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16 August 2022

Stop Comparing Yourself! It’s Time To Beat Imposter Syndrome

Beat Imposter Syndrome

As a Coach and also a leader of a large team of Physios, Sports Therapists, Massage Therapists & Pilates Instructors, I constantly face the challenge of ‘imposter syndrome’! However, if we let imposter syndrome win, it means we stay small, we stay quiet, and we don’t help the people we are truly amazing at helping.

But, the truth is…it does win! MOST of the time. I spend so many conversations with our clients helping them work through this, as this is often one of the biggest challenges that is truly holding them back.

Who do you compare yourself against?

Who do you compare yourself against? And do you necessarily know that these people are better/richer/got it together/more confident/better therapists than you…or is that a story you have made up? Or a story your ego has made up to keep you safe and where it knows (even if safe = not making the money you want)!?

Has someone ever questioned your success/knowledge/product/service? If the answer is YES, it can be hard to deal with and hear. And it often means we step backwards and keep ourselves protected from any kind of critics again. But what it really means, is something has triggered you….

People who feel like they’re not where they want to be are triggered by happy people doing well. It’s simply a self-protection mechanism to then transfer that lack of self-worth to others. We also make up stories about what we ‘see’ others doing, and what we are not, and then we go down another rabbit hole of feeling utterly **** about ourselves!

What are you afraid of losing?

What are you afraid of losing if you put yourself out there? By that I mean: confidently telling someone what your treatment plan is, and when to next book; or that you don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays; or that the investment to work with you is £x; or is it as simple as posting something on social media that you think would be valuable or helpful…..

As humans we are often focused on what we will LOSE, rather than what we will GAIN! What if by playing a bigger game, and not comparing yourself, you would be more focused, more confident, have higher self-belief, have an increased retention rate, busy classes, make more money, get more time back, have more freedom…..? Can I rest my case?!

Stop making things harder for yourself

So, next time you go down a rabbit hole and compare yourself….STOP! Follow less people and instead follow one or two people that really inspire you!

You can have the best business and marketing strategy in the world, but with a bucket full of imposter syndrome your ‘success’ will be HARDWORK!

And if you’re tired of staying small and failing to reach your potential, then schedule a call with one of our coaches to discuss your own personal situation and how you can beat imposter syndrome for good!

Thanks for reading!

Katie Bell

CEO & Founder of Thrive Health & Wellness Business Coaching

Strategic Coach

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