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28 June 2024

Embracing the challenge: A Step Towards Business Excellence

Hello Readers!

I hope it’s been a great week?

So, how many of you did it? How many of you took the challenge I set out in my last blog? Did you pull your head out of the sand and face things head on and take a business health check?

If you haven’t, consider this your permission to pause right now. Head over to this link and complete your business check. It’ll take you just two to four minutes to complete a personalised analysis of your business performance across five key areas. These 25 quickfire questions will give you an overall business health score, along with specific scores in crucial categories for business success.

If you did complete it…..Cheers to the Brave! Congratulations to those of you who took me up on the challenge and completed your business health check. I decided to talk about it again this week because I’ve seen your names and your scores. Remember, whatever score you’ve achieved, unless it’s 90 percent or above, there’s always room for improvement. Scoring 100 percent means you’re not challenging yourself enough.

For those who scored high—fantastic! Well done. But I encourage you to keep pushing and leveraging your position. Ask yourself if your business is truly serving you in terms of time, energy, money, freedom, and fulfilment. Is it exactly where you want it to be?

Now, for those who didn’t score as highly, don’t be disheartened. Many business owners score below 50 percent. This isn’t a cause for alarm; it’s a starting point. What’s crucial is what you do with your result.

From analysing the scores, some common areas often pull businesses down. Mindset is a significant challenge. Staying at the top of your game requires time to manage your mindset, as it can be one of the biggest barriers to success. Another common issue is not knowing your numbers. This is foundational. Without clear numbers, how do you decide on marketing strategies, budget allocations, or investments in new equipment or staff? Systems are another area where many fall short. Your business needs to be process-driven, even in healthcare. Personal touch is essential, but systems and processes ensure consistency and efficiency.

Have you stress tested your business? I regularly take mini-retirements to stress test my business. My next one is in September, where I’ll be away from my clinic for a whole month. This allows me to see how the business performs in my absence and identify areas that need improvement. You can achieve this level of freedom too. The health check is just the beginning. The next step is to look at your score and decide what to change first. If you have completed it then we will have sent you a personalised analysis and will continue to provide guidance through emails. But don’t just file this away—take action.

Most clinic owners don’t act on their insights. They think they can figure it out alone, but this approach wastes precious time. Time is irreplaceable, unlike money. Plan time in your diary to think about your next steps.

I encourage you to continue this conversation with me. Let’s have a discovery call to look at your health check scores and create a clear action plan. Remember, business success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistent effort and showing up to do what the majority aren’t willing to do. It’s about repeating what works and cutting out what doesn’t. Our clients work with us for 12 months because transformation takes time.

Take action on what I have shared with you today. Reach out to me, learn more about our coaching programmes, and join our free Treat Your Business Facebook group where you can join my free masterclasses and our community of likeminded business owners.

Talk soon!

Katie X


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