and focus on both strategy and mindset. Book a call with me and we can explore your options together. It’s a journey worth taking, and with the right support, you can achieve the balance and growth you desire.

Stay focused, stay positive, and remember that you’re not alone on this journey. Let’s embrace the challenges together and move towards a more balanced, fulfilling clinic ownership experience.

Have a great weekend

Katie X

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