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12 May 2023

5 Ways To Master Your Mindset (with Philippa Aldridge)

Master Your Mindset

Back when I first opened my clinic in 2014, I didn’t think I needed any of that ‘mindset’ stuff. I thought it was for people that were weak or lacked a proper work ethic. All I wanted was someone to teach me how to do marketing! Fast forward 9 years and I’m a HUGE advocate for first focusing on your mindset. After all, you can’t out strategy a faulty mindset…

Reflecting this belief, I recently invited our Success & Mindset Coach here at Thrive, Philippa Aldridge, onto the Treat Your Business podcast to get her top tips for mastering your mindset. Philippa is a long time friend of mine and someone I admire greatly.

To listen to the full episode, simply navigate to this page. Alternatively, here are her 5 top tips for health and wellness business owners.

1. Reconnect with your ‘why’

Reconnect with the emotional part of why you do what you do. Get curious. Go beyond the surface level response of having a degree in your specialty or needing to pay the mortgage. Dig a little bit deeper and see what you find.

Perhaps you saw a family member in pain and hated seeing them suffer? Perhaps you’ve suffered from injuries yourself and don’t want others to go through what you endured? Or perhaps simply the thought of having to work in an office makes you feel sick?

Getting clear on why you do what you do will help guide you through difficult times and help you make better decisions.

2. Start using the phrase ‘a part of me’

Next up, I invite you to start using the phrase ‘a part of me’ – for instance, ‘a part of me feels I’m not good enough’ instead of simply ‘I’m not good enough to do this’.

Try it. Do you see how it feels different?

Using this phrase allows for another part of you to think something else. It allows you to see things more objectively. In addition, when we say ‘I’, we are leading with our ego and our ego isn’t going to lead you to change.

3. Learn to get out of your head

My next tip is that you need to get out of your head. You need to take those thoughts that are bothering you and write them down, dictate them or speak to someone else about them.

For what reason?

Well, when you say it, you hear it, meaning you process it through your auditory nerve and so gain a different perspective. Conversely, if you write it down, you see it, meaning you process it through your optical nerve, and again gain a different perspective.

It takes a lot of discipline to do this but it can have an instant impact as the voice in your head isn’t always your closest ally… So make sure to get out of your head!

4. Remember to celebrate

This one might seems a bit basic but seriously you need to remember to celebrate your accomplishments – big and small. If there’s no carrot at the end of your stick, a part of you will start to lose the love for what you do and start to resent it instead.

So remember to celebrate – whether that be a happy dance, buying yourself a bunch of flowers, going out for a meal or planning your next big adventure. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it has to have the intention of celebration.

5. Remember to de-stress

Similar to my last tip, remember to do things that de-stress you and clear your head. For some of you, that might be going for a run or to the gym, and for others it could be doing a jigsaw or doing some gardening. Whatever it is, make it a priority.

It’s unfortunate how us health and wellness professionals so often forget to focus on our own wellbeing. But in making our own health and wellness a priority, not only does the service we provide for our clients improve, but also the decisions we take for the strategic development of our business.

Your mindset is the catalyst you’ve been looking for…

So there we have it – Philippa’s 5 top tips for mastering your mindset: reconnect with your why, start using the phrase ‘a part of me’, learn to get out of your head, remember to celebrate and remember to de-stress.

It took me a long time to finally realise (and admit) that the biggest barrier in my business was myself and my mindset. But when I finally understood this and started working on it, that’s when I started to see real growth and transformation.

To find out how mindset is integrated into each of our different mentorship programmes (and why), schedule a call with me and let’s get clear on the steps involved in overcoming the challenges you’re currently facing in your business.


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