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18 August 2023

Embracing Opportunities Amidst Recruitment Challenges: A Shift in Perspective

Hey there!

I wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about the recruitment challenge we’re facing in our industry. It seems like everywhere we turn, there’s talk about how difficult it is to find the right candidates, the rising cost of living, and a labour shortage. But instead of getting bogged down by the negatives, let’s reframe this situation and see it as an opportunity to make some positive changes in our businesses.

First off, it’s essential to recognise that what we’re experiencing is entirely normal and cyclical. Business has its ups and downs, and we will move on to the next cycle. One factor contributing to the current situation is the impact of COVID. Graduates are coming into the job market with different experiences due to the challenges they faced during the pandemic. While this might make it harder for them to fit seamlessly into our culture as private practitioners, we should embrace this as a chance to create new opportunities for these young graduates.

I remember when I started my journey in the private world and never worked in an NHS role. I was grateful for the opportunity given to me, and I believe it’s essential for us, as private practitioners, to pay it forward and support new graduates seeking opportunities. Let’s not just rest on our laurels; instead, let’s create attractive job offers, training schemes, and CPD opportunities to support these individuals and make our businesses a place where people want to work.

While there may be economic reasons and media influence affecting the job market, we can focus on adapting to the changing landscape. Instead of sticking to traditional practices, let’s be open to offering employed roles, flexible working schemes, performance bonuses, and other incentives that align with the needs and desires of potential candidates.

When hiring new staff, it’s crucial to know our numbers. We must understand the true cost of employing someone, including employer’s national insurance, pension contributions, and other business-related expenses. By doing so, we can set clear KPIs and performance drivers, making sure new team members become an investment rather than just a cost to the business.

Offering a performance bonus can be a powerful motivator, encouraging employees to achieve specific targets and ultimately benefiting the business. Besides, we should explore non-monetary incentives and perks tailored to individual preferences.

As private practitioners and business owners, we have the opportunity to lead and shape our teams and work environments positively. By showing genuine care, involving our team, and being accessible, we can create a supportive community that inspires loyalty and commitment.

When recruiting, it’s essential to market ourselves effectively. Job ads should showcase our business values, mission, vision, and why potential candidates would want to work with us. Let’s be creative in our recruitment approach, leveraging our networks and communities for referrals and profiling candidates to ensure the right fit.

So, as we navigate the recruitment challenges, let’s shift our perspective and embrace the opportunities they present. By adapting, offering attractive packages, and creating a positive work environment, we can build teams that are not only skilled but also passionate about contributing to the success of our businesses.

Remember, change starts with us. Let’s be the kind of employers that people genuinely want to work for.


Wishing you all the best in your recruitment endeavour’s!


Katie Bell

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